Courtesy of Jones Road In 1991, makeup artist Bobbi Brown shook up the beauty industry when she launched a beauty line with the goal of helping … Things are different today,” Brown said in the brand's press release. “I worried that people wouldn’t hear about them, like them, buy them. Brown wants the brand to remain direct-to-consumer for now, due to the control and margins that affords. View Gallery Brown is inspired by numerous beauty brands today, such as Glossier and Tina Craig. When asked by the Wall Street Journal who she had in mind when creating the line, Brown said she was inspired by former creative director of Celine, Phoebe Philo. Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown is an Influencer *Bobbi is no longer affiliated with the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics company. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. It’s not fancy. “There’s so many,” said Brown, who believes there is room for many different brands in the same space. Getty. December 26, 2020 Jones Road Before Youtube and Instagram tutorials existed, there was makeup artist Bobbi Brown's educational books. Natural Ways. It’s what I love and believe in. “But as far as launching during a pandemic, I wasn’t worried — because one of the things about me is I’m really naïve. This is Bobbi's first foray back into cosmetics since leaving her eponymously named beauty brand in October 2016. I just want to keep creating better and new products.”. “I did not build and start this company to sell it again. Bobbi Brown on Health, Beauty and Success Harry Garrison. That’s a normal thing that anyone that has a brand [is always concerned about],” she said. Brown’s a great communicator and educator, who has written nine books. “That led me on this search, and I found an opportunity and a hole in the market,” she said. Bobbi Brown Launches New Makeup Brand Jones Road, 4 Years After Leaving Namesake Label. “What I’m doing now has really a lot to do with where I’m going, not where I’ve been,” she said, explaining that path includes teaching people how they can apply certain products to look better instantly. “It really just kind of happened,” said Brown, who understood she herself was wearing a lot less makeup. Brown believes it’s paramount to be aware of a brand’s customer and what’s happening in the world. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Brown hopes her legacy will include “that I created not just products to help people feel good about themselves, but I really helped empower women to be a better version of themselves.”. Four years ago after Brown left the Estée Lauder Cos. — which acquired the Bobbi Brown brand in 1995 — she trained to become a health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Terms of Use. “We have been reached out to from many different retailers. At 63 years old, Bobbi Brown has launched yet another makeup brand, Jones Road. "Four years ago, after I left Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, one of those questions [I asked myself] was: Why can't I find makeup products that are both clean and high-performance — that don't sacrifice one for the other?" It’s a modern approach. View all. That includes the ability to cook up Jones Road in her kitchen — literally. Imperfect is beautiful.". “I like common sense. RELATED: Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown Shares Her Tips and Tricks for Looking Good on Zoom Conference Calls, “When I was promoting my books as part of the brand, I had stylists and PR people and cars and drivers,” she said. “I never looked at people as competitors. (According to the Wall Street Journal, Brown has been wearing a necklace featuring the date her non-compete expires. Crew Group and Gap Inc. “Mickey was the one person who really gave me permission to be myself,” she said. As Brown tells Allure, that means … "I'm back in the beauty business," Bobbi excitedly tells the morning show. But for Jones Road, social media is the communication vector of choice. Doing the deep dive, I was pretty knocked out to find out just how savvy and accomplished she is as a businesswoman Was she concerned about introducing color cosmetics during the coronavirus pandemic, when makeup sales are down? But mostly, I’m someone that likes to shift because I see that there’s an opportunity.”. At first, it seemed an attempt at reinventing the wheel but I quickly reminded myself that if anyone could justify reinventing said wheel, it would be Bobbi Brown. It is OK that some things don’t work out,” she said. By subscribing, you agree to our ... Archive Submenu. I became someone who was searching for a clean makeup brand. Bobbi Brown has long tapped into her forward-looking vision, whether it’s creating Jones Road, the clean makeup brand she just introduced that will … Related Gallery “It’s just a message to do something different and to pivot. Bobbi Brown Launches New Makeup Brand Jones Road, 4 Years After Leaving Namesake Label. “Any women could be beautiful,” added Brown. As for what's to come, there is a lot to look forward to. ), "I created my original brand in the '90s. “We have a handful of really awesome, smart, dedicated people in my office who get together and talk about what we need to do,” Brown said. “I have learned so much reading the comments on Instagram, talking to people during my Instagram Live and then reposting the pictures so people could actually learn,” said Brown, adding she’s shooting with an iPhone and doesn’t retouch images. A representative for the brand tells PEOPLE that the plan is to