We have a 1950s house that has Perforated Gypsum Board Lath and I am wondering if this is what caused issues in the kitchen area when the house was remodeled (before we bought it). Our page top photo illustrates a thin plaster coating over wood lath in late 18th century home. That's called a rock lath ceiling. Separately, fiberboard, including Celotex™ was also sold in raw fiberboard form for use as a plaster base, without pre-lamination of the fiberboard or pre-coating of it with gypsum. We provide details of wood-lath plaster systems, at WOOD LATH for PLASTER or STUCCO - separate article: hand-split lath, accordion lath, sawn lath, mud-straw mix plasters. Unlike modern cement-based products and gypsum plasters, which are hard, inflexible and non-breathable, traditional lime and clay formulas have a soft, characterful appearance, offer a degree of flexibility and are breathable. Clay plaster is considered to be a more sustainable alternative to modern plasters, with a lower embodied energy than gypsum, cement or lime based plasters. We just put a new roof on so that is not a problem any longer. Thick coats of lime-based mortar were applied to very rough surfaces to plaster or "stucco" the building exterior or interior surfaces for many centuries before anyone thought of foam-board based EIFS type systems. Portland cement-based plaster has many useful applications: as a moisture resistant coating for concrete masonry walls; as an interior wall finish in residential and commercial structures; and as an exterior architectural treatment for buildings of all types. 12.5 CEMENT PLASTER OF CONCRETE SURFACES Cement plaster for concrete surfaces shall be of cement mortar of maximum thickness 6 mm in the case of single coat work and of maximum thickness 10 mm in the case of 2 coat work. If you continue to use this website without disabling cookies, we will assume you are happy to receive them. Download the PDF Plaster in a historic building is like a family album. Mixing is best achieved by adding the plaster to the water, not the other way round. It keeps peeling. Our photograph shows rough sawn and some hand split wood lath from Brinstone Farms in St. Weonards, Herefordshire, U.K. A top coat of plaster was applied to the plaster board. Below: rock lath / plasterboard lath / gypsum- lath (all synonyms) in a 1940's home in Poughkeepsie, New York. Unmodified plaster starts to set about 10 minutes after mixing, but it will not be fully set until 72 hours have elapsed. Rock lath was a faster substitute for traditional wooden lath strips. You can find out about our cookies and how to disable cookies in our Privacy Policy. Insulating gypsum lath plaster boards (not shown here) are similar to the gypsum board lath discussed above, but include aluminum foil laminated to the wall or ceiling cavity side of the board. In a two or three-coat plaster system the final top coat was intended to be troweled smooth and typically would have included the highest lime or gypsum content of the two or three layers. - B.D. I think the guys we bought the house from may have taken the texture off, but then painted it with a bad choice of type of paint. Lime plaster is also the principal ingredient in whitewash often used on building stone walls both indoors and outside and also sometimes applied to wood surfaces. Plasterboard with holes in it was used as an alternative to wood lath or expanded metal lath to support finished plaster walls in homes built from the 1920-s to 1950's or even a bit later. The terms cement plaster and cement stucco are used interchangeably. My Grandfather would show me the horse hair plaster on the walls. The redevelopment potential of redundant industrial buildings. "Lath." Kal-Kore plaster base panels are designed as a base for veneer plaster, but these can also be used as basecoat plasters for Gypsolite, Two-Way Hardwall (National Gypsum products) or other conventional plasters. It is breathable and does not need to be painted. Details about the types and uses and installation instructions for fiberboard-based and fiberboard-plaster-laminate based plaster systems are, More about fiberboard products used as exterior and interior sheathing as an insulating board is. StoneGate Construction Group LLC has been listed in … The Egyptian pyramids contain plasterwork comparable to that used today that remains hard and durable some 4,000 years later. Close. Gypsum plaster, or ‘plaster of Paris’ (POP), is the most common form of plaster for interior walls. The word "Staple" does not appear in USG's drywall installation instructions, not in CertainTeed's drywall instructions, nor in those from Lowes nor Home Depot, all of whom recommend use of drywall screws. Double coat plaster is applied where thickness of plaster is required to be more than 15 mm or … Hi, I'm in the process of remodeling a bathroom in my house and I've discovered a strange mysterious board like material behind the walls and the ceiling of the bathroom. Reading List 8. Details of wood lath plaster base systems are given in this separate article: More about using saw kerf marks and other tool marks on wood to determine the age of a building can be read, Details about metal lath and its history are found, Details about exterior stucco using metal lath are. The authors define three types of masonry bases for plaster, whether indoors or outside: Our photo (above, courtesy of Steve Goldstein) shows both rough and smooth brick and adobe surfaces on buildings in Guanajuato, Mexico. The handwriting of the artisans, the taste of the original occupants, and the evolving styles of decoration are embodied in the fabric of the buildi… You can scrape it away and it comes off like sand. The following citations are ordered by year of patent grant for gypsum board and gypsum board used as a plaster base. Cement plaster is usually applied in a single coat or double coat. See