First, I will present those that are real and physically exist somewhere (or have existed somewhere). It is also controversial because it is seen by many as a way to rewrite history, even if the original name is not well-liked but nevertheless traditional or convenient. After most of Ireland became independent as the Irish Free State in 1922, many streets had their names changed, with the names of English monarchs, nobility and administrators replaced with Irish patriots. Thus there will be no addresses in the 600, 700 or 800 block. There are several cases of the latter in New York City: Sixth Avenue in Manhattan was renamed as Avenue of the Americas in 1945, but the name never really stuck; the city now considers both names equally acceptable, and both appear on street signs. Similarly, Limerick's George's Street (named after George III) was renamed O'Connell Street. The Shambles, derived from the Anglo-Saxon term fleshammels ("meat shelves" in butchers' stalls), is a historical street name which still exists in various cities and towns around England. Except where otherwise stated the sources used were: H. E. Salter, The Historic Names of the Streets and Lanes of Oxford; Margaret Gelling, The Place-Names of Oxfordshire (E.P.N.S. [2], Streets are normally named, and properties on them numbered, by decision of the local authority, which may adopt a detailed policy. Feb 2, 2017 - Explore Maureen Anderson's board "Funny street names" on Pinterest. [citation needed] Many Anglophones were outspoken in their opposition to the name change, and the majority English-speaking city of Westmount retained Dorchester as the name of their portion of the street in protest. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379,, Literary light: City Lights Bookstore, at 50, is showing few signs of aging, San Francisco renames Lech Walesa Street in wake of Polish leader’s anti-gay remarks,,,,,,, City council renamed the Moscow square and avenue Reunion, "Garrison names: the politics of Irish street names", "A protest group is painting over the names of 'British-sounding' streets in Cork", "Application to have case heard in Irish before court next month", "Street Name Changes | Cork Past & Present", Seattle Neighborhoods: University District -- Thumbnail History, "Why there's not a single Road in the City of London", "C1 Street Suffix Abbreviations - Postal Explorer",, National Emergency Number Association (NENA), National Emergency Number Association (NENA) road naming and numbering standards, United States Thoroughfare, Landmark, and Postal Address Data Standard (URISA), United States Postal Service Street Name Suffix List, United States Postal Service Pub. Other qualifiers may be used for that purpose as well. How to make an Enquiry: • To make an enquiry ask the elector their address and look up their street in the directory. Old to New Street names 1929 - 1945. (Sassafras, Mulberry, High and Cedar have since been renamed to Race, Arch, Market [the main east-west street downtown] and South.). A street name can also include a direction (the cardinal points east, west, north, south, or the quadrants NW, NE, SW, SE) especially in cities with a grid-numbering system. Almost all these changes took place between 1st January 1936 and 1st July 1939 but a few were made at other times during 1929-45 The symbol # indicates that the old name has been abolished and the street incorporated into an existing place name. Street: A public road that has buildings on both sides of it. In Chicago, suffixes are given on street signs but often ignored in popular speech and in postal addresses. Names are often given in a two-part form: an individual name known as the specific, and an indicator of the type of street, known as the generic. Some international causes célèbres can attract cities around the world to rename streets in solidarity; for example a number of streets with South African embassies were renamed honouring Nelson Mandela during his imprisonment. As the city grew, east-west streets past W Street were given two-syllable names in alphabetical order, then three-syllable names in alphabetical order, and finally names relating to flowers and shrubs in alphabetical order. For example, Clarcona Ocoee Road links the communities of Clarcona and Ocoee in Orlando, Florida, and Jindivick–Neerim South Road links the towns of Jindivick and Neerim South in Victoria, Australia. STREET-NAMES. London Street name changes. International writers in Jardines Vallarta. In the earliest days of North America, streets were named after nearby natural landmarks or monuments. These directions are often (though not always) used to differentiate two sections of a street. Streets can have multiple names because of multilingualism. In North Minneapolis, numbered avenues run east-west (33rd Avenue N) and numbered streets run north-south (6th Street N) but named avenues run north-south (Washburn Avenue N). In London, a top surgeon with a private practice is liable to be referred to as a Harley Street surgeon even if she or he does not actually maintain an office in Harley Street. Elm Street's new name, Jacksonville Road, was chosen because it leads to the village of Jacksonville. Great Britain Street, Dublin became Parnell Street (after Charles Stewart Parnell). If you suspect someone you love is abusing drugs, watch for repeated use of odd, unrecognized, or seemingly slang terms. next » powered by A proposal in 2005 to rename 16th Street, N.W., in Washington, D.C., "Ronald Reagan Boulevard" exemplified all three. Dublin's main thoroughfare was known as Sackville Street (named after Lionel Sackville, 1st Duke of Dorset), becoming O'Connell Street in 1924. The cachet of streets like Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue can prove effective branding, as for the Buick Park Avenue luxury car, and Saks Department Store being always known as "Saks Fifth Avenue". Inhalants. Hartford Avenue in Wethersfield, Connecticut, becomes Wethersfield Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut, for example. property developers should consult with councillors, historic groups etc. In Zaandam, Netherlands, streets in the Russiche Buurt (Russian Neighbourhood) are named after Russians, commemorating Tsar Peter I's visit in 1697. New to Old Street names 1929 - 1945. Many roads are given the name of the place to which they lead. This road is usually a focal point for shops and retailers in city centres. Some major roads may have two names of different types, such as the Hume Highway/Sydney Road in outer northern Melbourne, which is exclusively Sydney Road closer to the city and exclusively the Hume Highway outside Melbourne, or the Hoddle Highway which is better known as Hoddle Street north of Bridge Road and Punt Road south of it. Examples: upper/lower, old/new, or adding "extension". In some cases, streets in "half-blocks" in between two consecutive numbered streets have a different designator, such as Court or Terrace, often in an organized system where courts are always between streets and terraces between avenues. In Australia and New Zealand, some streets are called parades. Choose Another Street Name Index The most common street names occurring within the neighborhoods appearing on Living Places. Some streets are named after famous or distinguished individuals, sometimes people directly associated with the street, usually after their deaths. He said that there were "about 80 or 90 streets named after criminals and aristocrats in our city, and in Victoria’s case a genocidal queen responsible for the murder and displacement of two million Irish people," referring to the Great Famine.[20][21][22]. In a city with both lettered and numbered streets, such as Washington, D.C., the 400 block may be between 4th and 5th streets or between D and E streets, depending on the direction in which the street in question runs.

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