But what about longan? Health Benefits of Longan Fruit Brain stimulation. Benefits of Saponins in Longan. The steps could not be simpler! The first place you should look for longan tea is your local Asian shop. If you are experiencing inflammation in the body, you may want to skip it for now. It replenishes and nourishes the blood, making it ideal for women to drink during their period. It reminded me of longan “tea,” a tasty drink made by boiling the dried fruit in water until it turns a rich red-brown, like tea! The seed in the longan fruit is edible, but you may choose to discard it. Dimocarpus longan (or simply longan) is a tropical fruit that’s native to Asia. Copper is necessary for supporting neurodevelopment and growth, proper cognitive function. As I’m writing this, I’m sipping on my third cup of longan and red dates. Longan does miracles to nerve problems and is highly recommended as an anti-depressant. If you can’t find an Asian food store, just check Amazon. Longan can be purchased at Asian or global food markets. Kitchen Tips Online 1,659,475 views. But as the fruit has gained in popularity, it’s cultivated just about everywhere. Benefits of Longan Tea. Fresh longan fruit is high in vitamin C, as most fruits are — which is one reason why fruit is so vital in a healthy diet. Longan is a fruit similar to lychee, and both belong to the soapberry family. Longans, and longan tea, are also high in iron. The fruit’s amazing health benefits also include boosting the nervous system, improving immunity, lowering blood pressure, calming the body, and treating insomnia and dizziness. At this point, you have a few options. CatNap: A soothing, relaxing blend made from pure organic herbs. Its texture is similar to a grape’s, and the flavor is musky and earthy. The fruit is high in vitamin A, meaning your eye and skin health will benefit. Strain the hot tea into your cup over the longan. Cambodia, Taiwan, India and Sri Lanka are a few of these – the dragon’s eye fruit was first found there. 1. Lychee Tea Nutrition. Additionally, because longan berries and red dates contain higher levels of sugar content, it’d not be recommended for those who should restrict their sugar intake. The first place you should look for longan tea is your local Asian shop. Heart problems are due to the unhealthy condition of heart caused by several problems. 7 Battle Anemia. Plus, longan is … This is why food with high copper content is often classified as “Brain Food”. Read about the benefits of longan and the master tips to brew the perfect oolong tea in this post. Longan, or dragon eyes, is a fruit produced in Fujian province of China. Health Benefits. 2. They boost your energy levels and rejuvenate the body. Westerners consume flavors of tea from apple and orange to peach and pomegranate. Health Benefits. Alas, Lucy’s is no more and I have to make my own dragon eye tea and new memories. Dried longan (Arillus euphoriae longanae) have a dark red wrinkled skin and pulp wrapped around a small black seed. Listed below are some of the popular health benefits of consuming longan fruit: 1.Heart health. Copper is necessary for supporting neurodevelopment and growth, proper cognitive function. All Rights Reserved. For generations, women have been consuming red dates tea during their menstruation or confinement period in order to nourish their blood and improve their immune system. Longan stimulates the production of white blood cells, which improves immunity. [ Read: Elderberry Tea Benefits] 6. Fresh longan fruit is high in vitamin C, as most fruits are — which is one reason why fruit is so vital in a healthy diet. You’re very well acquainted with fruit teas. Red Dates Longan Tea A ‘warming’ tea, red dates longan tea helps to nourish the blood, builds up qi and strengthen the spleen and stomach. Done. Then, pour hot water over the ingredients. Don’t remove the lid. How To Keep Bananas Fresh - Duration: 4:49. Longan get the name dragon eyes from their appearance when fresh – white and translucent flesh with a dark seed give it the appearance of an eyeball with pupil/iris. Health Benefits of Longan Extract. Vitamin C is also great for your skin – it’s an antioxidant and, while this hasn’t been fully researched, may help minimize the damage from UV rays. Protects against chronic diseases . When the cold winds blew down Castro Street, it was nice to slip inside Lucy’s and have Martha bring me a warming cup of dragon eye tea. Twitter. Right now you can get 15% off ALL products in their store using the code: TEAREVIEWS15. Share. The amino acids in the Goji Berries have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The natural sweetness of longans and red dates greatly enhanced the sweetness of this tea and it is a delicious drink that could be served hot, warm or cold. Longan tea is said to have other benefits as well. Longan tea is also called dragon’s eye tea, and it’s a flavor that’s popular in regions of Asia like China and Vietnam. Health benefits of Longan. The first proven benefits longan red dates tea. Some people even add egg to their longan tea! Longan is also used as anti … Longan fruit has good amount of polyphenols antioxidant that assist to combat the free radicals. There’s a unique balance between sweet and sour that’s distinctive to longan fruit. Then heat your water to the appropriate temperature for your tea. One of my favorite places to have dragon eye tea was at Lucy’s Tea House, a small unassuming eatery in Mountain View, CA. Traditional Chinese medicine has used longan to strengthen the liver, spleen and kidneys. The stores typically sell longans – sometimes fresh but usually dried. First of all, the fruit is very high in sugar. However, if you have fluid retention issues, or have mucus or phlegm in your lungs, consult with your health care provider before drinking tea made with longan. Longan contains vitamins A and C, making it a good helper for winter cold and flu season. - The fruit is said to invigorate the heart and spleen, nourish the blood and have a calming effect on the nervous system. Believed to be a “heaty” fruit (or a “yang” food), longan is used in confinement foods. But when you snap open the shell, you’ll see a white, translucent, almost luminescent fruit. Chinese Traditional medicine says that eating the longan fruit will give you the maximum health results. Benefits of longan for skin: 16. Longan Red Date Tea ” Red dates are good supplements. Examples include Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Logan fruit benefits: Longan fruits are highly popular for their medicinal benefits. Almost every part of the fruit offers a multitude of benefits. Benefits - Longan is used as remedy for stomach ache, insomnia, amnesia, and dropsy. Place longan in the bottom of your teacup. Longan benefits comprise a good measure of minerals like magnesium, potassium, and copper so females with early osteoporosis indications could, in any event, slower the degeneration of bone cells on the off chance that they much of the time expend longan fruit. Facebook. These fresh delicious and sweet longan have more health advantages than we can think of. So, it follows that longan tea has great health benefits as well. There are longan farms in Hawaii (also home to Mamaki Tea), California and Florida. The most notable benefits of lychee tea include its ability to ease digestion, aid in weight loss, and protect the heart, among others. The first place you should look for longan tea is your local Asian shop. They nourish the skin. Look for that in the store, or if you’re searching on Amazon, read the package ingredients. Health Benefits Of Longan Fruit 1. You can either strain your tea or you may choose to drink it with the longan fruit still inside. It is the 3rd most prevalent mineral in the body and it is mainly carried by the blood plasma protein, Ceruloplasmin. 4:49.

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