My closet looked fantastic when I was done, and I’ve been able to keep it that way. I love knowing everything has a place and can be easily found or put away. 5 things to do during rainy weather. I even got to see a 3D rendering of my dream closet so it was so easy to visualize. This can make you feel overwhelmed and you might want to give up. But like many people, I am also guilty of only wearing a quarter of my wardrobe. But then the moment we need something from that closet, we’re quickly reminded of the disaster that lies behind those doors. You did it! This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. In … When we no longer have space on our counters, tabletops, or even dressers, we seem to push this stuff (or, rather, shove this stuff) into our closets. Get rid of the clutter. Oops! The rest just take up space. *Some of the links in my articles are affiliate links. If it’s a particularly busy week you’d see a pile of folded laundry yet to be put away, a stack of crafting supplies on the table for whatever DIY I’m working on, and some broken down Amazon boxes that haven’t found their way out to the recycling bin. I open the doors and see things I truly love. SCAN YOUR CLOSET FOR NON-CLOSET ITEMS . 2. But even if you skim over why she likes my book, read from the third paragraph on. Decluttering and Designing Your Dream Closet - 10 comments. Decluttering your home is hard work, physically, mentally and emotionally. The whole idea of decluttering your closet is to keep what you need and "get rid" of the rest so that you have more space to fill with the essentials you are missing. And, let’s keep it real. Think about your closet as a shop and you want to make it a nice experience to look at your clothes and not an irritable one like the overflowing racks at that store. When it comes to decluttering your home, one of the most intimidating areas can be your closets. I want to know what I own, and never have an ‘I don’t know what to wear’ moment. The benefits of decluttering your closet. Be present – many of the items in our closets are items we used to wear that don’t fit anymore or items we thought we will wear. Subscribe to our RSS feed to receive our updates regularly. Decluttering Your Closet - Minimalism is Simple. But before I go into the research I’ve done, let me give you a breakdown of my situation. The other consisted of books, bags, decor, and etc. But it’s not always so clear. In this video, I, a shopaholic, attempt to declutter my closet and in the process show my favourite outfits and the stories behind them!! At the end of a year (or three months if you’re feeling up to it) remove the clothing items that were not worn (the hanger is still in the reversed position). Let me know if you also have tips to declutter your closet. And here is what I’ve broken it down to: But I also know that I need to declutter items that I don’t wear anymore. Your closet is now clutter-free! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I’ve also mentioned in my goals for 2020 that I want to elevate my style and thus also my wardrobe. In her book Decluttering at the Speed of Life, she guides readers through decluttering each area of their home. It saves time – knowing what you own will make life so much easier, because you don’t have to search for items that you know are somewhere in your closet. But yes, make your bed, and while you’re at it clean up the room of the closet you are decluttering. ideal move when How often should I declutter? I love a beautiful organized home and would like to take you on my journey of making my house a home. Your mattress is going to be where you need to sort through your items and if it’s a heap of blankets and sheets, it will make organizing your stuff just that much harder. Stop organizing your closet and make a real change. So I’ve done some research on this and here is what I’ve come up with. QUESTIONS TO DECLUTTER YOUR CLOSET. The first thing I did was pull EVERYTHING out of the closets. Meaning that I don’t have a lot of space for my clothes. “I gave up on trying to get organized,” White told Tags: being minimalistclean your closetcloset organizationdeclutter closet tipsdeclutter your closetdeclutter your homedeclutteringdecluttering your closethow to declutterminimalism. Some items are easy to decide what to do with. 1) If you have time, try the item on and decide what to do with it, or 2) put it aside to try on later. ). But do it one by one. Or if you are not sure if the item still fits you, you can do one of two things. When I started my minimalism/simple living journey back in 2016, I knew I was committing to more than decluttering my closet and organizing my wardrobe. Okay, to lighten the mood, let’s talk about decluttering your closet. Having space – when your closet isn’t overflowing, it makes it easier to find things. Starting with clothing and shoes, I sorted these items into “keep” and “toss.” Items deemed “tossable” were immediately recycled or placed into a donate box. Subscribe to our RSS feed to receive our updates regularly. It takes no time at all to get dressed in the morning, and I feel and look great every day (well, at least in my opinion! Now you are ready to start decluttering. Her design makes so much more sense than my current closet situation or anything I would have come up with on my own. ... A good designer is key ladies! