03 4work, Cummins 6BTA 5.9L engine, 40" round things, and all the accompanying hassle involved. If i turn off the ignition and switch on … Hi all, diff lock definately not working. There's a tiny cruddy pipe inside the diff that takes the pressure from the inlet union to the actuator - I had a tiny pin hole in mine - enough to stop it working. Testing the other side of the wiring out of interest, i measured 2.6v dc with the dash switch both on and off, no difference. The version to the right uses an X in place of the closed circle and is an Electronic Rear Differential Lock indicator. It is placed on the right hand side of the steering wheel, a bit down. I spent most of Easter weekend on the West Coast doing some sand trails. Sticky actuator? Will test the switch h wiring at the connection when my new test lead arrive. *If equipped. Can't check this with just the rear jacked up as the diff lock will only activate in 4wd, and i haven't got all 4 wheels the off the ground, so cant turn the rear wheels as they are connected then to the front by the 4wd. i had this same problem with the orange light flash and supprisingly enough i had the vehicle in for a breakdown fix which was nothing to deo with the flashing lights and when i picked the vehicle up after repairs , there were no more flashing lights. Lee. 2006 Warrior classic 60K miles, EGR removed, de-cat, reversing camera, Proppa canopy, broken pip on compressor it goes solid when engauged, Can you enlighten me on the pip, What is this, Just had look underneath, all looks ok from the outside no broken pipes or wires etc. If it's not working, they'll turn in opposite directions - broken mechanism. Can't understand what is wrong. All times are GMT+10. Centre Differential - Orange flashing light The transfer box (t-case) houses the centre differential, permitting drive to both front and rear wheels. I have a 2004 4runner Sport, V8, 4x4. The compressor puts out over 5psi, so the diff lock SHOULD work when the system is activated and the compressor comes on. NJ 1996 ITD GLX (poverty pack) with a couple of extras, ARB bar, dual batteries plus redarc, Glind shower, some roo spotties, running 235 85 R16 AT's for the road and MT's for the tracks, tweeked torsion bars, Free wheeling front hubs, Poly airs and prodegy electric brakes for the camper, GME radio thingy, Long range tank, cargo barrier, have I really spent all this on my bus?? It only operates at about 4psi. Just put the external pipe back on, definately no leaks or weeping. Measured my blowing pressure with a gauge and it was 3psi. Anybody with a working system tried listening to what their air pump does, it would be helpful to know. Center differential lock indicator warning light* (flashes rapidly) Have the vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer immediately.Failure to investigate the cause of this warning may lead to the system operating abnormally and possibly cause an accident. my diff lock light is flashing now when I turn it on too! When you checked the compressor cut-off by blocking the outlet pipe end, did you keep it blocked for some time - long enough for it to do that brief action every five seconds? Nissan Titan blinking flashing Diff Lock light fix - YouTube I sprayed soapy water on the external pipe to check for leaks but all i could see was a tiny tiny bit of weeping around the banjo connection. Drove car back an forth a couple of feet with foot pump still connected to see if lock would engage and light would come on. If this is your first visit, be sure to Had another look yesterday. The hose with the small white valve from the solenoids should have vacuum when engine running. Once it locks in, I can feel it. I parked, went to 4Lo, engaged the locker, drove around in the snow a bit, seemed to be locked and working, no flickers. When i disconnect the compressor from the diff and block the rubber  tube by bending it back on itself and holding it tight, it pulses more than when it is connected to the diff! I tried it first by carefully using the foot pump connected to the metal pipe on the diff and pumped to be 10psi whilst turning one back wheel and lock engaged and both wheels turned in same direction. I'll lift the back end over the hols and have look. Tried the same by just blowing down the tube attached to the pipe and it worked again. After reconnecting it the light did that from time to time and the D/L did not seem to work as it should. After the rear differential is locked, the rear differential lock indicator will stop blinking and remain on. The 4WD indicator lamp array in my 97 NL Pajero intermittently shows the top two green lights flashing with the 4WD lever in the rear-most position. I have a 2014 foreman 500 that I have snorkeled. Still same, air pump operates with a quick "brrt" every 5 secs. Connected a tube to the metal pipe on the diff and blew down it, could feel resistance and I think I could hear a click but not sure as it is quite noisy here. Do not use AWD LOCK mode on dry paved roads or highway, it can cause noise, vibration or damage of AWD related parts. I had a look at the rear diff thinking maybe it was the actuator and noticed that the locker indicator switch was broken off. Turned out to be an air lock in the pipes. I ordered a new one (84222-0K010) and the replacement seemed straightforward. Still the same, pump runs