Once it starts to grey, it's best to stay away. The smell is produced from gases made by some of the bacteria on your beef. The benefits of grass-fed beef are hard to deny. Fresh ground beef should always be bright red in color. From the nutrient content to the fatty acid composition to the ethical issue of treating animals without cruelty, meat from grass-fed, free-range cows win every time. I opened it and it smelled odd, so i tossed it and opened a frozen one from the same batch and defrosted it, and it smells the same. This difference in fat flavor also explains why grass-fed beef smells more rich and aromatic when it is grilled, boiled or pan-fried. I haven't unwrapped it yet, so the smell may be the final answer. Raw steak doesn’t necessarily smell the greatest, but you’ll usually be able to tell a distinct difference between a good, fresh steak and a spoiled one just by using your nose. I figured I had another 24 hours to get it cooked after the sell-by date, but it just looks different than the other beef, although the other grass fed beef cuts looked similar to the one I bought. It certainly smells grass fed when raw but when cooking it literally smells like manure. But, when I eat grain-fed beef, I tend to trim off as much of the fat as possible because I don't like the flavor of grain-fed fat - I find it bland. Smell the beef to see if you notice a sour smell. If there is a strong smell, avoid eating it. I can't place it. Grain-fed beef has long been promoted as richer and fattier, while grass-fed beef has gotten a bad rap as lean and chewy with an overly gamey taste. It’s not just the cows, though. I told them take that shit back but maybe I'm crazy? I feel like the meat you bought was old and going bad We gave some to my uncles cat who won't eat meat that's gone bad, but he ate it so we did. Now tonight I was cooking ground beef (from the same store) and it smells like that again! Fresh beef will have a slight smell, but beef starting to go bad will smell rotten or sour. The other night we made some steaks at my aunt and uncles, I smelled what seemed to be butter or buttered popcorn on the raw steaks. It Has an Off-Putting Smell. It was great and we didn't get sick. Grass fed is not as fatty as grain fed so the meat can be tougher, but it never smells/tastes like fish and I buy it every week. The diversion of grass-fed and grain-fed beef occurs when the cows are “finished,” which is a term for the time before they are sent to slaughter. Not like it's gone bad, but not like beef normally smells to me. This can last anywhere from two months to a year. Is this normal for grass fed beef to taste this weird? but i took out a pound two days ago from the freezer (it went into the freezer right from WF) and defrosted in the fridge. ? I'm concerned the meat spoiled post slaughter before it was butchered but the butcher is highly recommended. To judge for ourselves, we went to the supermarket and bought 16 grass-fed and 16 grain-fed rib-eye and strip steaks. A spoiled steak will have a potent odor that no longer smells like raw … I bought organic grass fed ground beef from whole foods, and it literally smelled like cheese. I'm no expert. 2 years ago. My friends bought half of an "organic" grass-fed open-range cow. The raw ground beef I just took out smells ... different. I made hamburgers and it no longer smelled but had a mild taste of an aged cheese, like Parmesan or something. Very similar benefits apply to eating any animal that was raised in its natural habitat.

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