The following photos will allow you to identify indoor plants. Bushy trailing plants like Sword Fern, Spider Plant or Piggyback Plant look good placed on a pedestal. Young plants can be harder to identify than well established plants, so realize you may not get a definite answer. When grown up a pole with enough warmth, the leaves can get pretty big! Or screw wall pots in place at eye level on a plain wall that needs added colour. Nov 20, 2020 - Learn to Identify your indoor house plants so you can give them the care they need to grow well. Displaying very small heart shaped leaves on twiggy type stems suited for hanging baskets, climbing a trellis or moss stick. Do not overwater, as it can lead to root rot. A trailing succulent, Fishhook Plant (Senecio radicans) is a hanging plant with tiny banana-shaped "leaves" that also goes by the name of String of Bananas and Banana Vine. The Heartleaf philodendron is named so because of its heart shaped leaves. 3. Dec 1, 2020 - Best hanging house plants. MIHOUNION 2pcs Artificial Trailing Plants Fake Hanging Plants Plastic Faux Foliage Greenery House Plant for Indoor Outside Home Bedroom Garden Wedding Hanging Pot Basket Decor 4.3 out of 5 stars 433 £11.59 £ 11 . 20 Indoor House Plants That Thrive in Shade. Plants hanging and trailing from pots make a wonderful addition to the home or office environment. Many growers keep them small and bushy. Answers to plant questions about light, pests and diseases at Trailing Jade These ideas add character and feeling through their simple form. Sep 20, 2017 - Climbing indoor house plants add a warm feeling to my farmhouse style home. Using plants to trail. Anthurium ellipticum. A good go-to option for identifying plants is our app PlantSnap. See more ideas about house plants, plants, houseplants. 167. The creeping fig does just this well...creeps everywhere. This environment can be provided with a moss stick and other conditions. Then post some images less than 4MB and a description of the plant into our 'Identify a plant' forum for our community of 100,000s to help you. Effortlessly stylish; ferns make elegant house plants with graceful, textured fronds. Any idea what this trailing house plant is? Also known as trailing vinca, it has shiny oval leaves in a cream-yellow shade and matching lavender-blue flowers, which creates a dazzling contrast when it trails from containers. Sort by. Plant them in a hanging basket and locate where it gets full sun. The vertical aspect is often forgotten and a hanging plant is a great way to include greenery within a small space. Enhance the interior of your home with trailing houseplants. Ask people if they think it’s that plant or if it could be something different. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. Trailing jade is a semi-succulent suitable for hanging baskets and windowsills ... House Plant Identification. Here is a selection to suit everyone's requirements with advice about caring, description of plant and for some species - where to buy. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Be the first to share what you think! More posts from the PlantIdentification community. If your plant has spikey leaves with small teeth along the edges, look at Aloe; click on the pictures for more images. The trailing foliage of this hanging succulent grows about 2-3 feet long. Growing conditions in most homes are easy to care for the Heartleaf. A striking epiphyte originating in Mexico and found across the rainforests of South America, this bold and beautiful member of the Araceae family is coveted for its velvety leaves and vivacious colours. The Donkeys tail is a perfect plant suited for hanging baskets because of its trailing nature. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It can take a bit of practice to frame the photo correctly, but the app is excellent for identifying houseplants in seconds. The plant is easy to grow and in fact, it is known to germinate easily and produce plants … Not forgetting the ever popular Spider plants that children love. Spider Plant Visit our Ask Judy page. Temperature is an important factor for growth and varies from species to species. Repotting Plants. Vriesea Splendens, Tillandsia, Billbergia, Guzmania, Aechmea Fasciata and others. It’s golden variegation fluctuates depending on the light conditions in its environment. Not forgetting the ever popular Spider plants that children love. Give them a go climbing a moss's fun and leaves change shape when the plant matures. A great addition to any steamy bathroom or busy kitchen in need of that pun. This is a succulent from the Sedum genus. Added to which they produce multiple, easy to propagate, baby