On this beautiful fall day I headed to Rocky Gorge Reservoir in Laurel, Maryland. These baits are designed for one thing, to dive Xtra Deep! Hope you enjoy the footage of me fishing offshore with the 5XD Fishing the Strike King 6XD with Mark Menendez on Kentucky Lake - Tackle Warehouse VLOG #242 - Duration: 8:16. Painted and signed by John Latham ("Lurehoor on Ebay"). I have been throwing a Strike King 5xd alot. Now available in a silent version, the Strike King Pro Model 5XD Silent Crankbait delivers the same performance, killer action, and diving ability as the original 5X - now with a more stealthy approach. Model 5 XD. BASS Elite Series pro, Kevin Van Dam, helped significantly Products / Hard Baits / Crankbaits / Strike King 5XD / Strike King 5XD Black Back Chart / 2 1/2" Add to list Hover to Zoom Color: Size: 2 1/2" Stock: 5+ $5.99 Quantity: ADD TO CART Yes We Are Shipping! Leave your feedback! 15+ Footer. The Pro-Model Series 4 and 4S Crankbaits dominate shallow to medium deep, stained water with their wide wobble design, free-floating Loomis/Beanie ・ DRT / SHARX ・DRT/ ROD STRAPS ・Rapala/ DT-4 ・Rapala/ DT-6 ー,6XD、5XD、10XD 実店舗と在庫共有のためオーダーできても品切れの場合があります 確認メールをお確かめのうえ返信してください。 Mint Condition. Each bait in Strike King®'s Pro-Model® Crankbait Series is designed to perform a specific task. (Rattle Version) Color is # Bone Orange. Hardy construction, lifelike eyes, and ultra sharp hooks make the Strike King® 3XD Series Pro-Model® Crankbait a go-to lure for all bassin' situations, and the colors are hard to beat—there's a pattern to match any type of forage! ステム。基本的に掲載されている商品は全て在庫がございます。 2.5", 5/8oz. He just started using this crankbait last year and he obviously is a fan of them because he always has one tied on this time of year. Both seem to catch fish about the same. Strike King Pro Model 5XD Crankbaits are a medium bodied crnakbait specifically desgined by Bassmaster Elite Series pro Kevin VanDam to reach deep depths of 15+ ft quickly, and thanks to the extra wide lip and custom weight transfer system, the 5XD does just that and stays in the strike zone longer! www.waterwarriorfishing.com Like and SUBSCRIBE! Strike King X-tra Deep Divers, 3XD, 5XD, 6XD, 8XD and 10XD What does it do? DT14にロクマル降臨!! 晩秋ディープクランキング、ボコボコにハマってます… #61頭に50前後4本 #可愛いサイズもポロポロ #rapala #ラパラ #DT14 #strikeking #ストライクキング #5XD #クランキング最高です… 2020 #今日の Orders placed by . Designed to dive 4-5ft deeper than the standard Series 5, the Strike King Pro Model 5XD Crankbait features a newly designed bill that allows it to get down to depths of 15ft. Strike King’s XD family of crankbaits dives to hard-to-reach levels when big bass are feeding in the abyss. It's easy to see why Strike King Pro-Model XD Series crankbaits are so popular with the pros. Shipping in USA is by USPS 1st class The XD Series from Strike King. 「ストライクキング Strike King」カテゴリの最新記事 ストライクキング KVD2.5ウェイクベイトは新製品? 当店のディープクランクはストライクキング5XD・6XDとラ … ・Strike King Rage Swimmer ・Xzone Lures Pro Series Swammer ・Bass Pro Shops Logo Beanie ・Major League Fishing / Ice Beanie ・G. Custom Painted Strike King 5XD.