briefly then stops and activates for a quick brrt every 5 secs,  (is this normal, can somebody with working diff lock check if theirs does the same?) Jan 14, 2020 #24 Mrwhattie said: I have got a … I don't think there is an air leak, as when i disconnect the compressor and connect a rubber tube to the pipe on the diff and blow down it, i can feel fairly "solid" resistance which doesn't seem to dissipate as it would if there was a leak. Most common problem is the failure of one or both solenoids, followed by loss of vacuum. After driving around 30km or so, the 2WD lights go off and the diff light starts flashing. Topic: Flashing diff lock light  (Read 14033 times). light still flashing. NS 3.2 Diesel, Polor White , Black CSA Rims, HanKook Dynapro AT Tyres, 3 inch custom stainless steel exhaust with free flow Cat & Muffler, 50mm Lift, Old Man Emu Shocks and Springs, TJM Bullbar powder coated White, Custom 7mm Sump Guard & Transmission Guard, 8 inch LED Spotties plus 20 inch LED Light Bar, rear Reverse LED Light, ARB Roof Cage , Tiger11 Awning. Cheers, Gaz. The lights in my 98nl have flashed from when I got it. I was @ a complete stop with the tranny in N and in D. I pushed the center diff button and after waiting 30 seconds it was still flashing and the VSC off light didn't come on. Without any incident or trying to put it into 4WD, the center differential lock indicator began flashing, and the car is running very strangely. Fielies - those vacuum lines relate to the front differential's freewheel clutch system - any fault there will be shown by flashing of two green "front wheel" lights - a flashing amber center lock light (which is what you first post suggests you have) points to a transfer case related fault. Doesn't seem to be a vacuum leak, sucked on the tube and blocked it with my tongue and it held vac ok for some time. Thanks Gaz. If not look for leaks. Hello folks, I'm in a bit of a quandary here. I did find t diff was a bit low on oil, topped up with about 200mls. Thanks, Silver (wanted a black one!) The centre diff light of my Pajero was flashing this morning. Jan 14, 2020 1 0 1. I also know that the 4wd engaged when I do select it cause I can hear it as well as feel the car working in 4wd mode so I dont bother trying to fix the flashing lights. Faulty vacuum solenoid (no click when power applied). Haven't had chance to get underneath and have look. After doing some reading/searching I think the best bet would be the air locker hose coming disconnected inside the diff housing. • If the center differential lock indicator light blinks and the buzzer sounds when the center differential is locked, stop the slipping or spinning and push the switch again. I have tried driving it, but can't decide if it feels different or not when "engaged". Quote from: rodeast24 on 29 June, 2018, 14:02:09 PM, https://photos.app.goo.gl/RnpkCAWdjh7WcBl93, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K07naD2Txe0, Quote from: gazmoore on 13 July, 2018, 15:35:55 PM, Quote from: gazmoore on 20 August, 2018, 14:09:35 PM, Quote from: 123hotchef on 31 August, 2018, 16:49:41 PM, Quote from: gazmoore on 03 October, 2018, 17:43:52 PM. Lock Indicator Light was on. I need to know where thr fault is before I start dismantling diffs!! Rear Axle Replace on Rubicon for Flashing Locker Light. Full site access is now FREE - Owners Club cards are required for discounts with our sponsors. Presumably I should see a change when I blow down the pipe to activate the switch mechanism. XSWAT 1998 NL GL, 3.5L MANUAL, 2" OME 50 mm Lift, MAXXIS 751 33X12.5R15 on CSA N26 RIMS with -11 OFFSET, UNIDEN UHF, NARVA 175 SPOTTIES, AIRCON & RADIO/CD,......CONVERTED to SEVEN SEATER, Manual Hubs (ex tritton). CAUTION - AWD Lock Mode. Auto box has occasional problem with the Centre Diff Lock light (amber) flashing once every second. When I stop and switch off it goes away but after driving a while it starts again. Sometimes mine will do this and I have to drive very slowly (2 mph) and turn the wheel one side to the other. Hi all, just thought i'd activate the rear diff lock to make sure it is ok having not used it for ages. The other lights were all dead (the little 2 green rear wheels) After switching off the ignition, the centred diff light stopped flashing and the little green wheels were back. hi , maybe get intouch with one of the club members in your area and see if some one can help you out. Thanks. Thanks? So i can only assume that the diff lock is actually engaging but the switch that activates the light on the dash is faulty. Press the RR DIFF LOCK switch to lock the rear differential. Indicates that the center differential has been locked (full-time 4WD models). Thanks for the latest post. My wife took the truck today and when she came back the VSC Off light and the Center Diff. Vacuum fault? It continues to blink both in 4WD and 2WD. Hi all, update on flashing diff lock light. Good point, i'll try that later today. Diff light flashing after about 30km or so Folks, Old thread but would really appreciate some help. Drive for a few seconds or atleast 10 - 20 meters. Thanks, Gaz. It was in 2H at the time. the two solenoids are under the air filter box. The center differential lock light will start to blink after driving approximately 50 miles. The was no difference , it was open circuit all the time. Thanks all. My rear