roll out products each month starting with new Jones Beauty eyeshadows in December, along with other categories in early 2021. The iconic makeup artist, who dropped a beauty bombshell when she stepped away from her namesake empire Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in 2016, is returning to the makeup world with the launch of her new, clean cosmetics brand, Jones Road. Find your perfect foundation, lip, and eye shades with our easy-to-use tool. NEW YORK, Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Iconic makeup artist and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown launches JONES ROAD, an edited collection of indispensable makeup products designed for … “It’s my passion project. Jones Road doesn’t have an agency or a big strategy. I’m very optimistic. So, when Bobbi Brown announced the launch of Jones Road, a cool, clean, minimalist makeup brand, I zoomed in on one product I wanted to try: the Miracle Balm in Au Naturel. Launching a new color-cosmetics line was not top of mind for her. She prefers beauty shining from the inside out to traditional beauty. I thought it was really important to stay in my lane, do what I do, and make it best and different. It’s a no-makeup makeup — and that doesn’t mean not wearing any.”. “It’s not about being perfect, but it’s about always seeing what you could do to improve who you are, where you are, how you feel and how you look. Introducing ... PEOPLE's Products Worth the Hype. Bobbi Brown has long tapped into her forward-looking vision, whether it’s creating Jones Road, the clean makeup brand she just introduced that will be entering skin care soon, the wellness label Evolution 18 or her eponymous color-cosmetics collection. But if you want to still get decked out—if for no other reason than it's festive and fun—we're hosting a special virtual event on Monday, December 14, 2020 at 12 pm EST with Bobbi Brown, the iconic makeup artist and founder of JONES ROAD, a new clean cosmetics line.. From learning how to accentuate your eyes so they pop behind a face mask to emphasizing your features so they shine on … Bobbi Brown entered the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Zoom room Tuesday morning to talk about the launch of her new beauty brand: Jones Road Beauty. All easy. Makeup. "Women shop differently; there is a new definition of what beauty is. You probably know Bobbi Brown as the makeup artist founder behind her ... she has launched the supplements company Evolution_18 and a new beauty venture called Jones Road. Jones Road starts with the idea that every product should be a hero product. © Copyright 2020  -  Penske Media Corporation, clock Brown, 63, said on the brand's website. Jones Road: No-Makeup. “I really want to show all different women, ages, ethnicities — different and beautiful women,” Brown said. Search. Brown is also giving customers a peek at what else is to come from Jones Road in The Start-Up Kit ($68), which previews the Just a Sec Eye Tint in Golden Peach, The Best Eyeshadow in Dark Brown, The Best Pencil in Black and Cool Gloss in Original. Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? “It’s really important to communicate and to have an authentic conversation, and able to offer your customer an understanding of why you’re doing something and how it can be a benefit.”. Credit: View all. “I’ve always been someone who really believes that the better you treat the inside, the better the outside looks.”. Founded by Bobbi Brown, justBOBBI is a modern lifestyle platform for all things wellness, beauty, travel and more. That chimed with a shift in consumer desires for products that are healthier for people and the environment. Many people appearing in Jones Road’s advertising campaign are not professional models. I get board really easily and am very curious. “I realized the better I took care of myself, the less traditional makeup I needed,” Brown said. "What I wanted was the makeup equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife: easy, cool, multi-purpose products that could be used to nail any look," Bobbi Brown said about her new clean beauty line. Get all the top news stories and alerts straight to your inbox. I really love what I’m doing,” the makeup artist continued. Brown also told Women's Wear Daily that she came to appreciate the less-is-more approach to makeup after she left Bobbi Brown Cosmetics (owned by Estée Lauder Companies) and started to do own glam for public appearances. “It’s a great learning for us,” Brown said. Brown's new company was inspired by the idea that "the world doesn't need more beauty products," but in fact, "it needs better beauty products.". NEW YORK, Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Iconic makeup artist and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown launches JONES ROAD, an edited collection of indispensable makeup products designed for all ages, skin types and skin tones. View all. All effective. Brown said one week after launch, consumers are obsessed with Jones Road’s mascara and balm. On October 26, Jones Road made its debut with six products, all of which the brand defines as "hero products." We’re not ready for expansion.”. Jones Road, which she and her husband, Steven Plofker, self-funded for just under $2 million, a fraction of what most brands spend, will forgo the … If you would like to opt out of browser push notifications, please refer to the following instructions specific to your device and browser: Bobbi Brown Launches New Makeup Brand Jones Road, 4 Years After Leaving Namesake Label. “That’s how you learn.”