plants to gift to friends. Added Recently. That’s why we rounded up some of the best indoor hanging plants to help you pick the ones that work best for your own style. That can cause some confusion with identification. Can't identify your mystery houseplant? Trailing & Hanging House Plants Enhance the interior of your home with trailing houseplants. no comments yet. These low maintenance foliage plants are easy to grow in a brightly lit spot, away from the direct glare of the sun. Use high-level shelves and hanging baskets for trailing plants where you want interest. These enjoy shaded areas away from direct sunlight, warmth and humidity to grow well indoors. Calathea. The beauty of the Arrowhead is it can be displayed and grown as a bushy plant when pruned or it can be grown climbing. This is just a sampler of variegata plant types, so email with specific lists. Hey guys!Lets explore the world of the family A_____. Fishtail Palm Picture the tail of a goldfish and you can understand how Fishtail Palm ( Caryota ) got its common name. This tropical house plant features a majestic beauty known for its strength and durability, which makes for an outstanding presentation in either a single or combination containers. Click on image to view plant details. The Monstera deliciosa is a species that attaches it self to trees in its natural rain forest habitat. Most other growing conditions are easy enough to provide. See the guide for repotting house plants with useful tips. A lot of people think that all plants love sun or that the ones that don’t must be boring and flowerless, but there are beautiful shade-tolerant house plants and shade-loving house-plants — some with flowers and some with gorgeous, colorful foliage. best. Search our extensive houseplant guide and find plant care advice for your specific indoor houseplants. Many types of plants work in hanging planters, but not all of them look good in them. Which climbing and trailing plants would you like to grow as house plants? You see these outside homes (especially in the UK) crawling the walls of cottages and it is just so beautiful and traditional. Jungle King. Not only do houseplants increase the feel-good factor by having some greenery about, but many (like spider plants, philodendron or mother-in-law's tongue) will also help purify the air we breathe. Bushy, trailing ivy plants work best if you’re looking for a show-stopping plant … The Donkeys tail is a perfect plant suited for hanging baskets because of its trailing nature. This is a succulent from the Sedum genus. Posted by 3 days ago. Wandering Jew (Tradescantia zebrina) Also called inch plants or spiderwort, the wandering Jew is another easy-to-grow trailing houseplant. share. See the guide for repotting house plants with useful tips. Indoor plants identification. Roseopicta, C. Zebrina, C. Crocata, C. Makoyana, C Lancifolia and others. save hide report. For the chance to be featured, share your plant pictures with uson Instagram by using the hashtag #YourTMGarden. This app identifies flowers and leaves using a photo-identification algorithm. Cattleya, Lycaste, Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum. It has a trailing habit, making it ideal for a hanging basket. You may grow this trailing or climbing, although I reckon they look much better climbing on a moss stick than hanging (others like them trailing). *Your 20% discount only applies to plants, bulbs and seeds.© 2020 Thompson & Morgan. This species is another climbing type plant with aerial roots that attach themselves to trees. They prefer bright sunlight and will tolerate full sun. Lower light produces largely green leaves, whereas in brighter spaces, the foliage is speckled with a warm golden hue. Senecio 'String of Pearls' with its bead-like foliage, makes an ideal indoor hanging basket plant, or for a high shelf, where its long trailing stems will make maximum impact. They have plump, bean-shaped, blue-green leaves and bright, reddish-purple stems. 17. Can't ever remember how to spell it or say it. Dracaena Fragrans, D Braunii, D Marginata and D. Reflexa. Over at HPH on Facebook we love seeing the creative ways members showcase their trailing plants, ... silver philodendron, siver vine, plant care, plant identification. PlantSnap isn’t good at identifying damaged, broken, or very young plants. All rights reserved. Hanging plants can be housed within pots designed for hanging. Most other growing conditions are easy enough to provide. Submit your house plant to the new forum and ask others for identification. A division of BVG Group Ltd. