Find the finish that fits. I had never heard of Zar before our renovation. Four beautiful collections with 26 colors capture the invigorating spirit of great design. I tested with Nordicseal, and other white/ pickle/ whitewash stains and they definitely made them look pink. Stains. I just had a sample square of my red oak floors bleached once - still pink - and then a second time and now superrrr light. They don’t look as red to us anymore. Is it only one coat of the Weathered Oak? I can’t stand the thought of my oak hardwoods becoming landfill. Hope this works. White oak has a smoother less busy look and feel. It was just a bit too dark. We used the natural in satin finish and very happy with it. our floor saga continues and funny enough is supposed to be resolved this week. There were several stains we knew we wanted to try right off the bat after seeing them online. Anyone have opinion or experience with deciding between bona fide natural or nordic sealer color scale on a red oak floor to minimize red/pink/amber colors and increase a natural light finish? Did you add any additional coats? 26 Did you mix with anything else? Our flooring contractor used both Zar and Minwax solid wood floor stain options. Her projects can be seen in Apartment Therapy, Buzzfeed, Pioneer Woman, Shutterfly, Hunker, Hometalk, Craftgawker, Redfin, and more. Next decision is weathered oak stain cut by 50%, to keep it a light stain, or the natural finish? When it was sanded it looked beautiful & I didn’t really notice the red. This thread provided a lot of great information so I wanted to share my findings with others. Our stove looks like a pink iPhone. So it’s important to be on the same page with your flooring contractor about this because it’s important. My understanding is regular 'poly' made the red oak look 'wet' and therefore the red comes out more. The floors and our brains have since ‘calmed down’. We used a stain, weathered oak after double bleach, lightened it by 1/3 and it looks great. what did you mean by lightened by 1/3? your own Pins on Pinterest To my surprise! Testing Bona sealers on red oak. Super fast dry time plus, it doesn't have the same odor issues as the oil base. I tried to include photos that show the red as i see it. Thank you! We were getting closer to a winner though! Having a hard time deciding! Because we really didn’t want any red or yellow undertones. @dominy your floors look beautiful. That is why I am going to say that if you are going to try something risky, make a tiny sample floor and play with it. We put a coat of Basic Coatings Streetshoe finish on late afternoon today and it dried fast enough that we could walk across it (in socks) to lock the back door when we left. They are a tad pink (it is red oak) but we love it. None of these threads mention bleaching the red oak first....I’m considering that before either a natural or a Mohawk stain called weathered oak. I hope this helped give you some insight into picking red oak hardwood floor stains. I'm in Chicago and would highly recommend my contractor, Michael at who was recommended to me by a friend who also had a great experience. Such a bummer, Katie. With the Naturalseal and traffic, you can see some of the natural red in the wood, but they are not pink. The difference here is so slight. The redness has toned down a lot, actually. Anyone used bona nordicseal on red oak? You just never know when you will find “the one”. Discover (and save!) Your floors look beautiful! Unless you’re Taylor Swift and can afford to re-sand the floors down and start over. In order to keep on our timeline, we had to get this done so they could pick up the stain and finish the floors by that weekend. We tried three and it made the floors almost blue and much too “milky”. red oak will always have that slight pink tone if you choose a lighter color This one was refinished from a dark brown to this natural finish. But it does have good reviews via Amazon. Thanks. I'm approaching naturally wjth some trepidation. Or it could be that my house is old, has floor to ceiling windows, and the floors have just bleached out over time. Msmcnulty And I love that you went with your own vision rather than someone else’s... it is beautiful! We are taking on the same project as many of you are in this thread which I just read the entirety of and it was very helpful. I'm having my 20-yr old, yellowing oil-poly red oak floors professionally sanded and finished. Wood Species: Red Oak. Brooke Lewis have your floors stayed the same? Early American on Red Oak. Bona Finishing System 4" Rift and quarter white oak flooring Bona Drifast stain - Medium Brown Bona Intense Seal Bona Traffic HD - Satin Bona Certified Craftsman Professional Flooring Oak Floor Stains Wood Red Oak Floors Floor Decor House Painting Red Oak Golden Oak Floors Floor Stain Colors Watch out though, because Red Oak absorbs fluid more than White Oak. One I didn’t even consider but ended up really liking on the sample. Thank you! @msmcnulty oh gosh, I just noticed this message! Red Oak has a natural pink undertone to it. We are having ours done right now and think they look too light with just the natural seal. your own Pins on Pinterest I have also uploaded the video from my Youtube channel.I hope this he… To see more of my minwax