Sergeant Connic and his group join Neal’s “rescue party.”. Alanna begins training Kara, Kourrem, and Ishak as apprentices. He studied at the University of Carthak with Ozorne Tasikhe. George arrives at Tanair Castle, in search of Aly. Kel tilts with Lord Wyldon at a Fief Blythdin tournament; Wyldon throws her from the saddle. Because of his shape-shifting abilities, he was able to sneak in places where he would be unnoticed. "You are an education, Keladry of Mindelan." Imajane and Rubinyan offer a marriage contract between Dunevon and Sarai. Sir Paxton of Nond takes Joren as his squire. Vana asks Goodwin and Beka to help find her missing daughter; Achoo traces the scent to a cart with a locked box full of seven children. Beka questions a rat who is being tortured by Cage Dogs; finds out that Steen Bolter is buying up brass for Pearl Skinner. Lord Gershom and his Dogs head back to Corus. No specific date given. Things about Squire: - I was very happy that the trial for Lalasa's attackers wasn't forgotten, and I really liked the way that played out. You've gotten good advice from /u/itsmartinw and /u/Keladry_of_Mindelan already, but I thought I'd add: this is a very common scenario for people who have minimum account limits in their accounts (like a savings account that will charge a monthly fee if the balance drops below $2500, for instance).. Dove circles above the combat on the kudurang stallion, as a symbol for those who fight in her name. Alan comes to the Copper Isles to bring word that the delegation should return to Tortall. Vinson of Genlith begins training as a page. Nawat takes on his human form in order to assist Aly. Numair (then Arram) was born in Tyra to commoner parents who were cloth merchants. Imgehai Queshi dies in her burning temple. Jon passes his trial-by-combat and becomes a Bazhir. Kel rescues Jump and takes Lalasa Isran as a maid. Daine is visited by the Badger God for the first time. Imajane leaps to her death from her bedroom balcony. Esmond of Nicoline passes his Ordeal of Knighthood. Lord Wyldon resigns from his position as Training Master. Balduin of Disart begins training as a page. This meticulous attention to the source material means that there were many discrepancies discovered in the tests. One major reason he changed his name was to hide from his former friend Ozorne, the Emperor Mage of Carthak, who believed him to be guilty of high treason. Subsequently, Daine also discovered Numair's love for her, but asked if they could discuss their relationship after the war. The Third Company of the King’s Owns captures bandits; Kel defeats a centaur. During Alanna’s time she sees slaves in Corus, but it does not day if they are Tortallan slaves or foreign, or if the slave trade is illegal but having slaves is not, etc. Darking Pinset - $21.00Designed by Alyssa Maynard, these little darkings come in a set of three pins. [51] The year 461 is skipped, because Tammy compensated for the “lost” year in Squire when she set Trickster’s Choice. Alanna has her last meeting with the Goddess and meets the other Gods. Southern clans of Scanra unite and elect Maggur Ratthausak to be their war leader. On a mission in 449 HE, Numair was caught by a mage in service to the lord of Sinthya and fed drugs[7]. Gareth (the Younger ) of Naxen passes his Ordeal of Knighthood. Alanna and Sacherell duel; Sacherell trounces her. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. Winnamine and Dove receive a letter from Sarai. My cousin were given my onto them and he or she is a instructor. Alanna’s traveling company passes Saren’s eastern border and head to the Roof of the World. Prince Roald and Princess Shinkokami marry. For example, in one training camp in "Page", she spends her twelfth birthday throwing up due to fear of heights. Numair is one of seven black robe mages in the world. It was after their escape from the Spidrens that Daine and Numair shared their first kiss. [13] It is highly likely that these page-ages are inaccurate because few concrete ages are given. Later in the series, as Daine started to trust him he acted less childish. The Emperor never gave up hunting him, and Numair was forced to spend several years on the run and on the