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. When done: Consider this space a blank canvas, giving us the ability to start fresh in the space. You know how irritating it is when you cannot properly look at the clothing because there is just no space. Minimalist fashion is more than a style trend or closet full of neutrals – the aesthetic is not the movement or the meaning behind it. Declutter Your Overflowing Closet in Baby Steps. (Photo: HBO) Now that the holidays are over and you’re trying to figure out where exactly to store that horrible Christmas sweater your great Every item in the Remove pile was immediately recycled or placed into a donate box for my next trip to Goodwill. Now on to the main event—but first, a few words of advice. And thus, making it easier to pull items out without pulling three items with it. Once I had cleansed the space, I turned around and was greeted (or perhaps tormented) by the amount of clutter that sat on the floor and bed in my room. In many homes this seems to be the case. A good rule is to give rooms a sort out every new season. I love that my closet is now stress-free. Usually, it is because we are sick and tired of … By time I was done I had two piles before me: Items I was keeping in the space, and items I was going to remove. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. In this article, I’ll provide you with my favorite decluttering tips that will save you potential time, money, and frustration, and a checklist for decluttering your home. They are probably full of a ton of items you no longer wear, or really even like that much. Or you can start experimenting with different styles of clothing if you are in the market to elevate your style. If you’re struggling to clear out your closet and be ruthless when decluttering clothes, these tips will help! “Most of my clients think that purging a closet is a huge all-day endeavor, but it often makes more sense to do a little at a time,” she says. If you ask me what tends to be the most cluttered part of my home I'll blurt out "My closet!" Things with … We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Hopefully this inspires you to organize your space and get rid of some things! The first thing I ever do when I start or want to start a project is to do some research on the best way to go about it. Who else is a TOTAL hoarder when it comes to their wardrobes? All free printables offered on the blog are for personal use only. I sorted the items into 3 piles: clothing, shoes, and other. I completed this daunting task as part of our recent master bedroom makeover and I’m SO GLAD I did! But besides what I want, I also thought of the benefits of having a wardrobe that is clutter-free. And that is no way to start this project. These tried and true tips to remove clutter will help you clean up your closet once and for all. But really, all of my basic decluttering strategies apply to all decluttering situations. without even thinking about it. Its now two weeks since I cleaned out my walk in wardrobe and asides from it taking me 7 hours to complete, it was quite an emotional event. I recently went through and decluttered all the closets in my home. Feeling relief at the amount of items I’d tackled, I took a good look at the amount of “other” items that had accumulated in the closet and decided what really needed to remain in the space, keeping in mind that the space was not only my closet but also my bedroom. It was time to tackle the clutter that used to be in that space. After the research that I’ve done, I’ve come up with a simple way to declutter your clothes. I’m just breaking it down by project-type this week. Click this link to get 20% off your custom formula from Function of Beauty. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. To learn more, click here. I sorted these items into 3 piles: Keep, Toss, or Move. Be present – many of the items in our closets are items we used to wear that don’t fit anymore or items we thought we will wear. This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. Categories may include but are not limited to: The method behind the madness? Truthfully, I only held onto three or four items that needed to be relocated, the majority was donated or recycled. Items I had decided to keep were neatly placed back into the closet. Treat shoes in a similar manner. