I even added 3 tablespoons more oil to the mix. Pinning this. I like my scrubs to have a lot of oil for shaving my legs, so I always go a little heavy on the oil. DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Bars from Happy Mothering. Materials: 1/2 cup granulated sugar (125 mL) 1/4 cup canola oil (60 mL) Directions: Mix together in a bowl with your hands. Thanks. If it was me, I would go buy a more pure oil. If the mix is too soupy the sugars will dissolve in a day … I used this recipe but used sunflower oil instead of vegetable. Well, if you add 1 1/2 cups of sugar and 1/4 cup of oil, you get 1 3/4 cups of sugar scrub. Give the ladies in your life a little sweetness with a quick, easy and inexpensive homemade gift that they will appreciate all through the year. With the better oils (undiluted), one drop is all your jar of sugar scrub needs. A little goes a long way! You could also make a scrub with white sugar, or substitute the coconut oil with olive oil, jojoba oil or almond oil—or even combine oils. 4. It’s great for massaging around your nails to get rid of dead skin and keep your cuticles soft and healthy,  (especially if you’re a DIYer who is always scrubbing paint off your hands!). containerEl: '#fd-form-5f172a5c626753002668fe4e' Do Vegetable Oils Enhance The Effectivity of Sugar Scrub Hair Mask? Penny, I'm not sure of their shelf life but I have jars of these scrubs all over my house (kitchen, bathrooms) and have been using them for over a year and they are just as good as new! I spooned half into a container to give to a friend for Christmas and then took the rest to my shower, where the scrubbing sensation felt amazing and made my skin very soft afterwards. is it ok to use sunflower cooking oil and white sugar??? Also, it wasn’t super oily like most sugar or salt scrubs are. Do not use sweet almond if you are allergic to nuts, of course. This recipe[1] X Research source makes about 2/3 of a cup of scrub, although you can double it to make more. To Use: In the shower, apply Corrie’s Brown Sugar Body Scrub into skin and rinse. It turned out great I made some for myself and made the rest for my mom for mother’s day. If you don't want to miss anything, sign up to receive new posts via email. The other ingredients for this sugar scrub are white granulated sugar and dried lavender flower buds. To use, place a small amount onto a fingertip and rub on lips with finger for about 1-2 minutes. Shanda, age 31: I found LouAna brand safflower oil at my local Walmart supercenter. https://steamykitchen.com/41964-how-to-make-salt-sugar-scrubs.html Start with raw sugar and vegetable oil, and add your choice of a scent. . “Very soft and smooth” Gentle sugar crystals exfoliate dead skin while oil comes restores dry skin totally rejuvenate the look and feel of your hands. In a medium mixing bowl, combine oil, vitamin E and vanilla. Get a container. I used almond oil mixed with a few drops of orange extract (for a nice citrus scent)and I could smell it on myself. Transfer to a resealable container and label. Luxurious Sugar Scrub Recipe. I'd like to avoid any disasters like rotting, but I also don't want to break the bank. Leslie, age 30: Thanks, Amy, for giving me this recipe – a definite thumbs up from me!” (Sheryl used an oil blend of safflower, olive & canola. Then, the smoothness set in. }); Copyright © 2020 Shine Your Light | Bamboo on Trellis Framework by Mediavine. 1 1/2 c. white table sugar. Stay tuned to see who won tomorrow! Grab yourself a bowl, spoon, and the ingredients to make one of these vegan sugar scrubs. These four testers have been entered into a prize drawing for a small vial of essential or fragrance oil of their choice to scent their own handmade sugar scrub, as well as a handmade sugar scrub from Great Cakes Soapworks. Corrie’s Note: Please be aware that oils can make the shower and bath surfaces very slippery. Pick your favorite oil and add essential oils for scent. © 2020 Great Cakes Soapworks - WordPress Theme by Y Design Services. Do keep in mind that fragrances can be irritating to sensitive skin, so stay basic if … Rinse off with warm water. You will end up with the best Brown Sugar Body Scrub … Raw coarse sugar works well for hand and foot scrubs, while brown sugar works well as an all purpose body scrub and fine white sugar makes an excellent face & neck scrub. I will defininitley be using it again. Rachel, age 22: This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I love this stuff! Be sure to follow all safety precautions and always research the safety info and contraindications … Any irritation? You can, Jenna, but you should use it as soon as possible. 1 cup fine loose salt or loose sugar; 3 teaspoons liquid Vegetable Glycerin; 1 teaspoon pure honey; 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil; Optional: Pinch of Lavender blossoms (available in the bulk department of good health food stores), or chamomile, or dried herbs of your choice, chopped exceedingly fine. hi! formId: '5f172a5c626753002668fe4e', I thought it wasn’t going to turn out good, but I was pleasantly surprised! What did you like about this recipe? “This was a great exfoliator for hands, feet, and elbows. I used extra virgin olive oil and did not get the consistency you got. 1 cup white sugar, ½ cup olive oil, ½ tsp vitamin E oil, 15-20 drops (or more) of lemon or orange essential oil Gentle Lavender Sugar Scrub for Face : 1 cup white sugar, ½ cup almond oil, ½ tsp vitamin E oil , ½ tsp real vanilla extract, and 15 drops lavender essential oil. Having these combined is the ultimate stress relief aroma! Rub in well. I just used it earlier in the shower and it felt so good on my skin and left me feeling so soft! Apply sugar scrub liberally to body and massage in. I used just regular vegtible oil and vanilla extract. Also take care as it can make your shower slippery! Sugar scrubs should last for quite a long time on a shelf, as long as it has a lid on it. DIY homemade sugar and salt scrubs Recipes . Raw sugar scrubs exfoliate your skin and protect it from the harsh cold of winter, I use my sugar scrub in the shower and keep a jar by the kitchen sink to use after doing the dishes. Welcome! But it still left my skin super smooth so I’m happy. This one is so easy, but it feels soooo nice on your skin! About ¼ cup for a 6 oz jar. Extra virgin avocado oil is full of monounsaturated fats and vitamin E and is an excellent moisturizer. You can also use fresh ingredients in your scrub, but keep in mind that anything fresh, like orange peel or ginger , will have a limited shelf life and need to be refrigerated. A great spring treatment for those feet in need of a pedicure. Sugar, Oil my preference is olive oil it’s kinder to the skin than coconut oil which can be a bit harsh. Next time I would use baker’s sugar as it is more fine than regular sugar. 