streets, working as a juggler and a lowly street magician in order to survive his journey from Carthak to Corus, Tortall. In the last book of the Protector of the Small series (Lady Knight) Duke Baird recalls Numair admitting to having to get up and blow candles out, rather than using his gift to put them out, because he would cause the candle to explode[28]. While staying in town, they stayed at an inn, where Numair demanded that if Daine and he had adjoining rooms, the door between should be locked for propriety's sake. The other nobles are escorted away from the fray. At some point during the war, Lord Wyldon rescues the younger princes and princess from hurrocks. One of his teachers in magic at Carthak was Lindhall Reed. She corrected this in her later books, having Beltane in April/May and having a separate midsummer holiday. Properties are damaged, nobles and overseers are murdered. So I might go with Keladry of Mindelan here. Lord Wyldon of Cavall takes the position of page training master. However, she designated their astrological sign to be Taurus, which indicates an April/May birth. Staghorn was a very accomplished war mage at the University of Carthak, and Numair believed that Staghorn was involved in the blasts[13]. It is implied he did so to cheer her up and help her open up, since she was grieving for her dead family in Galla. Daine begins learning how to heal animals. Royal governors of Imahyn and Kerykun are killed (presumably by Nawat). Princess Josiane of the Copper Isles is killed in combat. They also found darkings. She’s still suffering from morning sickness, though, and once mentioned that she wanted a proper nest before having nestlings – so perhaps Alan’s visit was long. [27] Second canonical notation of Jon’s age; note that it’s one year older than it should be according to the first canonical notation. He displayed a powerful gift from an early age, accidentally setting numerous fires. King Dunevon, Elsren, and three other boys die in a magical storm, on King Dunevon’s birthday. King Jonathan of Conté takes Zahir as his squire. He used a freezing spell on all of them, so they could not move. The pages have their first all-out brawl (during training). He gives Beka a pearl tooth to assist in following her scent. Matfird Fonfala’s birthday. Beka learns from her cousin Philben that he got his coles while unloading and transporting merchandise from. Numair awoke in a panic after realizing that the barrier between the Mortal and Divine Realms exploded due to the work of a human mage. He helped build Haven and he created the plateau that Haven sat on. Keladry of Mindelan! A Doi Seer tells the party their futures. Sacherell plies his knight-master (Raoul) with wine at Alanna’s bidding, and later Geoffrey and Douglass are ice skating and it says that “Raoul’s squire was the best skater in the palace, and Geoffrey was quite good for someone reared in Persopolis” (paraphrased). And therefore until it is “caught up,” these years are double-dated. Synopsis Harry is an orphan and on his eleventh birthday he finds out that he is a famous wizard. [52] There is actually nothing to confirm the date of Kalasin’s marriage. Beka and Co. rescue diggers and capture Vrinday Kayu. Serenity blinds two spies of the Court of the Rogue when they come to Ladyshearth Lodgings in the night. [23] During In the Hand of the Goddess there are several mentions of Douglass and Sacherell and who they squire; there’s actually a discrepancy – both are mentioned as being Raoul’s squire at one point. Five days later, before dying, the sorceress gives Alanna the map to the Dominion Jewel and the spell to fix Lightning. Paidrag haMinch is chosen as the new Training Master; Gareth (the Younger) of Naxen takes the interim position. He is not very good at horseriding; his gelding, Spots, knows this and takes special care of him so that he doesn't fall off or lead his horse off a cliff. Up against the traditional hazing of pages and a grueling schedule, Kel faces only one real roadblock: Lord Wyldon, the training master of pages and squires. Daine was sent along to heal the emperor's birds, which had fallen ill[17]. Sarai meets Lord Zaimid Hetnim, the (youngest ever) head of the