debug. But there's another tool called GraphQL Playground that has a lot more features like tabs, history, prettification, complete schema inspection and custom settings. It's pretty neat and clean. The default value is true, unless the NODE_ENV environment variable is set to production. Note: If your server is deployed to an environment where NODE_ENV is set to production, GraphQL Playground and introspection are disabled by default. Answer to the original question: It's not totally clear what you mean by Apollo Server GraphQL Playground.And what's your use case. It's also nice not having to login to AWS in order to debug or play around with our GraphQL API. As of now, Firecamp GraphQL playground is using a modified version of GraphiQL's query Document. Then on each request, send along an Authorization header in the form of { Authorization: "Bearer YOUR_JWT_GOES_HERE" }.This can be set in the HTTP Headers section of your GraphQL Playground. My code to start the server was like this: Notes: Run parse-server --help or refer to Parse Server Options for a complete list of Parse Server configuration options. Im a beginner trying to set up a graphql API with apollo-express and prisma. Google "GraphQL Playground Settings". playground. Can be an object to pass configuration options to the playground. To enable them, set playground: true and introspection: true in the options to ApolloServer's constructor. This will configure GraphQL server to be available at the /api endpoint and, when running in development mode, we will have a nice simple GraphQL ide available at /playground which we will see in action in a minute.. Next, I will expose our types to GraphQL for querying. There is a desktop app, a web app, you can include GraphQL Playground as a module into your frontend, or as a middleware for your backend.. For the simplest case: switch to the "HTTP HEADERS" tab, add headers as JSON: Save & Export GraphQL request Firecamp GraphQL playground focuses on persistence. The GraphQL playground is used for creating and testing out Mutations and Queries in development mode. It shows the entire schema documentation of the GraphQL server implementation. It requires me to use makeExecutableSchema to build my schema so I can use the schemaDirectives param. Boolean If you find anything helpful regarding settings & options, please tell me! 6. Describe the bug Playground endpoints settings doesn't work as expected, can't override default values. If truthy, the server hosts GraphQL Playground from its URL. More Information ⚠️ Please do not use --mountPlayground option in production as anyone could access your API Playground and read or change your application’s data.Parse Dashboard has a built-in GraphQL Playground and it is the recommended option for production apps. Note that introspection must be enabled for GraphQL Playground to function properly. Note: The primary maintainer @acao is on hiatus until December 2020 SECURITY WARNING: both graphql-playground-html and all four (4) of it's middleware dependents until [email protected] were subject to an XSS Reflection attack vulnerability only to unsanitized user input strings to the functions therein. Next steps. This was resolved in [email protected]^1.6.22. Here's what you'd learn in this lesson: Scott explains that using GraphQL on the front end means issuing requests to execute queries and mutations, shares the GraphQL spec, and demonstrates how to use the GraphQL playground. The "GraphQL Playground" Lesson is part of the full, Client-Side GraphQL in React course featured in this preview video. Add Queries to GraphQL. All was going well, but than I decided to use this library to add input validation: graphql-constraint-directive. Boolean or Object. Please provide a gif or image of the issue for a quicker response/fix. For each type that you want to expose through GraphQL, you need to create a corresponding GraphQL type. So let's take a look at how we can hook up GraphQL Playground to AppSync. To start, on the left side add the keyword mutation or query followed by the name of the task you are performing.
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