locker light was blinking intermittently during everyday 2wd driving. Jacked the back end up and engaged 4low switched diff lock on an rear wheels moved a little in opposing directions when I turned one by hand. If you are from UK than just opposite) When you turn off all this and put it back to normal, don't expect that the light will go off immediately. pressure relief valve then, rather than the pump cycling in response to a pressure drop. The front locks fine, however no go on the rear, just a steady flash. On the way home I got a random "diff lock" light on and and the VDC. If I start the vehicle for the first time that day the diff lock indicator light is flashing, once I've driven for a few kms, switch off and restart the light is off. If you did and it doesn't do that, it must be sensing a small pressure drop when connected to the rest of the system. Follow the normal process to return the gear to your normal mode and voila. All the flashing lights go out and wont trouble you at all. On the super select panel it is represented as the central orange colour lamp, it is labelled "C/D Lock" The manual I have indicates that there is a switch connector, from the centre diff, with a check out the. Diff light flashing after about 30km or so. The crazy thing it would actually turn off after driving for an extended period with the trailer but would come back on later after we stopped and started again. • The indicator light blinks while locking/unlocking the center differential. Sounds like a big job.What could be wrong in there? if you can feel it giving pressure from the pump, again, only low pressure, then you will have a mechanical problem and its a diff out job, not too bad of a job, I have had it once where all works as should and it was a mechanical problem in the diff. I pulled the vacume pipe of the diff and could actually hear it suck air. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Symptoms: - On startup the 4WD green lights come on and the diff light blinks. Posted by Aubrey Edinboro on Nov 18, 2011 Want Answer 0 Thanks again for the help. This is all done with ignition on.but engine not running so you can hear what is going on. If you block the end of the compressor tube with a thumb, it should cut out and stay cut out till you move the thumb. It held pressure but light still fleshing. This is not the 100% solution, If it still does not work for you, you seriously need to get your Diff Lock Motor checked. No, still flashing and pressurexstill held.Diff out? Owner pointed out how poorly designed the system is really with rubber hoses adjacent to the exhaust manifold etc and certainly not designed for Australian conditions. Fixed! If you have a leak in the diff, the tube/diaphragm may fill up with oil and you'll probably not be able to detect a leak by blowing/sucking the tube... Cleaned and resealed external connection, 100percent no leaks. In a system with small pressure and flow requirements like this is, the pump tends to operate when required in a small pressure range, rather than a high loss running cycle to a high maximum. Hi, thanks for all help and responses, still haven't managed to solve the problem. before heading home, I took it out of 4WD, but the center differential lock light is blinking and won't stop. The purpose of the 4 wheel drive light is to indicate when you have engaged 4WD mode by selecting 4H. When connected to the pipe on the diff  the compressor runs for a very short time then cuts out, which i imagine is what should happen, and then every 5secs it operates for a quick burst , "brrrt" for a second or less. Now the rear diff is locked in 2wd and making a squeaking noise. This page was generated at 1 minute ago. Both versions indicate that the two rear wheels have been locked to rotate together. These potential problems should be well known to a dealer with a bit of experience. On the super select panel it is represented as the central orange colour lamp, it is labelled "C/D Lock" These are Rear Differential Lock indicators. Connected pump to a pressure guage and it was giving 4.5 psi, so lloks like that's ok. Then connected the diff to my foot pump and carefully pumped it to approx 5 psi. hi, I’m new to forum and i have just purchased a L200 animal, 2005 and my green 4wd light glazed, any ideas, thanks. I will try jacking the back end up as suggested. ... From that point on the Diff lock light on the dash and the rear locker light on the switch would flash constantly. To unlock the rear differential, push the switch again. Same issue as mentioned earlier by others. When I was blowing down the tube and hopefully activating the locking mechanism  the diff lock light was still flashing. I don't know if that is enough to cause the system not to work, but i will remove it and clean it all.up.and try to get a perfect seal and see what happens. I have finally got round to jacking the back end up again to test the function of the diff lock, and can confirm that it is in fact working. Need to stress, do this v-e-r-y slowly and NOT on pavement, concrete... only dirt, mud blah, blah. Anybody listened to their locking diffs to see if this is normal operation? Output from compressor seems ok, it cuts out when end of the tube is blocked. Thanks for the info. Have you figured out if the difflock is engaging yet? Thanks, Curioser and curioser! Bought my