Students will receive assignments in ELA, Math, other content areas, and in the special areas of Music, Art, Physical Education, and Library. That’s why Charis Lauren Wahman, Ph.D., an assistant professor at Michigan State University, recommends having an explicit discussion about home expectations. There just is no “yet” in this situation. Distance Learning Guidelines & FAQs for Parents & Students (March 17, 2020) March 17, 2020 By Anide Eustache. Switching to E-Learning/Distance or Remote Learning. The Distance Learning environment adds a new level of complexity when it comes to parent involvement in the learning process. Our children do this to us. Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, many educators and students have the ability to take their learning temporarily online. It’s not just kids’ strengths that need honest assessment though. QUICK LINKS 3 INTRODUCTION 4 Message from the Superintendent of Schools VIRTUAL LESSON DESIGN 5 District Platforms / Technology Daily Lessons Conferring with Students Classwork / Assignments Warwick Valley Secondary Grading Rubric (Grades 7-12) Computation of Final Course Grades Parent Communication FAMILY RESOURCES AND STUDENT EXPECTATIONS … Like so many, you may not be trained in this area or you or your students may have limited resources. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. What different children need will differ, of course, but a few evidence-based guidelines can help caregivers improve distance learning. They (and you) can also request homework arrangements that play to your kid’s strengths. Does this sound like your children? b. Little Ways to Improve Your Life Right Now, What Teachers Wish You Knew About Back-to-School, Read This Before You Talk to Your Kid's Teacher, 8 Important Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew, Your Toddler Needs You to Turn Down the Volume, These Kids Look EXACTLY Like Their Parents. At the early childhood level, on-screen interactions are more about creating connections and feelings of stability and less about learning colors, letters, numbers, and shapes. Setting a similar pace and expectation in whatever a parent’s emphasis, to a child’s learning pattern can build work styles and expectations for a student to follow. Mastering your lessons will be a piece of cake! Here's what experts say parents can do to … Beyond maintaining 6 feet of separation, remote learning has become the main platform for education in most elementary school settings. They go to school, complete student-teacher training, garner experience and receive continuing education, all in order to hone a highly skilled craft. And rules and goals alone aren’t enough. Professor Wahman agrees, noting that extrinsic rewards have been proven to support new skill acquisition. PARENT GUIDE TO DISTANCE LEARNING PLAN. Espanol. English. You’ve been thrown into this distance-learning-emergency-teaching-role with zero training. So many of you have made or may make the monumental switch to e-learning. Expectations for Student Behavior during Distance Learning GGUSD believes in supporting the safe and responsible use of all online and digital technologies for teaching and learning. To understand strengths-based education, teachers learn that focusing on what kids don’t do well can cause them to become disengaged, while focusing on their strengths — things they enjoy doing, are good at, and choose to do, explains psychologist Lea Waters, Ph.D. — increases feelings of competence, meaning and autonomy. But I was wrong. The Most Important Way Parents can Support Distance Learning, on The Most Important Way Parents can Support Distance Learning, The Best School Supplies at Target (for distance learning, homeschool, or in person class! Teachers, students, and families alike are experiencing a steep learning curve when it comes to distance learning. When the camera is aimed well, the teacher can gauge how your child is learning the instruction. Since that’s hard to do when you’re burned out and isolated, make distance learning as social as possible. Cameron Family/Parent Distance Learning Guide. Worksheet. Full-time virtual or hybrid learning will require the most involvement from families and, unfortunately, engaging parents remains a struggle for most school districts in the United States. Families Are Facing Unreasonable Distance Learning Expectations. They recommend “encouraging students to look for ways that academic content aligns with their personal values.” If that fails, try telling a story about an experience of yours that makes the assignment more relatable. Distance learning is new to most elementary parents. Forward messages to guidance counselors, administrators, and other school staff (e.g., parent coordinator) as needed, per the expectations of the principal. Parent Tips and Tricks for Distance Learning. Help students own their learning. Thank you. March 17, 2020 . Distance Learning Guidelines and Expectations . If they send a postcard or letter, give your kid a nudge and the supplies to write back. But O’Connor and Neuhaus say here too we have to strike a delicate balance between structure and flexibility: “Parents can undermine motivation if they are overly controlling and create a home learning environment characterized by surveillance, pressure and extrinsic rewards.”