Secondary Pick-Up/Drop- Off Locations. Social Media. Magnet Program Seat Offer and Wait List Offer Information 2020.pdf 118.22 KB … Some magnet schools may require parents to provide transportation either to school or to an express bus stop. Magnet waiting lists are created as capacity limits are reached. Every single magnet program in BR has a waiting list, sometimes several hundred children deep. Siblings of enrolled students are accepted into the school through fourth grade. My child has a waiting list 28 for a magnet middle school. The rule is: Find the one with the smallest waiting list, and apply for that. Some magnet students who receive neighborhood busing can experience ride times longer than a hour. Will the phase 1 waiting list process go till the school reopens for the new session in August? Magnet school seats are assigned until spaces fill up, starting with the lowest lottery numbers. High School CTA. Merrol Hyde Magnet is an academic magnet school with … Ranking factors include state test scores, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, and magnet school ratings. 702-799-8492. High School Magnet . Applicants to Magnet programs with entrance requirements also are placed on waiting lists, pending confirmation that requirements have been met. Parents are notified by mail of each student’s status (accepted or on a waiting list). How long we should wait to know the final status for that school. Click on "View Application Schools" to see the list of magnet, early college and calendar options and the transportation service. School Finder. Magnet Programs, 3050 E. … Contact Us; Apply Now; EVENTS. Six to Six Interdistrict Magnet School in Bridgeport, Conn., is a unique preschool-through-grade eight educational setting where high academic standards facilitate the development of lifelong learners, problem-solvers and independent thinkers. Cooper Elementary Magnet School for Technology When should we contact our zoned middle school if we don’t get a spot in magnet school. 2. Merrol Hyde Magnet School is committed to excellence in K-12 education by utilizing the Paideia philosophy of educating the whole child - body, mind, and spirit - while encouraging and nurturing a life long love of learning. Magnet Programs. High School Select. No transportation is provided. The 2021 Best Magnet High Schools ranking is based on rigorous analysis of key statistics and millions of reviews from students and parents using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Magnet Seat and Wait-List Offer Information This document explains what to do after you receive an email stating your student was offered wither a Magnet Program Seat OR a Wait-List Offer. Frequently Asked Questions. But Tamani Anderson Powell, Wake’s director of marketing and communications for magnet schools, said the numbered wait lists didn’t provide guarantees either. 1. Students must be 5 by September 30 to attend kindergarten. Waiting lists are in effect until June 30. Waiting lists are created as magnet schools fill up, and for magnet schools with entrance requirements, pending confirmation that requirements are met. Middle School Magnet. Applications for the kindergarten waiting list are accepted beginning August 1 of the year the child turns 4. In rough order of popularity (and based on ~2013 waitlists), they are: Baton Rouge Center for Visual and Performing Arts (300 person waitlist)

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