Blacks are the darkest color and Splash chicks are the off white color chicks. Is the Jersey Giant Good for Eggs? They are fairly good egg layers, especially in winter time that they are also called winter layers. Black Jersey Giant Chicken Hatching on February 3, 2021. Eventually, your baby Jersey White Giant chickens are going to outgrow all the other chickens. Hen Weight: 6 lbs. Like a good mystery? Females are black with a slight goldish neck and the males are black with grey barring. We sell eggs at the local farmers markets. Egg Production: Excellent. The Black breed of this chicken is only a pound heavier than the White breed. The Jersey Giant, evident from the name, is considered to be the largest purebred chicken with an average weight of 13 lbs for the roster and 11 lbs for the hens. The color of the hatching egg may provide a clue but you'll need to wait until the chick hatches to see if you're even half right -- the possibilities are almost endless. If you're up to some Super Sleuthing, order some "Mystery Eggs" and see if you can guess what birds you've received! Aside from the meat, hens can lay as much as 260 large, brown eggs per year. Jersey Giant hens lay very large brown eggs and will go broody. Sweeney Farm raises the Blue-Black-Splash color group of Jersey Giants. (New) Jersey Giant Chickens are usually black and kept as general-purpose fowl for heavy meat and egg production, typically producing around 4 eggs per week. Blue Jersey Giant chicks are a Smoky Blue Color. Unfortunately, Jersey Giants are not known for going broody. Be warned that sometimes eggs can take a few days more than the average 21 days due to the large size of the eggs. Pricing. Order now for estimated delivery by February 6, 2021. The chicks tend to be slow growers, so don't worry that anything is wrong. Its eggs (brown to dark brown in color) are extra large in size color. Blue Jersey Giant pullets- 6 months old. A superb hybrid brown egg layer. It may happen occasionally, but the birds aren’t the best setters. Home / Chicks / Brown Egg Layers / Giants / Black Giants Black Giants This is the original Jersey Giant developed in New Jersey in the late 19th century by crossing several of the large, dark Asiatic breeds. They will lay up to 200 eggs each year, averaging four or so eggs each week. SPLASH JERSEY GIANT COCK. The Black brothers began breeding these chickens in New Jersey in the 1880s. At $13.95 for (3) Mystery Eggs, it is a great deal, too. The color of the skin is yellow giving a ‘corn fed’ appearance as a table roasting bird. Breed Alternatives 1. Quite often splash colors have gray tones. Broody: No. They are good mothers to their chicks, gentle as they are. Cochins. Product ID: 2BJG. Jersey Giants put out a prolific amount of large eggs. Egg Color: Brown. Blue Jersey Giant. Their Livestock Conservancy status is "Watch." These are large and pale brown in color. Hardiness: Cold Hardy. Color Description: Jersey Giants come in … Since Jersey Giants do not have a complicated color pattern on their feathers, they are not a difficult bird to breed. Jersey Giant Chickens are a heritage breed. BLACK JERSEY GIANT COCKEREL. Egg Size: Large. Disposition: Active & Docile. Rooster Weight: 8lbs.

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