1 1/2 c. white table sugar Sweet Sugar Scrub. It’s definitely simple! “I really liked the sugar scrub! I found LouAna brand safflower oil at my local Walmart supercenter. I think I may also add some peppermint oil.” (Shanda used canola oil.). @Brooke – Something that is labeled simply “vegetable oil” is definitely not as high of quality as a pure sunflower, safflower, or almond oil. Lavender essential oil is known for its soothing properties which makes it great for headaches. @Malerie – So glad you enjoyed it! And yes, you can add essential oils if you have them – 6-10 drops would be plenty for a recipe this size, depending on the oil. 1 Part Sugar. If you like a thicker scrub, bump up the amount of sugar … It was like waking up my skin! window.fd('form', { I hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to DIY essential oil sugar scrubs. Coconut oil and sugar scrub can gently get rid of dead skin cells. You'll need a small container to mix and keep your sugar scrub in. {How many years in a row is acceptable for me to give sugar scrubs as a Mother’s Day gift???}. And there you have it…..a pretty little package for someone you are sweet on . You may want to exclude your face and neck, as it is rather abrasive. “I probably would use it again, however I would need to make sure not to use it before bed because the oil does get on your sheets.” (Leslie used sweet almond oil). This is such a great recipe because you can customize it however you wish. Test it with a small batch size and see how you like it. You can try different oils – grape seed, olive, and rosehip oils are all wonderful antioxidants that keep your skin healthy and youthful. It’s so simple to make your own scented sugar scrubs that you’ll wonder why you never tried to DIY this before! Take it in the shower and rub all over your body before turning on the water. Thanks for visiting! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Is this a bad idea? box of raw sugar will fill a dozen. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. If you prefer, you can use brown sugar. So that's when you know its a good gift. Shanda can substitute a finer sugar (even brown sugar works!) https://simplydesigning.porch.com/homemade-sugar-scrub-recipe Chocolate Cups, Letters, Shapes, Curls & Shavings! An oldie but definitely a goodie!!! It’s amazing how such a simple recipe can get such great results, isn’t it? It’s truly a super … Your email address will not be published. How did it make your skin feel? I'd like to get a jump on things and make this today to give to my staff Dec. 19. This used to be my go to right after noticeable summer days! The consistency should be sandy, not soupy. It’s pretty amazing. If you’re giving your homemade scrubs away as gifts, don’t forget to add a tag with directions, and a wide popsicle stick to scoop the scrub out with is a nice touch too (widely available at craft stores). You are then going to add the scrub to the desired containers. “It was very easy to make” After you add your scent, mix up your concoction well. I used vegetable oil because that’s what I had on hand. https://www.karissasvegankitchen.com/easy-coffee-body-scrub-recipe @Brooke – Everybody’s skin is different and will tolerate different things, so I couldn’t say for sure. Hannah and I made this batch of mini jars for, One 2 lb. Have Fun! Find a clean container with a lid that you can spare for at least a few days until you've used all of your scrub. https://naturallyliz.com/recipe/homemade-sugar-and-salt-scrub I can't seem to find many blog posters who use canola oil, but it's a fraction of the price. You may use a food processor, but don't let it process too long or the coconut oil will melt and the … Size your container appropriately. Since this little jar will likely live by your sink or in the shower, forgo a paper label for a pretty metallic marker. Sheryl, age 55: Fill a clean jar with sugar, leaving a little room at the top for oil. The purer the oil, the better it will be for your skin! Glass jars with tight fitting lids out of the recycle bin are also great for this project. Your scrub will look like above. It's Nov. 23. Adjust the amount for the desired scent. Whip yourself up a batch of all natural, vegan sugar scrub and exfoliate your lips back to the soft, sweet state you prefer. Note: This scrub also works great for the face. Rinse with cool water. Hi I was wondering if I wanted to make a brown sugar scrub if I would need to add some regular cane sugar to it plus the oil and essential oils to balance out that brown sugar is wetter than regular cane sugar? Therefore, they clear out the dirt, stimulate skin cell growth, and remove all traces of makeup from your skin. its a present for my boyfriend (he takes care of his skin lol) but i tested it and i lovee it. I’m a little late but I just found out about this sugar scrub recipe, so simple! Thank you! . Your email address will not be published. When you prepare the mix with the mask and sugar, add a teaspoon of your favorite vegetable oil, such as coconut or olive. Coconut Oil Has Antioxidant Properties. I want this for myself! Any idea what the shelf life of this might be? The combination of exfoliating and the oil really makes my skin feel smooth – even now that I’m dressed. To make a sugar scrub, combine sugar and oil together, and place in a bowl or jar. Then, rinse off sugar lip scrub with water. Mix all ingredients together and transfer sugar lip scrub to a 2 oz. Mix together in a small plastic bowl with a lid. Lemon Sugar Scrub: Great hand scrub for after washing dishes! Just enough to dampen the sugar but not slushy. Sugar scrub is the best for the colder, dry months. My sister is saying that vegetable oil is going to be bad for my skin, is this true? to get the results she wants.

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