Humusziegel Coco Coir Planting Soil - Pressed Natural Coco Soil for Plants - Peat-Free Coco Fibre Soil Block Bricks - 5kg/70L Bag of Soil. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. £31.73 £ 31. Wholesale/retail supplier and manufacturer of Coco coir peat. Material: cocopeat. VITALINK CLAY CoCo Coir MIX 60/40 … Coco peat primarily consists of the coir fiber pith or coir dust which is obtained by processing coconut husk and removing the long fibers. Benefits charity. Coco Peat is the 'coir fibre pith' or 'coir dust' a by-product produced when processing the coconut husks for extraction of long fibre from the husks. Coco Chips – Chipped Coconut Husks. Add the reconstituted bricks to planters, leaving 1 inch of space below the planter rim. Product Description : Coconut peat is the powdery material that results from the processing of coconut fiber. Coco Peat chips and bricks have been used widely by orchid growers for many years, Coco Peat discs are now increasingly used by flower growers, and it also makes an excellent bedding material in commercial worm farms. $15.99 to $99.99. 257 sold. Brand New. 90. It is a little on the acidic side for some plants, but many popular plants can tolerate this pH range. S p 8 o 3 C 4 n s B o r e d 6 7 D 1 H 8. It is a good eco-friendly planting medium for potting and green houses. Coco peat takes longer to decompose, peat moss is more acidic and usually needs to have additives added to neutralise this. email:< Best-selling in Growing Media. Uses: Potting mixes - Green houses - Hydroponics growing media - Seeding nurseries - Horticulture and floriculture applications - Amending clay soils - Bedding for worms and reptiles. Coconut peat also has a water holding capacity that is 5 to 6 times its weight. The fibrous coconut husk is pre washed, machine dried, sieved and made free from sand and other contaminations such as plant residue and Etc. $18.40 $ 18. Country(required) It is naturally anti-fungal, making it an excellent choice to start seed but it is also used in rugs, ropes, brushes, and as stuffing. Free postage. Free … Its air filled porosity and high water holding capacity makes it, an ideal growing medium for the plant crops. Coconut coir bricks are composed of 3 different Coconut coir bricks are composed of 3 different types of compressed coconut coir. 100% fine buffered coco peat / … Free shipping. Brand New. From Sri Lanka. $7.99. Shape: round. 4.5 out of 5 stars 835. The fibrous coconut husk is pre washed, machine dried, sieved and made free from sand and other contaminations such as animal and plant residue. Industries Patan Pimpal, Chanasma, Patan - 384225, Dist. It can be be mixed with sand, compost and fertilizer to make good quality potting soil. //-->. $2.00 shipping. Note: Due to the nature of the product, these specifications may vary and above details are given in good faith. Coconut Coir Products ( coco peat is a multi-use growing medium, made out after extracting coir from the coconut husk. Coco Bliss Premium Coconut Coir … Arrives before Christmas. We work with coconut farming communities to turn a traditional waste product – the coconut husk – into quality coir and coco peat products for a wide range of uses in the Philippines and abroad. Coco peat Coconut Coir Products ( coco peat is a multi-use growing medium, made out after extracting coir from the coconut husk. LCL PRICE LIST. £23.90 £ 23. Enriched with Calcium Magnesium to provide a premium blend ideal for vegetables, herbs and plants. 1 x 65/70lt COIR COCO PEAT BLOCKS MAKES UP TO 65/70 Litres OF PEAT FREE COMPOST. Get it Tomorrow, Dec 16. 2 x 10 Litre COCO PEAT COIR BRICKS/BLOCKS - PEAT FREE COMPOST/SOIL! USA 1Lb 100% COCO COIR PEAT ORGANIC For Hydroponics Gardening Soil Reptiles Pets. Plant a seed or seedling in the center. Bird nestCavity trayCoir geotextilesCoir logsCoir palletsCoir sheetsCoir matting sheetCoir potsCoco peatCoco chipsCoir grow matsGrowbags/nursery bagsCoir discsCoir polesCoir peat discsMulch matsCoir yarnCoir fibreCoco peat animal beddingBuffer coco peatCoir growcubesCoco/chip mix discsHanging basketsJute geotextilesPre seeded coir palletsOther. Benefits. Coco peat is a growing/potting medium that out performs many popular brands of peat. £13.95. Coco Peat is a by product of the coconut industry and is used widely as a Natural Peat substitute in the horticultural, gardening and hydroponics industries. Free shipping. Coco Peat | Hydroponic | coir| Coconut Fiber | Growing Media |100% organic soil. Buy It Now . Coir can be used in household products such as rope, matting, floor and door mats and upholstery. Our products are Omri Listed. We are Pilipinas Ecofiber Corporation. Small Description: Coco Coir Peat Blocks are Odorless, 100% organic, biodegradable growing medium holds over 500% water retaining capacity with acceptable pH and low EC for plant growth. £8.99 to £16.99. COCONUT COIR COCO PEAT |100% NATURAL ORGANIC GROWING MEDIA HYDROPONICS 250g. Arrives before Christmas. /* 300x250, created 3/23/09 */ br> It has a high lignin and cellulose content and a carbon-nitrogen ratio of 104. Coco Peat Bricks have excellent water retention ability and can be used multiple times. Coco peat is 100% organic. Minor Outlying IslandsUgandaUkraineUnited Arab EmiratesUruguayUzbekistanVanuatuVenezuelaVietnamWallis and FutunaWestern SaharaYemenZambiaZimbabwe, Select product (required) Find here Coco Peat Machine, Coco Peat Block Making Machine manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. See all Item description. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Call … Excellent alternative to the depletion of peat bogs. Each block weighs 5kg. The high porosity and water retention capacity make the products one of the best growing mediums around for any type of plant or crop. Coco peat is made from material that would otherwise have been discarded as waste. 20 X 9 LITRE ORGANIC COCO PEAT-FREE COIR BRICKS - SPECIAL OFFER !! From Sri Lanka. About this item. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. (650 g), high quality, low sodium, sterile growing medium is an alternative to sphagnum peat Moss and absorbs great amounts of water, lowering watering frequency. Get it Friday, Nov 27 - Tuesday, Dec 1. Thereafter, it is sieved, and any sand and other impurities such as animal and plant residue, are removed. £14.99 £ 14. Coco peat naturally contains a special mould (Trichoderma) that protects plants against soil diseases and can be used a number of times. COCOPEAT ORGANIC COCO Coir/COCO Peat Hidroponic Media,100% highest quality . read more... Implex Groups. Indonesia coco peat for sale. It is the best to buy it in compressed forms. The bricks then expand, providing a good portion of usable coco peat. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. Humusziegel Pressed Coco Coir Planting Soil - Natural Coco Soil for Plants - Peat-Free Coconut Fibre Soil Block Bricks 2 x 650 g - 18 l. 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,004. Free shipping. $5.99 to $28.99.,