Ranger with the wire of on the diff. Right - this would sound like that pulsing is due to a max. It snowed last night, so this morning, I used L4 to get down to the main road, and H4 to get to work. While travelling from Mthatha today with my work bakkie a V6 Vigo the Diff Lock light kept flashing (green). Can also be caused by a simple vacum leak like a loose hose off the intake manifold or a small hole. I have finally got round to jacking the back end up again to test the function of the diff lock, and can confirm that it is in fact working. Thanks. - The AWD LOCK mode is to increase the drive power when driving on wet pavement, snow covered roads and/or off-road. It would likely either be a vacuum line to the front diff actuator, the switches for the vacuum to the front diff, or one of the sensors on the top of the transfer case. The version on the left features a large closed circle between the two rear (bottom) wheels. What do you all reckon? Hi all, update on flashing diff lock light. I'd jack the back wheels up to see if the mechanism is working - if it's ok, then turning one wheel by hand should result in the other one turning in the same direction (dodgy switch/electrics). 5 Posts . i had trouble with mine and with talking to some one it can be fixed without costing a lot of $$. Centre Differential - Orange flashing light The transfer box (t-case) houses the centre differential, permitting drive to both front and rear wheels. I did not go off road and the Diff Lock switch is in the disengaged position. Seems like the mechanism is not working and therefore not activating the switch. Any other way to check the mechanism? I can''t get the center differential light (amber) to stop blinking. IIRC blinking means the switch has been activated and the electronic part is trying to activate. Sprayed everything with soapy water and can't see any leaks. I have done the correct process, to engage, but no go. Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 8, 2015. Went into 4l ok, solid green light, but light on diff lock switch kept flashing even after driving forwards and backwards for several yardss, no not on tarmac and yes in a straight line. first thing to do is work out if it's the lock mechanics failing, or the detection switch. I assume the switch only acts as an indicator to show that the diff lock has been engaged , is it just a simple make or break switch that illuminates the light in the dash switch? Instead of cutting out and giving a short burst every 5 secs, it gives a very short burst constantly. After moving forward backward moving the steering wheel from side to side the center diff indicator light was still flashing. Wait a few seconds for the system to complete operation. I am new to 4runners with this one being my first. Any ideas where the problem lies? Thanks Gaz, Hi, thanks for the reply. When the light flashes continuously for more than 30 seconds it signifies there is a problem somewhere on your drivetrain system and that 4WD has not engaged properly. (This is for left wheel drive. Thanks for all the input. I was driving on the N1 at the time. Simon43894089 New Member. I have same with 2000 NM and a week in the trans shop with no solution. Anybody the ACT/Queanbeyan area or further that has a handle on these faults? This also saves wear on smaller, less rugged pumps. I.e brt brt brt brt. Hey guys, I have a flashing rear lock light when I try to engage the rear locker. So it looks as if compressor is ok and maybe the switch? At this time, the indicator will blink. When i suck on the tube the vacuum seems to remain. Pulled rubber  pipe off diff end an compressor seemed to be producing low pressure air, which I believe is correct when in 4wd low and diff lock switched on. have you tested it, engadged difflock then driven up an axle twister and see if its locking? Pulled over, as I decelerated, both lights flickered. When you select AWD Lock mode by pressing the AWD LOCK button. Cheers. Try it you never know. The solenoids can be tested by removing the connectors an putting 12v power on the terminals, if they click with the application of power they should be working.If no click then most likely kaput. If it is found to be working, what is it that is keeping the light flashing rather than going solid? Vacuum starts from the intake manifold, check that the hose has not come off, then to a small tank near the diff, ensure no leaks, and the the diff actuator, then to the solenoids. Mine did from the hose clamp being loose on the intake boot coming from air cleaner to throttle body, NM V6,Exceed BFG MTs ,Injected Gas, Proficency course,GME TX3100 UHF , 2 inch lift, Pace Maker Headers ,Dobinsons.Navigation Course (still lost. Little compressor seems to be working ok, i disconnected the connector  from what I assume is the diff lock light switch and tested the resistance of the  switch when I blew down the tube to the actuator. If this is fine, check if your Diff.Lock button. Compressor sounds to be pumping ok - if you block the outlet with your thumb, it should cut out quite quickly as it has a pressure switch in it - as you say it is only very low pressure needed to activate the lock. - 4WD will not, otherwise, engage. Could sone kind member with a working diff lock check if their compressor does the same?

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