Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. For the flashing glow plug light, i would advise you to check that your brakelights are in working order. Having pulled over and turned the engine off to look under the bonnet, the glow plug light remained off when the car re-started and it didnt come on again. by KingBunda » Thu Sep 05, 2013 6:58 pm, Post Glow plugs are used when coolant temp is below 9degrees celcius, Ok disconnect your glowplugs and try to start it on a cold morning. The flashing glowplug and EML together will result in limp-home mode (reduced power) - which again will result in a fault code. They correct it will only work below 9deg. You do get traffic film and oil picked up of the road. Youll see what I mean. Therefore no DPF so that is not the problem. i have vw crafter 2007 we bought it second hand on 2/12/11 and it has not worked 1 day. To my understanding, the flashing glow plug is an engine management warning, which can indicate a whole range of things. By the time I got where I was going the engine was at temperature and the light had stopped flashing and gone off completely. JavaScript is disabled. The glow plug light came on (flashing). by Tdi jetta 4 ever » Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:36 pm, Post It came on again after few minutes but after tapping the brake pedal it goes off. I travel minimum 40 miles at 70mph every day on my 33 x2 66 mile commute so the regen process is not necessarily the problem. I had the exact same lights on my dashboard. by Bird87_ZA » Thu Sep 12, 2013 10:04 am, Post Replace brake switch. The breakdown chaps often carry a spring that they put inside the pipe as a get you home fix. Location Bristol Vehicle T6 Ocean 204 4Motion Sep 7, 2017 #2 I believe it means there is a fault somewhere in the engine management system and it needs a diagnostic tool plugged in to tell you what the fault is. I pulled over turned off engine, waited a wee while, restarted and everything was ok - no alarm, lights etc. (she was following me on the motorway, as we took our T25 camper to get it fixed !). A faulty glow plug will certainly show up on a scan, but should NOT bring on the engine MIL light. Hope this is the right place to ask. ..So buddy at work scanned it today (with Full VCDS - Ver. With ignition on: It is normal for this lamp to appear for a few seconds when the ignition is switched on to signify that the glow plugs are preheating. It is plainly obvious that in the rush to meet environmental regulations VW have not tested the EGR unit adequately in realistic conditions before releasing it. I pulled over and turned the car off. i got home alright but still felt the car lacked power. Engine management light: top 5 causes of amber engine warning light ... A flashing or continuous warning light can show if the engine isn't running correctly. by MK2 G60 » Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:37 pm, Post A flashing glow plug light can be attributed to several conditions, most likely a burned out brake light or two and a defective brake light switch. can i rectify this myself? Thanks for the help guys, just to update you - the issue hasn't arose since the OP. Started up again and its gone. For some reason, I had the idea to move the shift to manual, which stopped the stuttering engine, but from that point on I was unable to achieve much more than 60 mph. This time i noticed that when I touched the brake pedal it went off. Hi, Vito 115 W639 - Engine starts on the button and runs fine - glow plug light has started come back on and stay on for 1/2 a mile or so after the engine has started and I'm driving, it then goes off and stays off. Can't get into Audi until next week, so I got the AA to check it today. To know why this happened you need a fault code read and from experience I would suspect it will be a turbo overboost error. If glowplugs were not present in diesels your car would crank a long time before starting, it would eventually start but with a cloud of smoke coming from the exhaust. My wiper blades are 5 years old and still wiping clean because I clean the blade rubbers and screen with Methylated Spirit which you can get from. turbo has been checked , glow plugs checked,, realy switch checked, hoses … Vivaro glow plug/Engine Management light problem. by Sinbad » Wed Oct 02, 2013 7:20 am, Post But then at 17500 miles I had a complete loss of power and an engine stall while driving on a highway. Better to be safe than sorry but engine warning lights go off after 3 engine cycles if it doesn't detect any issue. Current: 2015 Ford Fiesta ST180 Check your engine oil level, might be on the low side. by Schabzo08 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:08 pm, Post VW Amarok Glow Plug Light Flashing- Repair. The other day my Fabia's glow plug light started flashing and the car went into 'limp mode'. Getting mine diagnostics tested on Tuesday, for those interested. by amstel18 » Wed Oct 02, 2013 8:06 am, Post I take it this is like an engine management light? You can diagnose this with the iCarsoft i908 VW OBD Code Reader. We were on the way to France so I took the risk and carried on (nervously)! by TimeShifter » Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:45 pm, Post it then goes into limp mode. by Edmund Hattingh » Wed Oct 02, 2013 5:54 am, Post I have a Glow Plug warning light problem and wonder if anyone can help-maybe had same problem. Evening guys, thought I'd ask the question here after finding the forum following a Google search with the issue I've got. Engine emissions light came on and stayed on, next day flashing coil light came on too. The most common reason to replace glow plugs is age. It would make sense to get a fault code read done and if it is an over boost situation, have the turbo rebuilt before it goes pop. Ideally if it does that again plug your scanner in right away. Also this tends to lock the turbo solid so the engine can't breathe and it leaves you stranded with a collapsing inlet pipe. Then while driving the "engine fault, garage!" Driving home from work and glow plug light started flashing , could someone tell me the cause ? engine management light comes on then the glow plug warning light comes on and is flashing. Having encountered the flashing glow plug indicator followed by a limp mode a few weeks ago, I can give a few pointers. 