When properly assembled, all of the holes in the blue valve piece are covered by the membrane, and the membrane lays flat against the valve. It’s also very important to always use the backflow protector with your Spectra breast pump. Two (2) Spectra Duckbill Valves. Fill the bottle with the right amount of milk. The S2 is quiet and … Ensure that the white silicone membrane is curled over the smaller piece (the part that inserts into the breastshield) and that the larger piece (that the tubing attaches to) is snugly fitted over. So today I'm going to show you how to put the caps on the bottles because your bottles are going to arrive with the caps packaged separately.. How to Cut Glass Bottles: I show 3 methods to cut glass bottles. I was totally overwhelmed but after you put it together once you'll get the hang of it. Steps To Use A Spectra Breast Pump: Assemble the backflow protector. the bottle. Then, put together the backflow protectors by inserting the diaphragm into the base, then putting the top into the base and giving it a twist to secure it. I bought extra tubes initially, but I'm really not sure why because they're not needed, because I'm no longer dealing with those issues thanks to Spectra. Last, insert the other end of the backflow protector into the back of the flange. I had never seen a breast pump before I had my baby, so this was all very intimidating. Yes, unlike other typical breast pump model, Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 allows you to adjust the vacuum / suction strength and suction speed setting independently. We LOVE these newborn triplets fed by Spectra <3. Spectra Baby Australia says: Hi Angela, feedback from other mums share that they do work, but occasionally Avent bottles have changes during their manufacturing batches in them so this could change. The advice that is, not the bottle … The teat of the MAM anti colic/first bottle. You can make drinking glasses, lamps, vases, and many other… Positioning the Cap. Your Spectra breast pump comes with everything you need to double-pump; two shield kits including backflow protectors, valves, breastshields, tubing, and bottles. The vent will not let in air if the bottle is too full. Next, no matter how you wash your parts, you will need to dry them. Assemble the breast shield, duckbill valve, and bottle. Place lid on the top and bring to boil. Each Sparkling Water Maker comes with a plastic BPA-free carbonating bottle. Here’s how to assemble the valve + membrane set. A lot of women wonder how much breast milk to feed to your baby at 2 months, 3 months, etc. The two clear pieces are slightly different. Because Spectra flange is a one-piece design, we need to change it to a two-piece design first so that the flange can be separated from the connector&milk bottle, which is the purpose of the SleepyMommy Adapter. This was another thing which baffled me when trying to figure out the Spectra S1 breast pump. Only one end will fit into the tubing. If you’re ready to pump now, you can assemble your bottles as well. Spectra recommends: For the accessories (which are clear or pink) — breast shield/flange, upper and lower case of backflow protector, bottle, bottle ring, bottle cover, and disk: (your model may or may not have all of these accessories) . The NUK bottle is not used much differently than other Gerber and related brand bottles, so using it is a breeze whether you're a practiced or a first time mother . After the batteries are in place, turn your Swiffer upside down and push the bottle containing the cleaning solution into the Swiffer holder. Start in Let Down Mode with cycle 70. First, you will need to wash the bottles, all the pieces of the backflow protectors, the valves, and the flanges. If you plan to pump both sides, remove the cover from the other pump outlet and hook up the other tube too. First, you can see the backflow protector has three pieces- two are the clear, hard plastic cases and one is a white silicone membrane. but, I didn’t find a definitive answer that I was looking for.Someone suggested to get bottles that are compatible with my breast pump. It fits all Dr. Brown’s bottles and most other bottle brands, it cleans up to 6 bottles at once, features an auto shut-off, and has an upper basket designed for a multitude of nipples, pacifiers, and internal bottle parts. Some Spectra Breast pumps come with a blue valve + membrane set while others come with white silicone duckbill valves. Each panel has been designed to subtly nod to the flavour profile of the bottle within. And Spectra explains that you can put your parts in the dishwasher! Step 2. Then, snap the 3 poles together. 6. You can easily disassemble and assemble your Philips Avent feeding bottles to keep them nice and clean. Avent bottles and MAM bottles will both screw on directly to the Spectra flanges. Microwave bags can be used if the proper amount of water is added. 1. And you’re ready to go! Pump Feeding. Here’s the short version: Related post: Check out activities that will keep you from getting bored during pumping or breastfeeding. Description Lots of pumping mamas want to use the shields they already have with their Pumpables or Spectra breast pump! Now put the other clear plastic part on the back side. Got that? Let’s walk through it together! Reply. ... Make sure parts have plenty of room to move around and aren’t nestled together … My step-by-step pictures will help you get your pump together quickly and easily! And you can order spectra spare parts on Amazon.

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