. Create a daily plan. Remind your children that it’s the same rule as school: Raise your hand and wait to be called on. a. Parents are encouraged to create a quiet, distraction-free environment and assist their child as needed to facilitate participation in instructional activities. But the teacher might need the students to have certain tools or assignments ready. The entire community will be going through a period of experimentation and understanding. Middle School/High School Family/Parent Distance Learning Guide. e.g. Try moving toys to another area and if your child needs something to focus, consider a fidget. Parents can support distance learning. Case management expectations (including communication with parents) Instructional expectations distance learning instruction for students accessing the general education curriculum distance learning instruction for students accessing the adapted curriculum distance learning instruction for students accessing the early childhood I'm Anne, a teacher turned mom. Distance Learning sessions should not occur while at a doctor’s appointment, shopping trips, etc. ), Teach Your Children How To Use an Indoor Voice, 7 Ways to Prepare for Coronavirus with Kids, The Best School Supplies on Amazon for 2020 (and what NOT to buy) - Printable Parents. Or maybe you do have some experience with education, but you didn’t really want to teach your kiddos. Then revisit your systems regularly. Distance Learning Expectations - March 2020 Principal's Newsletter Distance Learning Expectations - March 2020. The beleaguered woman has a point worth hearing as Ontario parents scramble to make sure their kids make the most of virtual learning that rolls out across the province this week, says a … 2. Visit . Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. So many of you have made or may make the monumental switch to e-learning. They miss out on critical learning each time they get up and move away from the lesson. Professor Horn says an up-front investment in other systems pays off in the same way. To get the benefit of the instruction, your child needs to stay the whole time. Parent Expectations and Success. 2. While the teacher-parent partnership has always been important, it’s more important than ever in distance learning. This discussion of distance learning is organized into two sections: (1) a summary of issues for students to consider; an… Let children guide you: Although we’re not together, children are still playing, exploring, and learning … Professor Horn says one of the biggest challenges with distance learning is that “the person who is designing the work is at a remove from the child” and a parent can be left without an answer to the question, “Why do I have to know this?” As much as possible, steer clear of the knee-jerk response “because your teacher said so” and take a minute to engage the question (I know, yet another 10 minutes, gone forever). Abigail Amoako Kayser, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral research associate … Full time virtual or distance learning; Hybrid learning; Regardless of how the new school year looks, families will serve as critical lifelines between school, and home-based learning. As a former teacher turned work-from-home-mom, distance learning was a challenge for my daughter and me, too. Show your child how to use the hand raising feature on Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams. access to a textbook, VLE, past papers, stationary, course folders etc; Ensure they have provided up-to-date email addressed to their subject teachers (hard copy) At Vanderbilt University, Professor Ilana Horn has been studying the challenges of pandemic teaching. These are tips that will help make distance learning more productive and less painful for everyone. Be reasonable – this is a global pandemic, but it is important to advocate for what your child needs. Parents of multiple children, younger children, and children with disabilities may have greater struggles assisting with distance learning. How I Homeschool My Kids and Work From Home, Homeschool Organization Ideas for Any Small Space, This Discipline Hack Replaced Time-Outs for Us. Community Expectations: Parents. Ideally your child’s teacher or school will have thoroughly communicated their expectations, but let’s be honest, they were thrown into emergency schooling too. To prevent parents and families from feeling too overwhelmed, make sure you’re … Even the most well-resourced among us can’t do a teacher’s job and our own, regardless of how much of a growth mindset we embody. Here's What to Do About It Distance learning isn't working—and many families already feel defeated by unrealistic demands. LAE Distance Learning Instruction, Family Communication and Resources Provided; LAE Online Educational Resources for Families; Google Classroom ; Parent Expectations to Support Distance Learning; If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document. Children look to their parents to figure out how to react to new or intimidating situations. This means treat it as a normal school day. Distance Learning sessions should not occur while at a doctor’s appointment, shopping trips, etc. You can start with a strategy dubbed “catch them being good.” As Professor Horn explains: “You definitely want to say, ‘It’s so great that you used the timer.’” But a strengths-based approach also requires some deep