14.10.2) & x3 faults are logged.. The EML will also log a fault code. Glow plug light and flashing and engine warning light on, serious lack of power which nearly lead to a bemma ploughing up the rocs arse end! You mentioned your local garage 'cleared the fault'. The car has a full service history up to the last service, which I took to the local garage, in truth I'm glad I did, because he made it evident that at VW had been doing shoddy service work on it throughout its life. Just saw it is a sportline. The glow plug light flashes, the display says 'engine fault workshop', i lose a lot of power which i am assuming is the turbo not coming in and when i drive it the car only revs to 2000rpm before i have to change gear. This can get into the engine and cause damage but normally it doesn’t although the subsequent extremely important thorough clean out of the system takes a lot of labour time and the turbo is much more expensive to repair. While the engine was running: There is a fault in the engine management system if the lamp appears constantly or flashes while the engine is running. Well, I had 2-3 similar episodes with my 2010 Golf, but the car always recovered after a few seconds and then when I started up again, the glow plug light was off. ]Lee. This should extinguish the engine light. by 6R_TDI » Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:27 pm, Post The engine was in standard limp mode which protects the engine in certain scenarios, this resets each time the ignition is cycled. If not then it may be okay. Glow plug light is probably the brake light switch, under the brake pedal. by KingBunda » Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:14 pm, Post by chucker02 » Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:56 pm, Post There are experienced people on here that will be able to point you in the right direction once you have a fault code to work from. Normally, the glow plug indicator light will come on only when the engine is cold. Brake light switch, even if the brake lights work it could still be you brake light switch. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If the light remains after 3 engine cycles then take it to a dealer to be code read. So yesterday i took my Polo to VW to change the brake pads, car was fine until i pulled in at my driveway from work, i switched the car off to open the gate when i switched it on the Flashing glow plug with Check Engine light came on,so i drove around the block car was running as normal, what could be the problem? glow plug flashing and engine management light on skoda octavia 1.6 - Skoda 2010 Octavia 1.6 question Neither of my local Audi garages can take the car until either the 20th or 23rd. by Atsta » Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:04 pm, Post What the diesel engine pre-glow light means. hi, I noticed that today the glow plug light started flashing randomly on the a6 tdi today. The brake light switch also send signals to the ECU as its being used while you drive. Both the flashy light and loss of power are both common with a sensor in the fuel pump on the engine itself going bad in 2005-2010ish cars. If this is glow plugs, is the only consequence of failure a difficulty starting in the cold or are there more serious consequences? Howzit gents just got the car scanned at VW and it gave the following error code P0341 no camshaft signal,faults were cleared but i'm still not at ease, thanks for the help gents, I read the pd technical article in the faq section last night. had it checked by vw commercial here on the gold coast australia they are still shaking their heads. Check if your brake lights work when the glow plug light is flashing, if not, just get a new one at the dealership! by chucker02 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:56 pm, Post Over time, after repeated warm up cycles, the glow plugs age and are not able to produce any heat. by B_rad » Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:29 pm, Post 1st instance we've had & car has just went into 59k miles & is due it's 10k service in the next month or so. Post by B_rad » Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:11 pm, Post The only way to confirm the real issue is to have a diagnostic check done (where the car is connected to a computer and the fault codes logged by the car's computer are read). I don't know whether that will aid my cause, but if they try to penalise me over not using them for the last service I'd be tempted to take the matter of their poor workmanship further. Problem: Glow Plug Light Flashing - AGAIN!!!!!! My Passat is a 2012 2L dti Bluemotion dsg. by Bird87_ZA » Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:36 am, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. As an aside, im told the EGR valve isn't even needed and can be bypassed. Every diesel needs glowplugs to heat the cylinders in order for the diesel to ignite as a diesel uses compression to ignite the diesel/air mixture. 1k miles later the engine management was still on but everything was working fine. When the Glow Plug Light comes on, the ECU stores information about the condition that has caused it … This will re boot on-board computer. by KingBunda » Fri Sep 06, 2013 8:22 am, Post It may not display this or other websites correctly. The only way to confirm the real issue is to have a diagnostic check done (where the car is connected to a computer and the … After a very short journey first thing in the morning, when restarting the car ,the glow plug light flashes on some occasions and on one occasion car went into "limp Home" mode. Hi, there's no real way forward unfortunately without a diagnostic read out as it could be numerous things. 