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. This commitment to your closet will pay off in the long run, when you wake up to a wardrobe full of only pieces you actually like and will wear. Please do not crop, edit images or remove watermarks without consent. Start taking out all the clothing in your wardrobe and while pulling everything out also start categorizing it into different categories. Decluttering makes you more efficient. Either way, you can put the clothes in the correct bin to donate, sell, or to throw out. Everytime an item is worn, flip the hanger back to its rightful place. There’s a few things I found to be very effective in decluttering the space, and keeping it clutter free. Tip: When deciding what to keep, really think about it. Figuratively, decluttering involves organizing and making priorities to … I really appreciate it when you share some of my content! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Find us on Facebook or Twitter to connect with us and with others. You’ve worked really hard to get to this point so enjoy it! Decluttering and minimizing my life Home » ... the attic or my nemesis the closet! The end does justify the means in this case. You can bend a hanger giving you the option to hang shoes, or place shoes on your closet floor “backwards” and remove them if they have not been used in a certain length of time. Letting go of these items of clothing will allow you to be the person you want to be! Decluttering is a process of clearing out your home from the clutters you don’t need or don’t use. Use these tips and tricks to help downsize your wardrobe, get rid of the clutter and enjoy the benefits of a simplified wardrobe! So, by having a decluttered closet will just make your morning routine so much smoother. * The Meaning of Decluttering So I thought about what I want to achieve with my wardrobe a lot. Did a box of silverware really need to be in my bedroom closet? I want to own clothes that I love and that I want to wear. Letting go of these items of clothing will allow you to be the … ‘I decluttered my closet’, is the recent sentence everyone says in this 2020. Learn to love getting dressed in the mornings. If it does, put it back, If it doesn’t, let it go. It is already March and I’ve yet to start this process. There are a few sure signs that indicate it's time to start decluttering your wardrobe: It's full of clothes you no longer wear; you can't find what you need; and it's so jam-packed that your clothes get wrinkled.Sound familiar? Does it make you feel and look good. That looks just like my closet, said no woman, ever. My sister isn’t interested in having a uniform for work. I would love to read them! Not only does it keep our room cleaner, but it also gives me a sense of freedom! I (naturally) asked her if she wanted help decluttering her closet while I was there. Specifically, “the easy stuff” in my closet is the stuff I have been meaning to get rid of, but haven’t. Decluttering veterans recommend going through every item, evaluating it, and sorting it into piles. They can fill with clutter and excess really quickly, and basically become a dumping ground for clothes, bags, and accessories. Decide whether the item is worth holding onto, or if it’s just taking up space that can be otherwise used. Reduce stress – don’t start your day being frustrated and overwhelmed by finding something to wear. We are currently renting a house that only has freestanding wardrobes. Be careful here or you may wind up just stuffing another closet in your home to the max, and the cycle will just continue. Find us on Facebook or Twitter to connect with us and with others. But just in case you need some additional motivation to get started, here are some great reasons: Save time No more searching for items that you know are “in there somewhere”. Hangers and all. Hang every item backwards, meaning the back of the hanger should face out the door rather than towards the wall. Don’t hang on to it for someday! Doesn’t everyone want to help people declutter! How to Declutter Your Closet Now might be a great time to whip your wardrobe back into shape. Decluttering and organizing my closet was one of the best things I’ve done in a long time. So yes, I am super behind. "Imagine if your closet was like a well-curated boutique filled with items that you loved. Definitely a great feeling. Sometimes all you need is to approach decluttering your clothes in a different way to make letting go easier. We figure out of sight, out of mind. My kitchen drawers are packed with all the kitchen essentials and most every hanger in my closet is full. So, by having a decluttered closet will just make your morning routine so much smoother. In addition to the “hanger trick” I had set a rule that anytime a new item was placed into the space, an old one was removed. Taking cues from Marie Kondo, by asking if the item really makes you happy. And the next thing on my mind is to sort out and declutter my wardrobe. So if the benefits don’t make you want to start decluttering your closet, I don’t know what will! It really solves my storage issue and would be so much more convenient. Because summer is in fully swing, and we need to get organized. "Most people have overstuffed closets filled with items they rarely or never wear," Gill says. The very best way to understand how my style of decluttering works is to get to work, so I love that audiobooks let