1 0 obj 3 0 obj endobj (1 x 2) Give evidence to support the statement that this mid-latitude cyclone is in the mature (warm sector) stage of development. This is Geography Paper 2 Memo for National Senior Certificate February 2018. showing a mid-latitude cyclonic storm with its weather fronts over the Atlantic Ocean during March, 2005. Summer Lows. Cyclone Anti cyclone Air rises Air subsides Clockwise in SH Anticlockwise in SH Air moves into a LP (Converges) ... Mid-latitude cyclones move from WEST to EAST - Westerlies. Subtropical Anticyclones and Associated Weather Conditions. (1 x 2) Explain how the South Indian high-pressure cell will affect the movement of the mid-latitude cyclone. Easter School Geography Grade 12 Mapwork Calculations 26 March 2013 KEY CONCEPTS: In this session we will focus on the following aspects: Calculations you need to know (when doing calculations it is important to show all the steps as marks will be allocated … h�bbd``b`��@�q���$�@\U �2 ��e.q�A�!Rb�".���@�m*���ɾ��@�&������"F��W�0 ��I Climate and Weather. 0 1.3 FIGURE 1.3 is a three-dimensional representation of a mid-latitude cyclone over the United States of America. These cyclones impact the weather in the continental United States and are the source of most of the stormy weather in the U.S. A cyclone in the midlatitude … • Mid-Latitude Cyclones and Climate Change ... precipitation vary spatially with regard to latitude and longitude through inquiry methods. (1 x 2) Explain how the South Indian high-pressure cell will affect the movement of the mid-latitude cyclone. 1.3.1 Define the term mid-latitude cyclone. Geography/P1 2 DBE/November 2017 NSC ... mid-latitude cyclone is cut off from the rest of the cyclone . Midlatitude cyclones of the northern hemisphere are located between 30 degrees and 60 degrees latitude. endstream endobj startxref Mid-latitude Cyclones - Introduction • Important for global heat transport • They also redistribute/reduce energy in the atmosphere • Often are significant weather producers • … People and Places. Coastal Lows (4 x 2) (8) Urban Climates. We also take a look at the stages of development and phenomena associated with Tropical Cyclones. (1 x 2) (2) Draw a cross section from west to east to illustrate the mature stage of a mid-latitude cyclone as shown above. <>>>/Names<>/Type/Catalog/MarkInfo<>/Lang(en-ZA)>> Grade Level: 9 - 12 . Steering of Mid-Latitude Cyclones The movement of surface systems can be predicted by the 500 mb pattern. The surface systems move in about the same direction as the 500 mb flow, at about 1/2 the speed. This temperature gradient can become concentrated within zones called fronts where the temperature changes rapidly and the wind abruptly shifts direction. Gale-force south-westerly winds are expected between Plettenberg Bay and East London, with very rough seas from Lamberts Bay to East London. Summary - … ... along the Caledon, Vaal, middle and lower Orange) grow, water is reused more often; and (2 x 1) (2) 1.3.2 In what stage of development is this mid-latitude cyclone? Synoptic Chart Examples. Climate and Weather (Grade 12 CAPS) Mid-latitude Cyclones. h�b```f``2d`e`2fb@ !�(G#CG��U�8���3��_p6������I����L���y��DY�|�V��2?�J9ڳ,?���� I0�Ftt0�ttt40tt0p 13�m�a itt`��D���^H�8��-|%� Cyclones derive their energy from the potential energy in the pole-to-equator temperature gradient. Read the books mid latitude cyclones lab PDF Book Download wherever you need even buy public transit, office, home, and various places. (1 x 1) (1) 2.3.3 Refer to the day by day weather forecast for Cape Town. In which general direction does this cyclone move in the Southern Hemisphere? includes characteristics definitions formation conditions stages associated weather effects and management. endstream endobj 72 0 obj <> endobj 73 0 obj <> endobj 74 0 obj <>stream Xtra Geography: In this lesson we take a look at Mid-latitude Cyclones and discuss the stages of development as well as associated conditions. 3 Tertiary Circulation. midlattitude cyclone: development 1 initial stage 2 development stage 3 mature stage 4 occlusion family of cyclones. The water cycle. (1 x 1) (1) 1.3.4 Why ... based on the cross-section of the mid-latitude cyclone in FIGURE 2.1.

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