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Vegetable Seeds. Very easy to grow and tolerates low lighting and colder conditions. Indoor ferns will love the humidity of a warm bathroom or kitchen. Popular House Plants Click on any picture in our Popular House Plant Section and learn how to identify, grow, and care for indoor houseplants. Fact or Fiction: Plant Myths Debunked Part 2. Philodendrons and Pothos belong to this family. 0 comments. 100% Upvoted. Or use an old cake stand to give the necessary height to allow stems to trail freely. In summers, beautiful red and pink flowers adorn it. Native to South Africa, this trailing succulent make an attractive hanging plant because of its vibrant colors. Hanging, Trailing, Cascading, and Spilling. Its spidery appearance comes from the small plantlets that grow on the ends of narrow, wiry stems, called runners. If you have any pets that enjoy chewing leaves, then you may want to avoid this plant because of its toxicity. Variegation in plant leaves and foliage, stock photography of leaf in green and white, green and gold, yellow and green, red and gold, even tricolor color combinations, perennials, annuals, shrubs, flowers, trees, bulbs, etc. Several common house plants called ficus come from the Moraceae family. Facebook. Similar species to the Heartleaf philodendron in terms of how its leaves look, care needs, and it's from the same plant family. They are also wonderful for those wanting to create a 'jungle theme'. Submit your house plant to the new forum and ask others for identification. Their arching leaves will soften the hardest architectural lines of your home. Smaller species and varieties of Aloe are commonly grown as house plants, and in areas that don't get frost - or much anyway, these are great garden and landscape plants too. There are a lot of different cultivars and hybrids with succulents as well. Chenille plant (Acalypha hispida) makes an impression immediately. The attractive features of wandering Jews are their long creeping stems decorated with blade-shaped patterned leaves. Be sure to not overwater, especially during winter (this can end up killing the plant). © 2013new Date().getFullYear()>2013&&document.write("-"+new Date().getFullYear());, See more ideas about plants, house plants, indoor plants. Check out our trailing houseplant selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our house plants shops. There are many species of Tradescantia plants, but all of them have fascinating foliage. How to identify, care for, grow, water, feed, and propagate indoor houseplants. Be sure to not overwater, especially during winter (this can end up killing the plant). In the UK it's knows as devils ivy. Next. Ficus Pumila, F. Lyrata, F. Elastica and F. Benjamina. The trailing stems and silvery leaves of the satin pothos make it a great addition to any room. With their brightly variegated, strap-like foliage arches and cascading stems they create a lovely tumbling effect. The tropical indoor plants look stunning in hanging baskets or growing in pots. It’s the easiest to grow + can be allowed to climb or trail. While young and small in size its fine displayed in a pot on a shelf and then when it matures a moss stick is best suited to encourage climbing growth. 59 Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Once you have identified your plant, add it to your own plant list in Shoot so you remember the name, get care reminders for the plant each month and use your newly identified plant in our garden planner to record where in your garden it is planted Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is a type of tropical vine plant with long trailing stems and heart-shaped leaves.As a houseplant, pothos plants are easy to grow indoors with a minimal amount of care. Fuzzy red flowers trail down from deep green foliage, earning the houseplant the nickname red-hot cat’s-tail. They produce bright yellow daisy-like flowers. Take advantage of this plant’s vibrancy and hang it somewhere that needs a little color. See house plants that not only spruce up the home but remove harmful toxins. The varieties in this category grow and trail at different rates, but all propagate readily from stem cuttings. These plantlets -- or "babies" -- are easily propagated, making this a plant that keeps on giving. Also Read: Best Flowering Succulents. Senecio 'String of Pearls' with its bead-like foliage, makes an ideal indoor hanging basket plant, or for a high shelf, where its long trailing stems will make maximum impact. Prune chenille plant to keep it healthy longer. Trailing succulents spill bountifully from beds, containers, and hanging pots, creating a lush cascade that adds height to a planting.

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