And that need of something else becomes the fundamental reason behind the creation of second generation languages. Use nonprocedural languages that encourage users and programmers to specify the results they want, while the computers determines the sequence of instructions that will accomplish those results. Brought low-level symbolic programming language. Advantages of First Generation Languages The program performs really fast. One definition of a fourth generation language (4GL) is that it is non-procedural language. There are five generation of Programming languages.They are: First Generation Languages : These are low-level languages like machine language. Concluding the tutorial on advantages and disadvantages of Python, I would say while there are some speed, security, and runtime issues, Python is a great language to pick up. There was all round development in technology, designs and programming languages. Summary. Its popularity speaks for itself. Diode and transistor technology formed the basis of the electronic switches and the switching time came down to … Fourth-Generation Languages: (4GL's) Advantages: 1. Machine language is the lowest and most elementary level of programming language and was the first type of programming language to be developed. It does not need any translator program. Use natural languages that impose no rigid grammatical rules First generation programming languages are referred to as machine language. They were the first machines that can be programmed to execute instructions repeatedly with little human intervention. In first generation language, the errors that occur are very difficult to correct and this is one of the major disadvantages of this generation of programming language. The instructions were given through the front panel switches of these computers, directly to the CPU. At that time only machine code was used. Disadvantages of First Generation of Computers Ans. Machine Language: Machine language produces the only set of instructions that a computer understands without a translator. All input methods were a machine language, and it was known as 1GL (first generation languages). That is, the programmer specifies what has to be done (i.e., what the output should be) instead of how the task is to be performed. 3. First Generation: A first generation (programming) language (1GL) is a grouping of programming languages that are machine level languages used to program first-generation computers. At the time of the first generation of computers, programming languages were not developed. The first generation languages are the basic languages of computers written in zeros and ones. Some 4GLs are aimed at the end user and ease of use is then a […] Simplified the programming process. ADVANTAGES OF FIRST GENERATION LANGUAGE. This was all about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Python Programming Language. This makes the language suitable for the understanding of the machine but far more difficult to interpret and learn by the human programmer. The instructions in 1GL are made of binary numbers , represented by 1s and 0s. The first-generation programming instructions were entered through the front panel switches of the computer system. Until programs were just a hundred lines long this approach was worked, but as programs grow bigger in size and complexity we need something else. Machine Language is the only language that is directly understood by the computer. Machine Language: a language that is directly interpreted into the hardware Assembly Language: a slightly more user-friendly language that directly corresponds to machine language Machine Language. 2. The batch processing operating system was used in the first generation of computers. Also, they introduced magnetic drums as a storage device which will later be enhanced to magnetic disk but based on the same concept. Second Generation Languages : These are low-level assembly languages used in kernels and hardware drives. The transition from first generation to second generation of computers was not abrupt.

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