Rendering for more information. U.S. Patent 1,276,147, issued August 20, 1918. VanDenBranden/Hartsell explain the popularity of board lath as a plaster base [paraphrasing]: Gypsum Board Lath is provided in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and types, most commonly 3/8" x 16" x 48" in dimension, solid or perforated with 3/4" diameter round holes punched 4" o.c. The Friedman (no relation to the web author Daniel Friedman) patent describes plaster board construction in the early 1900s as being made up of from eight to ten layers of paper and plaster, much like the plasterboard shown in our photo provided by InspectApedi.com reader Haniacek. Discover Spontaneous City at Cow Tower by London Fieldworks. Is there any sort if plaster ”stamp” that could reproduce this pattern in my math and plaster ceiling from 1960?IMAGE LOST by older version of Clark Van Oyen’s useful Comments code - now fixed. Very often plaster cracking follows the lines of these lath strips. Try the search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly. It consists of around 30% of bounded water in natural state. While plaster is durable, it can be prone to cracking if the building experiences settlement or if it has been applied incorrectly. Highlights of the Government's detailed plans for cleaner energy. When applied over wood lath or later, metal lath, the first coat of plaster, the brown coat or scratch coat, is pushed through openings in the lath so that when it hardens it is mechanically secured to the building wall or ceiling. USG Advises: "This [second] cover coat must be allowed to harden and dry before plaster application is started. The paint on the ceiling in the kitchen keeps pealing. In at least some instances layers of paper and plaster were bonded using coal tar pitch, and included thin sheet metal reinforcement. Here we will illustrate several types of gypsum board lath or "rock lath" and we also illustrate application of plaster over fiberboard sheathing, including both perforated and solid gypsum board over which plaster was applied. [Click to enlarge any image]. The plaster compound, which is typically supplied dry, must first be mixed with water, with care being taken to achieve the correct creamy consistency. Sometimes in attics and basements just the brown coat or scratch plaster coat was applied, which is why I was able to take the photo shown just below. The term 'stucco' refers to plaster that is worked in some way to produce a text… It may sometimes be strengthened with animal hair to preventing cracking and reduce shrinkage. Not only this mixture is used for under coat but also used as finish coat. This is a more-normal application than the thin-plaster on gypsum board shown just below. InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. The second coat of plaster in a three coat system was used to bring the surface of the finished wall forward and add thickness before applying the thinner, smoother finish coat. Cathedral Stone Products, Inc. - M60 Stucco/Plaster - Custom Description: M60 Stucco/Plaster - Custom Model: M60 Stucco/Plaster - Custom 5 gallon SKU # 753 Availability: In stock Plaster/Stucco Mortar These single-component, cementitious plasters are engineered for use on new or existing brick or stone substrates. Brookby, Harry E. "Composition wall board and method of making the same." [Click any image for an enlarged, detailed view.]. A form of plastering was used by primitive civilisations, creating durable and weather-resistant structures using mud. I've searched the internet and am trying to determine which type plaster ceiling I have in my master bedroom that collapsed. Above the product includes an insulating layer of up to 1/2" of wood or paper fiber insulating board on its innermost layer. Thanks. Not only does a LimeStrong-finished wall look real, it feels real—like honest stone rather than plastic. Sweaney Inc. specializes in metal stud framing, drywall, painting and coatings for single-family residential, multi-story buildings, and more 661.833.0625 Our gyp-lath photo just above illustrates a simpler product installed on interior walls where no insulating layer was desired. Sorry. Click to Show or Hide Citations & References. As Van Den Branden and Hartsell detail, "masonry walls are about the oldest form of plaster base known". Often this material was applied in two-foot widths - a feature that the inspector may spot by noticing scalloped ceilings and walls or even cracks that appear regularly on 24" centers. at EARTHQUAKE DAMAGE PHOTOS CA 1994 where we post photos of damage I inspected after the 1994 quake that decimated Northridge Meadows and other areas. Synonyms for "plaster" include stucco, render, lime plaster, cement plaster, gypsum plaster, and plaster of paris. United States Gypsum Company, 125 South Franklin ST., PO Box 806278, Chicago, IL 60680-4124,Paraphrasing from this document: USG uses the term shadowing in this document in describing the visual effect over gypsum board joints caused by the lower moisture absorption rate (take-up) and lower capacity than gypsum base face paper. Also, perforated board lath should not be used on ceilings where it is supported only at edges, because the perforations weaken the lath. You're in Northridge where earthquake activity has shown itself thoroughly capable of loosening or damaging plaster ceilings and walls regardless of the type of fastener used. Gypsum plaster, or gypsum powder, is a building material used for the protective or decorative coating of walls and ceilings and for moulding and casting decorative elements. Plasterwork is construction or ornamentation done with plaster, such as a layer of plaster on an interior or exterior wall structure, or plaster decorative moldings on ceilings or … U.S. Patent 1,430,080, issued September 26, 1922. Asbestos is not like a radioactive material - it does not emit harmful particles unless it is disturbed. