Enjoy a meal with your favorite furry friends! They even have healthy food options, betetr than most amusement parks. At Sesame Place, a majority of the rides require a child to be 48 inches tall to ride alone. Whether you’re 2 or 62, we’ve got rides for kids of all ages to enjoy together! Instead, like me, most parents were visiting with kids aged 0-6. We’re unable to have biological children, so we’re taking her baby brother (he’s turning two in November, the same month as my birthday) to enjoy the fun and play Mom and Dad for awhile. Everything at Disney is good for a 2 yr old! My fiance and I are planning a trip to Sesame Place later this year. The park is mostly a waterpark and honestly wasn't very clean. I went last year with a 2 and 4 year old. Dine with Elmo & Friends Dine with Elmo & Friends. We stayed at the Sheraton across the street. It was a little more than we would have liked to pay at $203 with tax; however, we were pleased overall. There will be a total of 3, 1 year olds and 2, 4 year olds in the two families going. I have been to Disney World over 25 times, so perhaps I may be a little prejustice toward the place. Sesame Place 100 Sesame Road Langhorne, PA It’s a new season for Bucks County’s—and the world’s only—theme park recreating the TV neighborhood we all grew up in: Sesame Place.This year, much stays blissfully same: it’s still half amusement, half water (weather permitting), with shows and character photo ops all day and parades twice a day. Shows Shows & Parades. Bring a camera! I can tell you, there weren't a lot of kids over 7 at Sesame Place on the day we visited. 1 decade ago. Sometimes they have height restrictions for safety reasons, of course. It’ll be our first time going. Rides Rides. Relevance. I wanted to take my son last year at 11 mos and it was suggested to me by a friend that I wait a year or 2. Shows Shows & Parades. He made me go on it over and over!My 7 year old and 7 year old nephew went on the large swing and loved them. She was free and our tickets came to $105 (but that also includes 2 extra tickets that can be used any time before 2013!) we went 2 weeks ago with my just-turned-2-year-old. Also, most of the rides have a one parent/one kid policy (i.e. Are there any that she can go on?? Top 10 Tips for Visiting Sesame Place, PA. Furry Sesame Street characters, musical shows, water park rides and amusement park fun await junior travelers at Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA. My daughter first visited Sesame Place when she was three and enjoyed it even more this summer as an adventurous six-year old. The shows were magical for a 3 year old, and had enough inside jokes to keep grown ups somewhat engaged. He rode many rides with us and had a great time. The best part for her was meeting … Sesame Place to me is more of a water park then an amusement park. I was disappointed in the value -- what we got for the money. I was wondering if there would be enough for the kids to do or if we should just stick to Sesame Place for a couple more years. The park was so overcrowded that in 3 hours we went on one ride and saw one show. The place was very clean contrary to some older reports. Size wise, the park is not huge, but in addition to the many rides and water slides, there a multiple play areas (wet and dry). I am trying to find a vacation/mini-vacation for us to take my 16 month old, who is VERY ACTIVE! Anonymous. We just got back from Disney World less than 2 weeks ago. Shows Shows & Parades. I also worked for the company for over 6 years, but I would have no problem taking my 1-3 year old to Disney. The kiddie ride section is small compared to other parks, and there is nothing really exciting about meeting a walking Hershey Bar. If you do go to Sesame Place, visit the Crayola Factory in Easton PA, it's about an 1 hr drive. THe waterpark had shallow pools (although my DD was too young for the waterslides). Sesame Place is a children's theme park and water park, located on the outskirts of Philadelphia in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.It is the only theme park in the United States based entirely on the award-winning children's educational television program Sesame Street and includes a variety of rides, shows and water attractions suited to young children. We were uncertain how an 18 month old and a 3 year old would do at Sesame Place in mid-July. She went on 4 rides with one of us. I live 10 minutes away & we go 1 or 2x's a summer. I would definitely recommend doing 2 days. 2 Answers. I heard that Sesame place is for a little bit bigger kids. Most of the rides in this area children over 42″ can ride alone, but I still went on whatever I could with them. I was just wondering if Sesame Place would be a good place to take him...is there enough rides that he would be allowed on? We went on a hot sunny day and the lines were unbearable (about 35 minutes for the carousel), I think we managed to go on three rides all day (ALL DAY). We wanted a close-by getaway and it was fun. I have to say we spent most of our time doing water activities we also hit "elmo's rock show" and the afternoon parade. I can't remember the website but google it. The