My crape myrtle look like the photo next to "the results of bad pruning", very dark, almost black nubs where my gardener pruned it. A tree that is just pruned at the tips will not have its flowering ability negatively affected. If your crepe myrtle does seem to be getting too densely branched, you can prune away some of the branches to allow more light in. yes u can i cut mine … However, if possible, this is the best option for reducing the size of the tree. Branches grow off of the nubby area, same as the photo, and it flowers. Will Scale kill crape myrtles? There are many cultivars of crepe myrtle available, with dwarf varieties that do not exceed three feet in height, through to large trees that can range in height from 30 feet to 100 feet. Crepe myrtle flowers come in various colors, from white to red and every shade of pink in between. Before long they can reach heights of 100′ or more. May 6, 2014 at 9:10 AM Crape myrtles bloom on wood that is form in the current growing season. Continue to nurture the three you’ve selected and cut back the others for a couple of years. I cut it down to the ground. Now that you know what not to do, here is the right way to prune a crape myrtle. I have four large crepe myrtles in my front yard and am considering making a kidney bean-shape edging to group them. However, most modern cultivars of crepe myrtle are disease resistant, and so this is not an issue, and the thinning out of twigs is no longer recommended as essential. Growing Trees in Pots - Benefits, Tips & Tricks, Autumn Blaze Maple Tree - Growing & Care Guide, Japanese Maple Tree - Care and Growing Tips, Different Types of Maple Trees with Pictures, Clementine Tree Care and Propagation Tips. To achieve the multi stem look, allow your Crape Myrtle to branch along the length of the stem. The roots were ground down about six inches by a commercial stump remover. Answer + 1. Had a couple of large crepe myrtles removed. Also, trim any new growth that appears on the stem that may turn into a branch. i have a question if anyone can help me, my crepe myrtles have finished blooming and now they have seed or pods, do i cut the pods or seeds off so they can rebloom again. Propagating your own trees is inexpensive and fun. Do I cut these off at : City-Data Forum > General Forums > Garden: crepe myrtle trimming (tree, crape, myrtles, spring) User Name: Remember Me: Password : Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Since the deciduous trees bloom on new wood, they are often cut back severely each year with the goal of more new wood, for more blooms. It will grow back very quickly. Likewise, can I prune a crepe myrtle in the summer? This is the classic look that most people associate with the tree. Here’s how: Cut all the trunks completely to the ground, then carefully manage the shoots that come back. Would it be okay to cut it down to five feet? If I an not going to get flowers, I am thinking about removing the stump and starting with something else next year. They may die back to the ground in colder areas, but will return from the roots and still flower that summer. Reply. 9 Different Indoor Tropical Plants - Growing Guides & Photos. KERRY MALONEY/AP. Research by the University of Florida indicates that if a suitable cultivar is selected and planted in an appropriate position, then you should never have to prune a crepe myrtle. To prune for improved flower production, simple cut away spent blooms when they fade to fruits or seed pods. We had a pretty cold winter. The best time to prune your crepe myrtle depends on your reasons for pruning it. While a crepe myrtle does grow back, even from being cut to the ground, less is more when it comes to pruning this summer stalwart. While a crepe myrtle does grow back, even from being cut to the ground, less is more when it comes to pruning this summer stalwart. You want all of your branching to occur on the top quarter of the tree. Dwarf cultivars that work well as low hedging or in borders include ‘Hopi,’ ‘Zuni,’ ‘Prairie Lace,’ ‘Centennial,’ ‘Victor,’ and ‘Acoma.’ Larger varieties, like ‘Sioux,’ ‘Natchez,’ ‘Muskogee,’ ‘Miami,’ ‘Watermelon Red,’ and ‘Dynamite’ will typically reach a minimum of 25 feet tall, so they should be planted in a wide open space, away from the house and in a spot where they can grow unrestricted. Punish yourself severely by watching Nancy Grace on TV, and then cut the sorry plant completely to the ground. The seed pods can also be quite heavy and might drag down your tree branches under their weight, and this is another reason that is in favor of pruning the crepe myrtle. They take a naturally attractive shape with a rounded canopy, which will often reach as low as the ground. Hardwood Cuttings While the tree has gone dormant and lost its leaves (usually in late November) you can cut off a branch that is about two to three feet long. This will allow you to maintain the tree at a certain size quite easily, but it will not look as attractive as before. I'd like to add flowers under the trees too. For the driveway to be clear, the 20 foot crepe myrtle has to go! Branches grow off of the nubby area, same as the photo, and it flowers. Unfortunately, many crepe myrtle plants are not properly labeled at garden nurseries, and adequate planting advice is not given, so commonly, people will end up planting crepe myrtle in the wrong place, and when it outgrows this spot, it will have to be severely pruned to prevent it from … Relevance. To stop the crape myrtle from coming up from the roots you can apply a phenoxy herbicide product like Dicamba or 2,4D. Having cut it down to the ground, I ... How do I stop the suckers on my crepe myrtle trees?!!? Did they ruin this tree or will I get flowers next year? They grow fine. 1 decade ago. You can leave the seed pods alone. Can I cut my crepe myrtle to the ground? this summer, but there were no flowers. This practice can be repeated every year if needed, but it isn’t essential if you are happy with how your tree is performing. on Aug 21, 2018. Continue to nurture the three you’ve selected and cut back the others for a couple of … Is this a good idea? Multi-Trunk. I was thinking of cutting my 3 Crepe Mrtles (1 year planted) to just a foot or two above the ground. This will also tidy up your tree if you don’t like the look of spent flowers or seed pods. The instructions were to prune it back but now it’s completely gone except the flat surface of the trunk even with the ground. If I an not going to get flowers, I am thinking about removing the stump and starting with something else next year. The bark of the tree has a mottled effect, and it sheds itself throughout the year to reveal fresh bark beneath. But I have good news! Browse and purchase gardening books by Walter Reeves, plus select titles by other authors. ©2020 Walter Reeves / The Simple Gardener, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Once you’ve experienced the joys of a crepe myrtle in your backyard, it’s natural to want more. It produces long, attractive leaves, which are bronze when they first emerge in spring but develop to a deep shade of green by summer. Tweet. This isn't a very popular method of pruning but it's … Use some sharp shears or a pruning saw to remove occasional branches; these should be younger branches that do not have a very thick diameter. my crepe myrtle is growing all over, so i am asking also if i cut some of the lower branches will it make the tree grow straight up or should i leave it along and not trim any of the lower branches that are hanging. This practice should be avoided for a whole host of reasons, but if you do find yourself in a position where you need to prune back your crepe myrtle, there are several options you can choose that will not harm your plant or leave you with an ugly winter stump on your lawn. If you have a more traditional cultivar or crepe myrtle, which does not stay in flower for long, then pruning away spent flowers will encourage it to bloom again. It is now approximately 4 1/2 ft. tall. Simply remove any extra stems protruding from the ground. A. Kappelman February 8, 2017 at 12:07 am. ‘. If you choose to use pollarding, then you can expect blooming to be delayed by around a month while the tree takes extra time to recover. I put one out in my sister-in-laws yard last year and it bloomed a little this year. When choosing that method of pruning to choose, you may want to consider the effects they have on blooming.

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