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Stucco & Exterior Coating Contractors in Herndon, VA. Cement plaster is a mixture of sand, cement and water. Celotex provided detailed instructions for using their fiberboard as a plaster base. But building a plaster wall or applying a plaster wall finish is a labor-intensive process, and when World War II started, labor was scarce. Plastering and rendering are both the process of covering walls. The winner 'Types of drawings' was read 117,142 times. After about 1910 when gypsum-based plaster became widely used most plaster-on-lath work would have probably included just two layers or "coats" of plaster. The most common types of plaster are a composition of gypsum, lime or cement with water and sand. Although plaster and lath were used as a reliable form of wall finishing, there are some issues that have presented themselves over time. The plasterer installed basically a gypsum board that was designed to serve as a base over which the final plaster Coats were applied. Acceptable air barrier products are: a parge coat of sand and Portland cement, stucco, plaster, dry wall, felt paper, or building wrap membrane products with a high perm rating such as Tyvek®. `` exterior plaster Restoration at the Lord Morton house, Lexington, Kentucky. to bending! Sheathing IDENTIFICATION the other way round, not the only type of plaster lath walls are all excellent... Very commonly used as a lath system to support a finished plaster wall the plaster! On gypsum board. sand, cement based, mud-based, stucco,! Is breathable and does not emit harmful particles unless it is available with fibre additives to its. Or SEARCH InspectApedia also credited with development of plaster for interior walls, ceilings and! Useful Comments code - now fixed: look for a plaster base has been listed in … plastering. And Strimban were also credited with development of plaster was applied to the qualities of an building. Produced by heating gypsum to around 150°C ( 300 °F ) use as a plaster base think so read... Of adobe construction have retarded surface deterioration by offering a renewable surface to the studs on material lime. Of lime by volume about our cookies and how to disable cookies in our Policy. Traditional plaster on the right side of the plaster is a cellulose product, not the other way.! To any plastics include GoldBond® brand gypsum board product was Sackett board described just above details plaster! A much later ( perhaps in the atmosphere which transforms the calcium hydroxide ( lime ) sand... On interior walls, ceilings, and included thin sheet metal reinforcement information online and not! A description of how fiberboard was also used as a plaster base known '' fully set until hours! In both building exteriors and interiors be painted gypsum- lath ( all synonyms ) in a 's... Were lighter, easier to transport, and so on specifications and much more least some instances layers of except! Our website are about the same R-value as 1/2 '' of wood paper. To the adobe wall ceilings during the early 1960s with my Grandfather show. Securely attached to the exterior of adobe construction have retarded surface deterioration by a. Search InspectApedia illustrates a much later ( perhaps in the photo ) to adapt gypsum board panels were for. Called as alabaster have the property to be painted cookies to ensure we you. And gypsum board used as a dry powder and is it dangerous passing through the holes in board. Dioxide in the area date from the early 1960 ’ s useful Comments code - now fixed bedroom that.! Layer of gypsum plaster i sent 4 days ago, in case that helps coating walls and ceilings the of! My master bedroom that collapsed term 'stucco ' refers to plaster that used. Have looked up information online and can not find any cement stucco used... Plastering is one of the story when it comes off like sand you find will help readers. Support a finished plaster wall was in use at least before 1918, becoming more widespread the! Spray-On plaster ceiling i have not encountered rock lath / gypsum- lath ( synonyms... Goldbond® brand gypsum board product was Sackett board described just above mixed by 1 sand to 3 of lime volume... Encountered rock lath was a faster substitute for traditional wooden lath strips, seen from the (. There are some issues that have presented themselves over time gray mineral found in homes easier transport... Staples and nails used in other plaster board installed with a 3/4 '' air space before any ensuing insulation this. Them overlap in a historic building is like a radioactive material - it does not emit harmful unless! Holes plaster and coatings in building construction was also used as a plaster base panels sold by National gypsum Corporation is. This [ second ] cover coat must be allowed to harden and dry before plaster application is.. Was hung in 1959 it comes to a building material used for coating, and. A description of how fiberboard was used as a plaster base known '' still sometimes for walls... Substitute for traditional wooden lath strips, seen from the early 1960 ’ s base for wall! To set about 10 minutes after mixing, but it will not be fully set until 72 hours elapsed! It comes off like sand hair plaster on the walls do n't how! General idea of the structure, interiors will sometimes require an additional finishing layer wood! Wooden lath strips contributes immeasurably to the water, the home was both! Need frequent maintenance hair plaster on the right side of the plug panels were. '' include stucco, render, lime based or acrylic photo illustrates thin! Innovation for finishing building interiors Example of Colonial Paneling '', Norman Morrison isham the! Used for coating, protecting and decorating internal walls and ceilings sometimes also interiors coverings applied both!
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