stain samples before and afters click here! I’m having him double bleach to remove the red as much as possible. And here is the Duraseal stain chart. Duraseal is more widely used by flooring professionals. That being said, my red oak floors are OLD... think my house was built in ‘58 and the flooring is original. Basically, we just wanted neutral brown hardwood floors that would warm up our living spaces for us. hope to hear back. Just what i want for my red oak. See more ideas about floor stain, red oak floors, hardwood floor colors. To see more of our hardwood floors, check out these posts: Karen is the founder of Decor Hint, and a former computer tech turned Realtor turned Decorator/DIY'er. But before I rent the sander and get started, I need to decide on a stain color. To see the difference, take a plain piece of red oak, sand it - thats the look of naturalseal, then put a little water on it and that is the look of a polyurethane finish without a sealer. We originally planned on replacing it, but my brother who is an architect told me we’re crazy taking out solid oak floors! We used Cabico (much more affordable). The pics above are newer and I tried to find ones that show the floors in various lighting. We have red oak floors that basically make everything look a little more red. I used Special Walnut on old red oak and here's what it looks like: It will look much better than the pink wood floors you have now. I just did my red oak floors with Bona NaturalSeal, and traffic HD matte - the floors look like their naturally freshly sanded selves. The floor does stain more easily than with our 20 year old Glitsa. And we wanted to see those gorgeous grains in the wood. Natural, special walnut, white, driftwood, grey, graphite a mixture of 50%white + 50% grey and Nordic seal (which gave the red oak a pink hue). It was hard to capture through an iPhone photo. We don't want to have to paint all our trim with are oak and we have linen color cabinets. Apr 21, 2020 - Explore Janet Barnes's board "Red oak stain" on Pinterest. Beautiful! That was our mistake. it looks like you and another person both used Naturelle and had different outcomes (her's was quite pink - pretty, but pinker which probably won't jive with walnut's browns). Sure what to do, we recently refinished our red oak, hickory ash. This website is copyrighted to Decor Hint, unless otherwise noted msmcnulty and I 'll final... Hickory, ash and other white/ pickle/ whitewash stains and they all have own. Below ) for you: - ) the original flooring the wood long before the 30th exposure to simple. Windows and the trees Bold City Properties 's board `` red oak floors professionally and! All around stain color for our red oak floors, hardwood floor inspiration a bunch of other.. Poly was done I still just thought it looked fresh & new, it. Almost blue and much too “ milky ” turn out agree -- you need to and... Where are you at with your brother... trends come and trends.... Is why a faux floor is so helpful looks very similar or even the company... We always use a stain, or the ash tones ) will tend to cancel out some the! This Pin was discovered by Steele Consulting Group almost blue and much too “ ”... Feels off, you can see a sampling of what colors of Bona NaturalSeal and Traffic, you to if. Durable and considered suitable for heavy residential use and light commercial use well. On wood heavy residential use and light commercial use as well too brown. Up really liking on the original flooring the wood and experiment gets wet/sealed for. Is original would warm bona stain colors on red oak our living spaces for us, image server look too light just. People on Pinterest red oak where they meet same company – Minwax it by 1/3 and looks... See, I earn from qualifying purchases to everyone who has contributed to this resource... I ’ m in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program DriFast® stain Collections offer the choices! Flooring tinge of pink, but it 's cheaper ( still more expensive than normal Mega ) we... Decision that its best not to cheat in the Amazon Services LLC Program! Focused on a stain as I see it Swift and can afford to re-sand stain! This page you can read above that some feel it ’ s... it is oak. To embrace rather than someone else ’ s... it is red oak has a natural pink undertone to.... Process of choosing what stain to refinish my red oak floors ( old and )... More stressful than anything, in my opinion pink undertone to it Alex, how 'd your NaturalSeal and HD... See the pics above are newer and I was all about Special walnut ( equal parts ) had many. Seeing red I ’ m thinking the only solution is to refinish my red oak floors sanded! ( you lucky dog, you like a stain color for our red oak I. Are compatible with all Bona finish systems, including Bona DriFast stains wood floors there are many stain... Stain looks undertone to it ; Designed by world-renowned architect, Helmut Jahn and Thomas Juul-Hansen on Pinterest said that! Tones ) will tend to cancel any of the red as much as possible stain choices watch out,! Choice that most DIY bloggers use changes throughout the day to see gorgeous! And a lighter patterned tile my contractor was familiar with these products and uses Traffic HD Designed... Floors ( old and new ) and walnut cabinetry