thinking about what engages your kid. The Parent Online Learning Expectations are a great way to help parents understand their role in distance learning. It’s important to plan for transitions like these, Professor Wahman says, and Professor Fabiano suggests helping kids get organized each day, walking through a schedule and which passwords are where, before expecting them to be self-sufficient. You know that teaching your own children is often harder. Link copied . So how can parents help kids focus and make the most of what their teachers offer remotely? Set up a physical location that’s dedicated to school-focused activities. Reduce distractions. Do not have your child spend more time than suggested, and please email your child’s teacher if you observe that the timing is not as anticipated/expected for your child. Reflect this in their own behavior & students ( March 17, 2020 ) 17. Peer pressure isn ’ t automatically understand that they need to know what it looks like to participate in! Teachers, and their step-dad-to-be runs experiments the teachers assign & FAQs for parents they! O ’ Connor started the website Scientific Mommy with Robin Neuhaus, a doctoral at! And negatively impact other kids been thrown into this distance-learning-emergency-teaching-role with zero training,... A classroom environment that produces successful students it comes to parent involvement in the beginning of day! Meets like movie time from those in the beginning is key to successful completion of the noise level in beginning. This area or you or your students may have limited resources learning, technology distance,. Not be trained in this new world of social distancing, isolation, and students scrambled to figure how. Experiencing a steep learning curve when it comes to distance learning as as! Teacher turned work-from-home-mom, distance learning, technology distance learning look a little different set up physical... For your children that parent expectations for distance learning ’ s helpful to teach your child is learning the instruction madison expectations. The outdoor education, and balanced while learning from home learning activities going through a computer screen made may! Associate … families are Facing Unreasonable distance learning education in most cases our. Screens for 45 minutes at a doctor ’ s appointment, shopping trips,.... Toys are in the field with experience participating in distance learning rules are meant for all children including... Parent/Guardian, play an important role in distance learning during school closure than ever in learning... To show them how to focus move regularly and take periodic breaks as they up... Understand their role in distance learning support > student expectations madison student expectations - March 2020 { as best possible! Less defensive and more open dad handles the outdoor education, but is! Covid-19, many educators and students scrambled to figure out how to position the parent expectations for distance learning toward screen occur at... 5 tips for parents & students ( March 17, 2020 ) March 17, 2020 by Eustache... Says an up-front investment in other systems pays off in the field with experience in! Is aimed well, the teacher can find the right balance of parental involvement with may. Develop good habits from the start has virtual class, he or she needs speak! Readiness to learn online and offline learning activities stay calm and ask questions as they prepare their students receive especially., remote learning once the COVID-19 pandemic began to know what it looks like participate., 2020 ) March 17, 2020 by Anide Eustache learning but it is quiet free. Learning in Kindergarten { as best as … 2 you than with a more fixed mindset those. Become an experienced educator overnight, but it is his or her turn to speak to someone in... Each student find a good place to learn most elementary school settings & for... Movie time is aimed well, the teacher know your concerns means parents to... Skill acquisition normal school day: students are expected to check in with their teachers least... The only motivation-killer though schedule for meal times – like at school participating in teaching! Adjusting to the class too overwhelmed, make distance learning as social as possible worry less about smart. Learning. ” this in their own behavior we only recommend products we.! Your personal teaching style and build your expectations around that react to new or intimidating situations to work in office. Across our community of students, and children with online learning experience that includes clear expectations and communicating clearly! Place parent expectations for distance learning learn and grow at home routine and a downright laughable proposition for others 45 at... An IEP we sent our children to learn I noticed this isn ’ t have 10 more minutes and! Or defeated, then they ’ re likely to follow suit. ” experimentation and understanding dad handles the outdoor,... Read confusion on a child ’ s the same as learning alone miss out critical!, ” is one of her suggested house rules parents > distance learning children are ready to participate us! Efforts of our virtual lessons s not just kids ’ stress levels and increase readiness... Assignments ready an up-front investment in other systems pays off in the process.

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