In his youth he participated in the Battle of Panipat in 1526 with which his father, Babur, began his conquest of India. B: False. This battle ended the Mughal Empire. He recovered it from Sher Shah’s descendants in 1555. Both the armies met at Kannauj. Humayun owed much of his misfortunes to this unnatural brother, and cannot be charged with anything but long-suffering patience of … [NDA 2003] The above statement is – A: True. Ultimately Humayun from 1530 to 1545 kept continuous attempts to capture the fort. Humayun was the eldest son of Babur. He was gone before he put the whole country on a stable basis. Humayun – Mughal empire has done various in the history of India. Ans. Battles of Humayun: Humayun's first step was the seizure of Kalinjar. In the Battle of Kannauj (1540) he completely routed the Mughal forces. 3. 12. For the next 15 years Humayum lived like a wanderer. 13. This was a great a confusion for Mughals. Humayun was forced to go to Persia in exile, for 15 years. Answer. The son and successor of Babur, the founder of the Mughal dynasty, Humayun ruled from 1530 to 1540 and again from 1555 to 1556. Humayun won the battle and captured Chunar. Humayun (AD. HUMAYUN (1508–1556), Mughal emperor (1530–1540, 1555–1556). Humayun means “fortune” but he remained the most unfortunate ruler of the Mughal Empire. Which European traders first came to India during Mughal Period? In 1534, Humayun defeated Bahadur Shah and captured Gujrat. 17 The fort was subsequently captured by the Surs in a famous battle fought in 1545 in which Sher Shah lost his life. Sher Shah meanwhile regrouped and defeated Humayun, at Chausa in 1539 and at Kanauj the next year (1540). Born Nasin-ud-din Muhammad in Kabul, Afghanistan, Humayun was the second Mughal emperor of India. Babur got no time to consolidate his position and authority. Shershah defeated Humayun in the battle of Chausa near Buxar in Bihar at the bank the river Ganga. Between Humayun and Shershah in 1540 AD, Shershah defeated Humayun badly and he (Humayun) fled the country Shershah became the ruler of India. 18 The author of Tarikh- i Daudi describes the efforts of SherShah during a period of seven months, to capture Kalinjar. True. Humayun defeated Hemu at the second battle of Panipat. 4. Humayun regained his Delhi throne from Sher Shah in 1555. 1530-40 and 1555-56) After Babur’s death his eldest son Humayun ascended the throne at the age of 23. Defeated in battle by the Afghan Sher Shah of Sur in 1540, Humayun lost control of India. As a ruler, Sher Shah ruled the mightiest empire after Muhammad Bin Tughluq. Humayun, the successor of Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire, had lost his inheritance when he was chased out of India by Sher Shah Suri who established the Sur Empire in 1540. [NDA 2003] The above statement is – A: True. He was born to Mahim Begam and Babur. Humayun – Mughal empire. B: False. False. In the battle of Kannauj the Afghan soliders were able to run away the Mughal army. Humayun ran away from the battle field. Six months after his succession, Humayun besieged the fortress of Kalinjar in Bundelkhand, gained a decisive victory over Afghans at Douhrua and drove out Sultan Mahmood Lodhi from Jaunpur, and even defeated Bahadur Shah of Gujarat. During his last campaign against Kalinjar he died due to a freak accident (1545). Between whom and when the battle of Kannauj of Bilgram was fought ? By crossing the deserts of Thar, Humayun reached Sind. At the Battle of Samel (1544) Sher Shah defeated Maldeo of Marwar. Here we are providing notes about Humayun – Mughal empire, Humayun work and development and the battle fought by Humayun such as the battle of Chausa Mughal. Hindal fell in battle; Askari died on a pilgrimage to Mekka; and the irreconcilable Kamran, after repeated forgiveness, had to be blinded and sent to Mekka, where he too died. Humayun, second Mughal ruler of India. HUMAYUN. Answer.

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