I like his role in this drama. He is a much better person than she is. Kairos (MBC) She quit the job, so move on and stop going to see him every time he calls her. Woo Hyun as Choi Hyo Dong The Penthouse. The first season of the show had aired on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 pm KST. English Subs for all MBC dramas will be back on Monday, August 6. And so life goes on. Sun Young, the girl that likes Yong is very pretty. YH is nuts, she is still being nice to creep Tae after everything he did to GJ. ... special effects makeup assistant. Kim Joo Hyun) is a young lady with her bright and positive personality who supports Lee Kwang Jae. The drama follows the story of a man, Choi Suk Bong, who believes that he is actually the son of a rich father and heir to a chaebol group. I would love to see GJ dump YH and become rich again and find another girl. SH is an idiot and not likable. The Penthouse Season 1 (SBS) These Korean mothers, why do they push their daughters/sons into marriages they don’t want???? Lee Bo-young as Lee Shin-mi; The heiress of Ohsung Group, and a strict and frugal person. 1. : The Beginning (tvN) Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, key special effects makeup designer / special makeup effects artist, assistant director / first assistant director, lighting & rendering lead: Lighting & Render Department, visual effects supervisor: Dexter Studios, matte painting lead: Matte Painting Department, rigging and simulation artist: Rigging & Simulation Department, executive vfx department director / executive vfx department director: Dexter Studios, executive vfx planning director / executive vfx planning director: Dexter Studios, vendor management coordinator: Dexter Studios, animator: Animation Department / compositor: Compositing Department, visual effects line producer: Dexter Studios, rigging and simulation lead: Rigging & Simulation Department, matte painting artist: Matte Painting Department, supervising assistant: VFX Supervisor Department, financial management officer: Financial Management Department, general manager: Strategy and Planning Department, financial management head: Financial Management Department, assistant manager: Strategy and Planning Department, assistant manager: Human Resource Department, production developer: VFX Production Department, head of acquisitions: Curzon Artificial Eye, assistant manager: Human Resource Department / supervising manager: VFX Supervisor Department, assistant manager: Financial Management Department, deputy general manager: Financial Management Department, production coordinator: VFX Production Department, strategy and planning: Strategy and Planning Department, French adaptation: original version with subtitle, special thanks: Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine (as Ahn Young Joo), special thanks: The Class Hyosung (as Bae Ki Young), special thanks: Jeonju Studio (as Baek Jung Min), director & producer would like to thank (as Bong Hyo Min), special thanks: Jeonju Film Commission (as Cho Chang Ho), director & producer would like to thank (as Choi Doo Ho), special thanks: Wonkwang University Hospital (as Choi Ye Seul), director & producer would like to thank (as Chung Seon Young), special thanks: Goyang Industry Promotion Agency, Contents Business Team, special thanks: Vanguardwinemerchants Gangnam, special thanks: Seoul National University, Department of Physical Education, special thanks: Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine, special thanks: Goyang Industry Promotion Agency, Industry Promotion Division, special thanks: Advanced Industry Division, special thanks: Konkuk University, Department of Physical Education, director & producer would like to thank (as Suk Jae Seung), special thanks: Wonkwang University Hospital (as Jeon Sun Ae), special thanks: Wonkwang University Hospital, special thanks: Jeonju Film Commission (as Jung Dong Min), special thanks: The Class Hyosung (as Jung Hyo Young), director & producer would like to thank (as Jung Ji Woo), special thanks: Jeonju Film Commission (as Jung Jin Wook), director & producer would like to thank (as Jung Yoon Jin), special thanks: Korea Association of Athletics Federations (as Jung Young Hoon), special thanks: Lotte Property & Development (as Kang Joo Yeon), special thanks: The Class Hyosung (as Kim Eun Hye), director & producer would like to thank (as Kim Hyun Chol), special thanks: Wonkwang University Hospital (as Kim Myung Ja), special thanks: Yonsei University, P.R. The Rich Son Korean Drama Recap: Episode 3. Always find him attractive. For his father’s honor, he struggles to pay off his debt. Stills of him in dramas like My Too Perfect Sons and … Get Revenge (CSTV) Welcome the Korean remake of the J-Drama "Rich Man, Poor Woman" (Fuji TV 2012)! 2004 PG-13 20 episodes. Tai may eventually end up with her as she is always at his side and supports him. This K-drama starts off with the most makjang (or exaggerated) storyline of the year. Cast Kim Ji Hoon, Kim Joo Hyun, Lee Kyu Han, Hong Soo Hyun. Her acting is definitely lousy – very fake not natural – trying to act cute but gives me the creep. When his son questioned Langit’s decision to get a divorce with his mother, it triggers all the memories. Childish but conniving smart. Wondering what happen to Aug 19 episodes? 2018 PG-13 100 episodes. Kyung Hye Bae. Do to Seo Hee’s outburst, Hye Dong didn’t finish telling them the truth about Tae II and that evil pretend father of his. The Penthouse Season 2 (SBS) Genre: Family, Romance EXO's SuHo will be the lead character in this romantic comedy. And Park Seo-Hee is another idiot for liking Tae II. Lee Seung Yeon as Nam Soo Hee Has common sense. In Temptation Of Wife, an ~evil~ husband named Gyo Bin cheats on his wife Eun Jae, attempts to murder her, and believes she's dead.However, she *returns* as a completely different person and assumes the identity of a woman named So Hee, … I also hate Nam Soo-Hwan. Network: JTBC x Playlist. Shim Eun Jin Myung Sun Support Role. She lets her evil brother who ruined Gye-Dong’s business, makes her get a divorce, steals her husbands receipe book — what a creep. Kim Jong-Yong is good for nothing bum, and his wife wants everything given to her for free. Rich Man (2018) Vincenzo (tvN) Rich Family’s Son Date: 25 March 2018. Maybe she would believe GJ then. Praised for its history-rich plots and particularly strong female characters, the series received critical acclaim and positive reviews from both critics and ordinary viewers. Soo Hee’s is stupid to listen to her brother. She Would Never Know (jTBC) She comes up with all kinds of excuses and lies, and he believes her and gets her an apartment, fixes it all up and she doesn’t have to pay anything. Tae is just using her at this point. Official Sites Miss Monte Cristo (KBS2), L.U.C.A. M (KBS2) Kwang Jae;s dad just died and she is not going to waste any time to break Young-Ha up with K- Jae. This cliche has brought in some great dramas and the classic Boys Over Flowers started the chain reaction of making K-Dramas more popular because it is the first kdrama many kdrama fans have watched. Great story, love old actors/actresses, good drama. Geez….. Myung-Ha is too good for her. Homemade Love Story (KBS2) Love him in the drama Goddess of Marriage (which is amazing but has low ratings which I don’t understand why. | In the latest episode of Naagin 3, Ruhi vows to seek revenge for Vikrant’s death. Tale of the Nine Tailed (tvN), Browse By YearAwardsYear 2002Year 2003Year 2004Year 2005Year 2006Year 2007Year 2008Year 2009Year 2010Year 2011Year 2012Year 2013Year 2014Year 2015Year 2016Year 2017Year 2018Year 2019Year 2020Year 2021, /*
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