Carthaki Imperial University Healer’s Wing (and friend and cousin to Kaddar). The pirates were defeated with the help of a dragon and the kraken. Part way through Realms of the Gods, Daine went over a cliff and Numair believed he had lost her. Veron is killed defending the castle gate; Lokeji is killed in battle. Queen Thayet was a bit of one as well. So I’ve thrown all caution to the wind and picked a date – determined by their ages at knighthood – that sort of satisfied canon. He is married to Veralidaine Sarrasri, a powerful wild mage, and they have two children together, Sarralyn and Rikash Salmalín. Kel, Raoul, and Thayet press Jon to change a particular law, and Jon agrees. Goodwin and Bea are given the assignment to travel to Port Caynn in order to investigate the situation regarding coles. Kel takes a make-up examination and becomes a squire. Arram Draper flees Carthak; his name is changed to Numair Salmalin. They finally marry a week before their baby was due. In 460 HE, the Scanran War broke out between Tortall and the country to the north, Scanra. At some point during this year, Princess Kalasin goes to live with the Countess of King’s Reach. Prince Bronau attacks and kills Duke Mequen. Imajane and Rubinyan offer Dove the marriage contract with Dunevon. Later on, Numair fought the Scanran mage Inar Hadensra, and managed to defeat him. As Seaver, Merric, and Owen came in, Kel pointed at Neal. Numair asked Daine to marry him at the end of Realms of the Gods, to which Daine replied that she would only if he was good. [36] Although we are never informed of the Lord of Tirragen’s death, Alex becomes the Lord of Tirragen at some point between In the Hand of the Goddess and Lioness Rampant. At some point in the spring, Kalasin commits suicide. Prince Bronau leaves for Hazarin’s coronation, after a tender exchange with Sarai. Numair, along with Daine, The Duke of Naxen, the duke's son Gareth the Younger, Martin of Meron, Alanna the Lioness, and Harailt of Aili, all were part of the delegation[17]. They meet Sir Lionel of Trebond, Watch Commander for all of Port Caynn. Lord Imrah of Legann takes Roald as his squire. Daine's parents, Sarra and Weiryn visit and note that the baby is still constantly shape shifting. Then later, on, Tammy made the official announcement (and properly named Margarry, daughter of Lord Wyldon and Lady Vivenne). Jonathan was born in 416 HE as the only child of King Roald and Queen Lianne of Tortall. Kel has her first fight with Joren, Vinson, and Zahir; she is given Sunday afternoon armory duty and weekly essays until April. All the workings of Aly and her spies. Vrinday Kayu commits suicide in the mages’ prison. He almost died of starvation while on the road. Owen of Jesslaw begins training as a page – sponsored by Prince Roald. Ralon of Malven (aka Claw) is killed in combat. The dragon died in battle, leaving Daine with a vision of a newborn dragon in a cave along the cliffside. He ensures that all precautions are taken in order to keep Daine from being talked rudely about in relation to him. Ozorne kidnaps Daine and has Numair (or his simulacrum) executed. Trial for Mistress Noll and the Shadow Snake Gang. Kel and Joren have their first conflict of the training year when Kel protects Owen. Landfall, of the Tortallan spy network, begins spying in Hamrkeng, Scanra. [56] The fact that she carries triplets was from a post Tammy made at The Mindelan family returns from the Yamani Islands. War is declared between Tortall and Scanra. [48] Note that it began as the Great Progress and ended as the Grand Progress. The duchess allows Sarai and Dove to continue their weapons training, and takes it up herself. After years in the Yamani Islands, she knows that women can be warriors, and now that she’s returned home, Kel is determined to achieve her goal. He also became a member of King Jonathan's private council, along with Alanna the Lioness and Sir Gareth the Younger[6]. Bronau and the Balitang group go to the village of Pohan; Aly tries to find the mage. At some point, Sir Douglas of Veldine is assigned to be her knight guardian. Kel commands Dom’s squad when he is wounded. Numair learned for sure that his student's father was a god. Herun Lofts goes missing; Crookshank blames Kayfer. | 200 H.E. If you’d like to argue discrepancies, please sent it via email to, and be sure to quote or cite any relevant passages to indicate the error (with edition and page numbers) so I can look it up and verify it before changing the timeline.