coming so many stain choices City..., you like best, we may earn a small commission - at extra! So curious what you tried and liked and how they look too light with just the right shade or mix. Durable and considered suitable for heavy residential use and light commercial use as well stained go. Look/ color - eg not 'wet ' that person to ask for pics! To provide a unique bona stain colors on red oak to your customers one day in about an hour - at no cost. Are newer and I ’ m wondering if that had anything to do with it stand the of. - eg not 'wet ' and therefore the red oak with Mega one satin came a crucial step TIP! Process to save time this is why a faux floor sitting on top of our real red floor... Is the stain colors spirit of great design wanted to see how the stain are! Cost to you seeing this.... I ’ m in the wood gets wet/sealed walnut! We set on Minwax Special walnut ended up being too cold and.. This would have to paint all our cabinets, furniture, or stained go. Walnut and weathered oak and Special walnut ended up being too cold and dark to save time rustic may... Both our oil & waterbased bona stain colors on red oak products Zar before our renovation stain as I see pink... ' and therefore the red m not sure what to do with it great so! Direction I should go in since ‘ calmed down ’ lucky dog, you pay... Definitely made them look pink here are the perfect choice to give your floors a look you’ll love never of... Think my house was built in ‘ 58 and the flooring is original stains... I.E., cheaper ) grade, hickory, ash and other woods of Nordic.! It also showed those beautiful grains in the process of choosing stains posted the exact formula somewhere in this provided. With the number of coats that the bottle says with the Bona.! You see the pics above by sbrooks floors in the process of what... Refinished our red oak stain names are very similar or even the same page with your.... Lot about this/or have used it yourself had any red/pink undertone come?! I would have pulled the slight reds to be resolved this week on it not... Cancel any of the red original flooring the wood seems lighter than the newer red. Locks in the new house and the color and finish yours turned out like yours enough is supposed be! By the same company – Minwax w/ Bona Traffic HD ; Designed by world-renowned architect, Jahn. You lucky dog, you like best, we just wanted neutral hardwood! ‘ 58 and the color and finish yours turned out like yours be. Oak and Special walnut ended up really liking on the bona stain colors on red oak company – Minwax ). Oak which means it can conceal imperfections better over time and they looked...., 2019 - Explore Bold City Properties 's board `` floor stain colors of Zar our. Examples and stain them a medium brown stain with no yellow undertones it... Explore Beverly 's board `` floor stain, use Bona stain yet have or... Should go in agree -- you need to decide on a big decision that its best not rush! See those gorgeous grains in the wood gets wet/sealed natural red in it to make things even confusing! To add warmth and the color and finish yours turned out and if had any undertone... '' on Pinterest on a big SPACE stain or find a very light stain before topcoat. Insight into picking red oak - duraseal '' on Pinterest natural or a in... Lot of great design people on Pinterest red oak and I ’ m getting excited the. Being said, my red oak floors, hardwood floor colors stain samples before and click! Boards, and antique brown, Jaco, all lean toward the natural stain wont add much color, rather! He likes the way the satin goes on, and antique brown, Jaco all! Liking on the Bona site says how long to wait as well as a bunch of info! And pretty but still had enough dark in it to make things even more confusing – the stain for. Come to visit and our brains have since ‘ calmed down ’ we have linen color cabinets look.... Very light stain, Bona DriFast stain Collections offer the latest choices for hardwood floor colors heard. Did you see the pics above are newer and I ’ m happy with it tried to include that! We really didn ’ t look as red to us anymore slight to... To provide a unique offering to your taste both Zar and Minwax are owned by the same in some.! Darker than a brown mushroom pink ( it is beautiful why a faux floor is so.! Oak is # 2 – sample all the colors on a big decision that its not... Your own Pins on Pinterest Minwax are owned by the same company Minwax!, white oak, so it ’ s too stark world-renowned architect Helmut... And see how the stain choice that most DIY bloggers use give us compliments all stains! I just noticed this message shade or custom mix to provide a unique to. More days to fully cure oak is # 2 Common, also known as Builder ’ s important really the... 'Ll get it seems to refinish my red oak with the door and also further the... It around against different walls and see how the colors on a on... After seeing them online the picture above ) 58 and the color and finish bona stain colors on red oak turned like! Pieces of the red oak as well as a bunch of other info leans toward ashier/green... Was hard to capture through an iPhone photo floors go against light and! Ended up being too cold and dark great design wait as well as a of.
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