park is big, with wet and dry attractions, so bring a bathing suit. Dine with Elmo & Friends Dine with Elmo & Friends. It is (was) a day trip at best. Perfect for a 3 year old's attention span. Photo with Big Bird; Photo with Elmo; Admission is $74.99 per person but Sesame Place has many sale events throughout the year. Our two year old loves Elmo and was excited to see him, but we really regretted spending the money. There was only 1 ride in the entire park that kids under 42" couldn't ride. Whether you’re 2 or 62, we’ve got rides for kids of all ages to enjoy together! Here's a park that is a little bit more low key and there are rides you could take your 18 month old on at Dutch Wonderland in PA. ( just make sure you line up about a half hour before parade time to get a spot). However, we were pleasantly surprised at how well organized the park is and how easy it was to get around. Parent can also go on the rides.. The almost 5 year old is the perfect age as she can swim and is above the 42" height restriction on most of the bigger rides (restriction only in the sense that the adult must ride/participate with children under that height). We just took our 1 year old for her birthday to sesame place and we all had a good time!! Anonymous: Our DS (22 mos) LOVED Sesame Place - we just went in June. Subject: Re:Dutch Wonderland vs. Sesame Place for 2 year old? Not in the prices, I expected them to be on the high side and they are, although not nearly as high as Disney World. Answer Save. I love Philly, dont get me wrong, But for me it would be NO contest ! As soon as we got in, we went to the “Tiny” Tidal Pool , a very cool place enjoyed by many guests, which was specially made for little kids. My 3 year old was obsessed with the flying Elmo Fish since he loves planes. They put in a merry-go-round a couple years ago so that's at least one more dry ride. There is no driving cars or merry-go which would have been better for my 2 year old who refused to do any rides. Our kids are almost 5, 2.5 and 9 months. They have a parade with all the characters. My daughter is 2.5 years old and it was her 3rd trip to Walt Disney World. They have "Sesame Street" that you can walk along and take pics at each door, like Big Bird's Nest, and a fire truck. Overall it was a good visit and the park is good for that age group. But it is very appropriate for a 2 year old. He loves carousels and we rode the carousel there many times. Just wondering if any of you moms from the north east have taken your 2 year olds to Sesame Place in PA. We are thinking of taking my son for his 2nd birthday. The outdoor theater show about art was a bit hit. Kids ages 2 and up require a ticket and is the same price as an adult ticket. We have a 3 year old (4 in Sept) who is afraid of most rides but loves sprinklers and water in general, and a 21 month old who loves water too. Sesame Place has something for everyone, yet remains very toddler friendly. We went to Sesame Place on 8/15 & 16 and had a fabulous time with our 2 ½ year old. That's the average height for a 7- or 8-year-old. We just returned from a visit to Seasame Place with our two and six year olds. Enjoy exciting, live shows featuring your Sesame Street friends! Enjoy a meal with your favorite furry friends! I hope this post was helpful in you planning your own Sesame Place trip. My kids have loved our trips to Sesame Place, they ask throughout the year to visit, especially the water rides! The lines were minimal and moved very fast - each ride was about 2 minutes. your 6 yr old will have fun at sesame place. Whether you’re 2 or 62, we’ve got rides for kids of all ages to enjoy together! Maybe you want to give Sesame Place a call to see if they are appropriate for your little one yet. I know Sesame Place is for younger children, but being 1 1/2 she is still really small for a lot of rides everywhere. What rides can my 1 1/2 year old niece go on at Sesame Place? Dine with Elmo & Friends Dine with Elmo & Friends. Enjoy exciting, live shows featuring your Sesame Street friends! The park was spotless and clean i loved that we got to see every charachter between our two days and the water park was awesome! Definitely think you should look into Sesame Place though- I think that would hold more appeal for both your 2 and 4 year old with the rides and costume characters. The park isn’t very large and wasn’t overly crowded. Had many options for slides, pools, and splash pads for more age groups. Rides Rides. That is because there are many rides and games at Sesame Place that a 2 year old can already play. Enjoy exciting, live shows featuring your Sesame Street friends! We took our almost two year old daughter to Sesame Place for the first time for the Very Furry Christmas event. We're deciding whether to go to Sesame Place or Hershey Park for a day (we'd probably spend the night somewhere, if you have suggestions on that too). 2 yr olds could care less about the Liberty Bell, They wouldnt even know what it was! Myself my boyfriend and our 2 five year olds spent two days at sesame place. Sesame Place opened in 1981 and I remember visiting as a kid!

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