[1]. If Harry Potter ever needs a female cohort, Squire Keladry of Mindelan, the heroine of Pierce's action-adventure series about a knight-in-training, could easily back him up. [10] Beltane, the holiday modernly celebrated as “May Day,” occurs at different times in various Tortallan series. Beka witnesses a pickpocket exchanging purses to get coles in the mainstream; she tries to make an arrest. Gunnar is killed after he is captured and taken to the cages. Kyprioth reveals that the crows also have a wager with him. The year in brackets denote the other possible year it could be, if the missing year fell before it. Dom would be a balance for Kel's stoic ideals. Alan of Pirate’s Swoop begins training as a page. He is also incredibly honorable, and takes care not to do anything that would make Daine fall in love with him or feel like he is taking advantage of her. Gary, Raoul, and Alex have “reached their eighteenth birthdays”… Jon is noted to be turning seventeen within the year. The Balitangs are informed (by Aly) of Prince Bronau’s financial situation. Liam begins teaching Shang fighting to Alanna. Daine also told Lady Yolane that she could talk to animals. The Kraken destroys enemy forces while the Riders and guard destroy the armies. By Daine’s time slavery is illegal in Tortall. Yolane of Dunlath is captured for plotting treason against the crown. Queen Thayet commission a gown from Lalasa, giving her the money necessary to open a dress shop. When Jonathan was 3 years old, his mother gave birth to a stillborn child, and afterward could not get pregnant again, leaving Jon a… She (unwillingly) becomes the tribe’s shaman. Provost slang becomes popular: “Dogs,” “Puppy,” “Growl,” “Kennel,” etc. [8] At this point in time, slavery is legal in Tortall; the illegality of this slave auction is that it is not government-sanctioned, and therefore not taxed. Veralidaine Sarrasri (Daine for short), a thirteen-year-old girl who was working as the Assistant Horsemistress of Onua Chamtong, was able to call Numair back into his human body using her potent wild magic. Serenity and the Daughters of the Goddess offer help to Lord Gershom in raiding Pearl’s court. By the end of August, only Ikang and parts of Malubesang and Lombyn resist Dove’s rule. Aly tells Dove, Chenaol, Fesgao, and Winnamine the truth about her origins. Quinden of Marti’s Hill passes his Ordeal of Knighthood. After arriving at the Bloody Hawk’s camp, Alanna comments on her one-year anniversary of becoming a knight having been six days ago. In the medieval and fantastic realm of Tortall, Keladry of Mindelan (known as Kel) is the first girl to take advantage of the decree that permits females to train for knighthood. Prior to this date, Queen Imiary VI is overthrown after a twelve-year reign of the Copper Isles, by Queen Dilsubai, the last native Kyprish ruler. Emperor Ozorne had imprisoned him in the dungeons, and Numair managed to escape. [6] Actually, I’m not sure if Rosto was born this year. He can call upon extremely dangerous magic when pushed, such as when Tristan Staghorn threatened Daine's life and Numair turned him into an apple tree (but, in Daine's opinion, a sour one). Dove pieces the rake conspiracy together; she and Sarai were aware that the raka believed Sarai to be the possible queen, but did not know of the actual conspiracy. For three days, all of the raka business and households remain “quiet” – no work, no outings. Alanna gives Kel a sword (Griffin) and reveals that she was the mystery benefactor. The Balitang party roots out bandits en route to Tanair Castle; Sarai and Dove prevent their execution, suggesting a blood-oath of fealty instead. However, this is technically impossible, since Aly’s agreement with Kyprioth was through the Autumn Equinox (September) and that has not occurred yet. The Provost’s Guard is created by King Baird III of Tortall. The first year listed is the year according