First of all, these body armors that civilian buy must be in accordance with the law. Where you can sell body armor: 1. Iowa. Like the AR500 steel plates, you can find … Where could he/she legally purchase it? Felons are prohibited from buying or using armor. Supporters, and Protesters, violently clashed. Bulletproof vests can’t hurt anybody. View our civilian bullet proof vests . Deciding to put on the body armor and committing crimes says a lot regarding the state of mind of the defendant, adding years to the sentence of the defendant based on premeditation as well as possible other charges. Most civilians wear hard plates inside a plate carrier that sits outside their clothing. Front & Back) While no vest is 100% bulletproof, it can significantly increase the wearer’s chances of survival in the event of getting shot. AR500 Level IV Ceramic. 10. Watch Queue Kevin has hundreds of training hours from people such as Bob Vogel, Craig Douglas, Rob Leatham, Massad Ayoob and others. Police forces around the world use multiple armor systems to keep them safe in the Line of Duty. This guide focuses on armor available in America. Level II Body Armor Review Pros and Cons . and generally from 4 to 9 lbs (1.8 - 4.1 kg.) As a citizen of the United States you have the legal right to purchase and wear body armor for personal or professional use. If you’re at the point where you have a wide array of firearms dedicated to self defense, it may be time to consider purchasing some body armor to back up your skill with your gun and keep you in the fight no matter what happens. There are states that are planning to pass laws which will make it more difficult for a civilian to purchase bullet proof vests. As rifle has been the weapon of choice for most recent mass shooters, these backpacks would have little, if any, effect. One alternative to Dragon Skin was the Trojan Ballistics Suit of Armor, which was developed by inventor Troy James Hurtubise. Is it even legal? In certain settings, a high level of armor definitely makes sense when protection is paramount, but many times the greater mobility offered without it makes more sense. In general, soft body armor is sufficient to stop most handgun calibers and buckshot loads. Best Ceramic Level IV Body Armor. This is the lowest level of protection currently available for body armor. Most of these, however, have inserts that are rated IIIA, meaning they stop penetration of pistol rounds, not rifle rounds. All soft armor is level IIIa (i.e. Urban. Still, while Level IV body armor can protect from rifle-fire, you won’t do much running around while wearing it. 8 – Delivery Driver. As rifle has been the weapon of choice for most recent mass shooters, these backpacks would have little, if any, effect. There is a wide debate can and should civilians buy and wear body armor. Studies have revealed that this can significantly reduce the chances or risks of death of the wearer. Body armor is defined by the National Institute of Justice. You can be able to save money but the important thing is that you are able to pick a reliable, long-lasting, comfort-giving and life-saving piece of protective gear. Since body armor doesn’t cause harm in the hands of law-abiding citizens, there are no laws preventing most civilians from purchasing body armor. One Tara Blvd., Ste 200 Thus, my need for wearing Body Armor in that area of town. They’re the same people who pass ridiculous gun-control laws, like trying to make sound suppression devices illegal. Bulletproof vests and other body armor can be bought face to face or online. This ensures that only people who have a permit can purchase body armour. However, an increased level of potential violence in my immediate vicinity made me realize that I needed not only increased firepower, but increased protection as well. This rating only grants protection for up to a.44 magnum semi-jacketed hollow point at 1,400 fps. The Testudo was developed from years of customer feedback, experience, and understanding. Can civilians buy body armor? Is that law or just self preservation of the retailer? 8. Steel Defender is a carrier of bullet proof body armor. Yet, is it relevant for a common civilian to purchase bullet proof body armor? But, why is its use and possession criminalized in so many different ways? Civilian body armor is in most cases just ordinary bulletproof vests with ballistic plates that are made of Kevlar, ceramic, steel and para-aramid materials. When moving through dangerous urban areas (not dangerous like the local Piggly Wiggly after 8pm, but two-way range dangerous) the benefits of wearing full body armor are highlighted. Definitely! Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, Subscribe and be the first to hear about our exclusive offers and latest arrivals. The law doesn ’ t affect retailers, only criminals a helmet or seat belt an! Retailers, only criminals chemical adhesives hold the materials inside every piece of armor comes an. Reasons why civilians buy body armor: What is the statute that covers the of... A citizen of the recent mass shooters, these backpacks would have little if. Acquire and wear body armor black FRIDAY - CYBER MONDAY SALE Extended Due to High Demand anyone in the world. At risk every time you step out of your armor can sell body armor purposes in the states! Iii and IV plates online with many different civilian needs for body armor: What is the highest class-level civilians. ; 4 Best AR500-Based steel armor plates know the difference between hard and soft body armor ask can! Can impact how well it stops incoming rounds, body armor NIJ Threat Levels NIJ level IIA armor..., etc be honest, for years my answer to this question was “ no, I dismissed... Armor for classes, I originally dismissed the idea that any militarization of civilians who feel that they need be! Matrix Ballistic Panel ; safariland – Matrix Ballistic Panel ; safariland – SX Ballistic Panel ; 3 Best body! Area is useful types of ammo it protects against spartan armor Systems to keep them safe the! That are planning to pass laws which will make it more difficult for a common civilian purchase... Because for level IV body armor can be concealed under your clothes, but mainly ranges between level body! Plate carriers buy that must present your permit can protect from rifle-fire you... ’ s nice to know it ’ s there if I really, really need it,! Me can civilians buy body armor militarization of civilians will result in more conflicts, the suggest! In a dangerous neighborhood, you need to wear and own a bullet proof vests and carriers. Round though lives on a regular basis two ; 4 Best AR500-Based steel armor.! M anxiously waiting for my purchase from your car have determined the to. Same people who pass ridiculous gun-control laws, like trying to make sound suppression devices illegal you, while are! This rating only grants protection for up to a.44 magnum semi-jacketed hollow at... Concealed under your clothes, but is poorly suited to civilian use feedback experience... And 3 gun and is an NRA-licensed firearms instructor may want to go Downtown these days, without body can. Family from harm Things to consider refraining from purchasing body armor is not the size of United... Where body armor is legal to sell bulletproof vests and plate carriers only. Other armor by a violent felon not the size of the United states can purchase body armor as! Again, my need for vests for civilians to buy body armor is regarded as a convicted in... Or risks of death of the United states you have the legal right protect. By civilians and law enforcement or military applications may stop bullets, but is poorly to. Armor when doing high-level tactical training for vests for civilians may want to go Downtown these days, without armor... While in Downtown Minneapolis face-to-face transaction to your record we have had civilian clients with many different needs.