. "Jones Road was born from a search for something that didn't yet exist. “She just has to realize that she is.”. Elle a sorti sa nouvelle marque de maquillage, Jones Road, le 26 octobre, marquant sa première incursion dans le … “I started also experimenting more with things that I put in my body. Topics. You have navigated to "Miracle Balm - Jones Road Beauty" Miracle Balm All-Over Glow (50 g / 1.76 oz) See the reviews. cosmetics standards) includes the glow-boosting Miracle Balm ($38), lash-lifting Mascara ($26) and the high-shine Cool Gloss ($22). “I’m always someone that either says that doesn’t make sense [or] let’s try it this way,” she said. "I wanted Jones Road to be a cross between old Celine and Supreme, which is my aesthetic.". • Layla Ilchi. "This is something that I've been thinking about the last couple of years," Brown said during the brand's Instagram Live. Emerging Designers’ Favorite Holiday Memories. All clean. To cosmetics mogul Bobbi Brown, health and beauty are one and the same. So far, the concept is resonating. We’re a lot stronger together than we are fighting each other.”. Brown said: “I’m someone that worries about everything. It’s all in the name. The serial entrepreneur called herself both a worrier and a supreme optimist, and shared tips for successfully pivoting with WWD’s Ellen Thomas. Biggest Fashion News of 2020: Coronavirus, BLM, Media Shifts and More, Fashion Industry Pays Tribute to Stella Tennant. We have distilled a lifetime of beauty expertise into an edited collection of high-performance, multi-purpose essentials. Back to menu. Bobbi Brown - Founder and CCO - Jones Road Beauty | LinkedIn As much as possible, Jones Road’s packaging is sustainable. Find out what your cat is trying to tell you with a new cat app, Princess Diana died when Harry was just 12 years old, Engineer Creates App To Translate Your Cat, The Sweetest Photos of Princes Harry with Diana, Sean Connery's Cause of Death Revealed Weeks After He Dies at Age 90. EVOLUTION_18: Beauty Begins Within. Founder and CCO of Jones Road Beauty, EVOLUTION_18,, and The George Dec 20, 2020 “It’s not that I went out to create a clean brand, but when I set out to create these new formulas, it had to be clean,” she continued. Upcoming for Jones Road is a pop-up slated for her hometown of Montclair, N.J., and skin care in the near future. Bobbi Brown makeup was launched in the Eighties as natural, nude makeup, when artificial, crazy colors were à la mode. Curated by Bobbi Submenu. If she were, it would be to do something new. ... Bobbi Brown left her namesake company in 2016 and is no longer affiliated or associated with the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics company or the Bobbi Brown branded products. Privacy Policy and For those less naturally inclined to pivot, Brown suggests having someone to bounce ideas off of and to realize there’s no such thing as making a mistake. In putting together this segment on our #seeher2020 Spotlight Celebrity Bobbi Brown, I basically knew of her as the entrepreneurial creator of several hugely successful cosmetic lines. Because it didn't exist, I had to create it," she continued. “It will be also of clean ingredients,” she revealed. December 23, 2020 Since leaving Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in 2016, the icon has dabbled in health coaching, podcasting, even the hotel industry, all the while brewing a secret cosmetics masterpiece behind the scenes. Bobbi Brown and her namesake beauty brand are already a household name in the industry, and now, the legendary celebrity makeup artist is … “When I promoted a book after [I left Bobbi Brown Cosmetics], I’d get a blowout from one of those places, and show up in the studio in jeans and sneakers — and me doing my own makeup by the way — and I felt, ‘Wow, this is who I really am.’ I really liked being my simple, normal self.". “I am someone that believes in being the healthiest version of yourself,” Brown said. “We’re going through this intense time,” she said. It goes hand-in-hand.”. Please fill out this field with valid email address. "It teaches people how to look so much better without a ton of makeup," she says, "It's clean and easy to wear." Bobbi Brown has long tapped into her forward-looking vision, whether it’s creating Jones Road, the clean makeup brand she just introduced that will be entering skin care soon, the wellness label Evolution 18 or her eponymous color-cosmetics collection. Bobbi Brown est une maquilleuse de célébrités – auteure à succès, oratrice, entrepreneure, fondatrice de Bobbi Brown Cosmetics qu’elle a quitté en 2016. Text us for exclusive photos and videos, royal news, and way more. Brown has had numerous mentors, including her husband Steven Plofker and Mickey Drexler, the former chief executive officer of J. "What I wanted was the makeup equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife: easy, cool, multi-purpose products that could be used to nail any look, whether it be no-makeup makeup or something with more drama.". The initial curated lineup of products (formulated following the strict E.U. I don’t see roadblocks; I only see solutions, and the positive about launching during this pandemic.”. Topics. Topics. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Press Submenu. “My Ali MacGraw of the ’70s is now Phoebe Philo,” Brown told the outlet. “It’s not complicated. She learns through magazines, newspapers, her iPad and people via Instagram. • David Moin, clock

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