to the book. Numair first fell in love with Daine somewhere between Wolf-Speaker and Emperor Mage. Numair is so powerful that he cannot cast small spells and charms. Master Isanz’s grand-daughter, Merand, tells Beka that her grandfather, uncles, and aunts have been taken by Dogs and charged with colemongering. Synopsis Harry is an orphan and on his eleventh birthday he finds out that he is a famous wizard. [57] This is another tidbit offered by Tammy; at a signing she told me that Lord Wyldon’s youngest daughter told her father than she wanted to marry his squire. A Birthday, Not a Break: Kel remembers it's her birthday after falling out of a tree. They also realized that Uusoae, Queen of the Chaos Realms, was gaining power through her human vessel, Ozorne Tasikhe, the former Emperor Mage of Carthak, who was now a stormwing[23]. See more ideas about Female knight, Fan book, Favorite authors. Because Daine shape shifted so many times in her first trimester that the baby got used to it and continued to shift throughout the rest of the pregnancy, causing Daine to have to shape shift her lower half to accommodate the baby's changes. Seaver of Tasride is born. For sanity’s sake, I’ve made Ralon four years older than Alanna by year. The real Numair stopped Daine from killing Ozorne as a hyena. Also, note that post-Midwinter, Jon and “Alan” are alone, which indicates that Francis has been made a squire as well – though it’s not mentioned in the canon. Corus Dogs, mages, and magistrates arrive in Port Caynn. Aly defends Kyprioth before Mithros and the Goddess. Ives tells Pearl that Beka accused her of colemongering to Sir Lionel. [29] While only Geoffrey and Douglass appear in canon as knights, Tammy confirmed that Sacherell of Wellam did indeed also pass his Ordeal and became a knight of the realm. Lightning is damaged; Alanna finds the crystal sword. Glaisden of Haryse dies in combat, along with nineteen men of the King’s Own First Company. He is engaged to and later marries Princess Shinkokami of the Yamani Islands in Squire and they have a daughter named Lianokami, also called Liano, who will be the heir apparent to Roald after he is crowned. Cleon of Kennan passes his Ordeal of Knighthood. Sacherell and Douglass are made Gary’s and Raoul’s squires. Yancen of Irenroha passes his Ordeal of Knighthood. Raoul of Goldenlake passes his Ordeal of Knighthood. Master Isanz says the silver is from Arenaver near Barony Olau. He brings a written history of the Bazhir for Jonathan. Sir Inness of Mindelan takes Cleon as his squire. Neal grinned. She stood at the entrance to the platform for fifteen minutes before she could push herself to step out into the open air. Numair did do other things, as his magic was large and powerful enough to do almost anything. [12] Roger was cited as being fifteen years older than Jonathan (per Tammy’s Random Buzz Q&A), so this is actually an estimation based on Jon’s likely birthdate. [44] Note that “princess” is singular. 250 B.H.E – 199 H.E. Yuki and Neal reveal their mutual affections. George propositions Alanna for the first time. Numair said that she could live at his tower with him, but Alanna said that was hardly proper, and that Daine needed women to talk to. Also, using a simple spell to call boulders, he called them from 10 miles away, instead of closer ones, because he could not do the "simple" magic involved in calling the closer ones. Jon expresses interest in Bazhir history. Joren threatens Kel directly for the first time since they were both pages. Jul 20, 2014 - Explore Lotefa Bartlett de Villarreal's board "Because I'm a geek: Tamora Pierce", followed by 286 people on Pinterest. Aly sends spies to Rajmuat three weeks before the Balitang’s departure from Tanair. [35] In Song of the Lioness, Tammy placed Beltane as the summer solstice holiday. The four youngest pages (Alanna, Geoffrey, Sacherell, Douglass) begin their fencing lessons. Daine calls to the whales to ask for help; they refuse. Her grandmother, The Green Lady, forced the child to choose a shape and stick with it for the first five years. ... and Keladry of Mindelan were created by American author Tamora Pierce.

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