2 mins later and it starts again. ]Can anyone help please.[?][?][? Dissconnect the glow plugs the car will start in our temps. Related Discussions, ↳   Technical: Detailing Related Discussions, ↳   Technical: Volkswagen Vehicle Test Information, ↳   Technical: Frequently Asked Questions, ↳   Digit - Vehicle Tracking Fleet Management Fuel Monitoring, Flashing glow plug with Check Engine light, Re: Flashing glow plug with Check Engine light, http://vwclub.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=183329, http://vwclub.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=157603, http://www.vwclub.co.za/phpbb3/viewtopi ... 1&t=151355. A flashing glowplug light will log a fault code. The glow plug light has just started flashing on my 2.5 tdi whilst the car is running. Do read the thread on Mk6 Golf and EGR issues over on Moneysavingexpert for tips on how to negotiate. So I let it go. by Sinbad » Wed Oct 02, 2013 8:27 am, Post Your diesel vehicle is equipped with glow plugs, and also with a Glow Plug Light that will either come on and stay on, or flash or blink when a fault is detected by the ECU (engine management unit). However, today tue glownplug light started flashing but the engine warning light alao came on. VW Golf Mk6 EPC warning light - this indicates a fault within the engine management system. On your car it can be serious in that the turbo is usually made by KKK and if they over speed (as they easily can during over boost) the compressor wheel can disintegrate and throw oil and shrapnel through the charge air system. You are using an out of date browser. by B_rad » Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:30 pm, Post You will need to have another code scan done. hi. All the more annoying therefore that it is costing me money. my audi a4 1.9 tdi has a fault, the glow plug light is flashing which indicates a management fault but have noticed that when this starts flashing the rear brake lights are permenantly on apart from the rear window brake light which still comes on when the brake light is applied. by Tdi jetta 4 ever » Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:13 pm, Post by chucker02 » Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:12 am, Post No flashing coil light or start/stop fail this time, but the engine management light went on and stayed on. As I drove I noticed the glow plug light does flash every 10 seconds. my profile but don't appear to be able to alter my signature. Had the diagnostic test today, turns out I've got a faulty EGR valve. Glow plug light is probably the brake light switch, under the brake pedal. No noticeable difference in the drive. Maybe the vw tdis but the jeep diesels struggle to start with non working glow plugs, Technical: Motorvehicle Related Discussions, ↳   Technical: Motorvehicle Related Discussions, ↳   Technical: I.C.E. Typically, this light flashes only when an issue has been detected. - posted in Audio, Electrics and Lighting: Only noticed it whilst out just now, the glow plug light flashes on/off while the engines running.It dissapears as usual when you turn the ignition on, then after a minute or so it starts flashing[!][! by KingBunda » Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:30 pm, Post Check if your brake lights work when the glow plug light is flashing, if not, just get a new one at the dealership! Could it be possible that if they agreed to 100% of the part I could take it elsewher to get fitted. FLASHING - if the glow plug light is flashing it means there is a fault in the engine management system and needs to be diagnosed & fixed accordingly. by Schabzo08 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:21 pm, Post Brake lights are working fine, thats the first thing i checked. The engine is still running very smooth and i havn't really noticed any reduction in power. Thanks Scott, funnily enough, this morning the Glowplug light stayed flashing on my 35 mile commute and my emissions controll light came on and stayed on as well Both are amber rather than red (something I suppose). A flashing glow light does mean something really wrong has been detected and its safe guarding the engine similar to what new transport trucks do. Thanks for the responses - in laymans terms (to a heating engineer with no clue about motor mechanics) what does a turbo overboost translate as?? am I correct in saying (apart from the irritation factor of having the lights flashing), that the glow plug is a "non-event" in South Africa's temperate climate, and that the glow plug is really only needed in sub zero temperatures...? hi, flashing glowplug light is a warning light just like engine management light. Gonna jump in on this thread as I had the glow plug / 'Engine Fault - Workshop' warning on my Mk6 BMTDI 2 days ago. I was in heavy traffic so I continued, unable to stop. Thin start and stop engine a number of times until the light comes back on. Erase all faults showing at present. To my understanding, the flashing glow plug is an engine management warning, which can indicate a whole range of things. Mrs wife was pootling along at 45 - 50 behind me, in 5th when it happened. by VGTI » Wed Oct 02, 2013 8:00 am, Post Have it scanned to make sure. Flashing "Glow Plug" with steady "Check Engine" light I know it's been some time with an update to my problem, but I needed the time to make sure the problem has been resolved. alarm came on, glow plug light illuminated and the car I think went into limp mode.

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