that happen! Knowing where to find everything will allow you to move about your day, attending to what needs to be done in a much faster, efficient way. But for many people, it means that throwing out things in order to have the space for more shopping. Good luck and let us know if there’s any tips you have for decluttering and keeping your closet clutter free by telling us via Twitter or Facebook. How do you declutter an area that seems to accumulate “stuff” quicker than any other space in a house? And what space in your house are y, Hi, I am Nadine and welcome to my blog! Next week I will share how you can maintain your closet so that it stays clutter-free. Purchase Your Copy on.... Amazon |  Nook   | Smashwords  | MIS Store. As you read through this list, I highly recommend that you work through some of these questions in a journal.. *EXPAND FOR INFO & LINKS* Hey guys, today I'm decluttering my closet! This is part of a DECLUTTERING SERIES that has helped me balance my life by getting my home in order. 10 BLOGGING TOOLS YOU NEED TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL BLOG. Set goals when you declutter your closet: There is always a reason we take on a decluttering challenge. But, please keep in mind that all information and images stay the property of You may use one or two photos provided that you link back to the original blog post. Things with holes. Now that you have already categorized and thrown out the items you knew you didn’t want to keep, you can start putting items back. Available in the US, GB, IE, CA, AUS, and NZ only. The clothing items were placed into the closet using the “hanger trick.” To do this, each clothing item is designated a hanger. For example, if you have a decluttered desk, filing and paying bills will take much less time. For tips on how to begin your decluttering journey, you can Start Here, or snag a copy of the 30 Day Challenge (our Minimalism and Decluttering eBook). I am pretty sure that I don’t have to convince you that your life will be easier when your closet is clutter-free. Have a wardrobe with pieces that can easily go together. You can revoke your consent any time using the Revoke consent button. Your closet should reflect your life. Needless to say, I’m relieved everytime I open my closet doors now (and I’m glad that nothing is flying out and tackling me). But be brutal with yourself, if it doesn’t fit, let it go! Well, I do agree with Marie Kondo to take everything out of your closet to start fresh, but it also creates a big mess if you pile everything up in one pile. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This space was spotless by time I was done. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. There are many places I like to declutter, but my favorite is always the closet. If it was an item I had decided to Move, I placed it in it’s necessary place. I then swept and mopped the space, in addition to wiping down the door, shelves… everywhere. Her in-the-moment understanding and application of The Container Concept made me giddy! Decluttering = More Time. If you ask me what tends to be the most cluttered part of my home I’ll blurt out “My closet!” without even thinking about it. My Journey Into Minimalism Is A Personal Journey. In my home, a big part of that is my yearly decluttering. This means, saying a (short) goodbye to our sweaters, faux fur vests, and ultimately making room for maxi dresses and crop tops. / ˌdiːˈklʌt̬.ɚ / to remove things you do not need from a place, in order to make it more pleasant and more useful: I'm going to declutter before my family comes to visit. Physically, decluttering involves getting rid of unnecessary things, such as unused clothes crowding a closet, to tidy up a room or area. Start by getting your bags/bins ready for the ‘sell’, ‘donate’ and ‘throw out’ categories. So while you were categorizing your clothes you might have seen items that you immediately knew you want to part with. Can I get an Amen! Have you ever been to a clothing store with overflowing clothing racks? I hope that the time you choose to invest in decluttering clothes ends up being just as worthwhile. Determine when the last time the item was used, or if the item is needed anymore. Declutter your kitchen worktops to give … Now that you know what you own, you can easily add items to your closet that will fit in with the rest. She was game since she had been meaning to donate some of her clothes so we did it in one evening! The series includes 3 of the most clutter catch-all rooms: the kitchen, bedroom, and closet. . When you have everything ready, you are less likely to interrupt the process of decluttering to find the bins or bags to put the clothing in. In this part of the series, I will be sharing tips to declutter your closet and downsize your wardrobe. Make space of items you can add later that you will love. My process was tackling the space head on, not allowing myself the time to procrastinate. Or clothes that don’t fit well anymore.

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