Windswept Broom Moss (Dicranum scoparium) is rather distinctive because of its large size and the tendency of its leaves to curve in the same direction. Species name refers to a broom, from the swept appearance of the leaves on the stem. Open Mobile Menu. Genus: Dicranum Species: Dicranum scoparium. hartelii (Glow.) Furthermore, if for some reason you find this moss hard to acquire or would like to consider something similar to this plant… Here are some other plants you might find may do well with or in the place of Dicranum scoparium: My overall opinion about mood moss is that it is a great moss to use as an accenting plant to have in a vivarium. Broom moss (Orphan Lk) 2.JPG 2,560 × 1,920; 804 KB. 2013. I think that with patience and a proper understanding of this moss… It can be a pretty easy plant to care for once it gets going. Common Names: Mood moss, Broom moss, Fork moss, Windswept moss. Dicranum scoparium Hedw. Dicranum is in the family Dicranaceae in the subclass Bryidae, division Bryophyta. alatum Barnes; Dicranum canadense Kindb. It needs time to breathe to process nutrients received through watering. Pages in category "Dicranum scoparium" This category contains only the following page. What Is Mood Moss? I would, however, recommend it for moderately moist builds that want to go for that leaf littered, woodland look. EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 0.9. Dicranum scoparium (DCNSC) ... Common names. Musc. – dicranum moss ... Common Name: Scientific Name : TSN: In: Kingdom Go to Advanced Search and Report . Synonyms . Common names. Scientific plant list. I wouldn’t house this plant in a vivarium that would require a high volume of humidity like a tropical setup… Definitely wouldn’t want this moss for extremely dry, desert-themed builds either. Dicranum rugifolium (E.B. Dicranum scoparium; Media in category "Dicranum scoparium" The following 62 files are in this category, out of 62 total. This moss is one of the most commonly found types of moss growing throughout forests in the Pacific Midwest. Spread out smaller pieces of moss to allow reformation to colonize. Dicranum scoparium Hedw., 1801. Schimp. The 4, well-developed, toothed ridges along the back of the midrib are characteristic of this species. In exposed areas, brittle shoots are a probable source of propagation. curvulum Brid., 1806 Dicranum scoparium var. Search: SPECIES: Dicranum scoparium | Occurrence ... Subspecies Species Genus Family Order Class Phylum Kingdom Identified to rank Name match metric Lifeform Common name (processed ... resource. Tropicos. Dicranum angustifolium Kindb. Windswept Broom Moss (Dicranum scoparium) is rather distinctive because of its large size and the tendency of its leaves to curve in the same direction. Eukaryota. Polytrichum Commune. The woodland environment Dicranum Scoparium is native to provides a realm of shade and some partial sun. The hair-like leaves have a “swept” appearance, giving this species its common name. English. Naargelang … Mood moss has very uniquely curved leaves that are generally curved to one side. ID 27098 Symbol Key DISC71 Common Name dicranum moss Family Dicranaceae Category Moss Division Bryophyta US Nativity Native to U.S. US/NA Plant … Dicranum scoparium Familia Dicranaceae Photos . Home > Name Search > !Dicranum scoparium Hedw. scoparium Homonyms Dicranum scoparium Hedwig, 1801 Common names 2014] lang and stech: dicranum scoparium species complex 373 same holds for the sp ecies that were former ly treated as vari - eties of D. scopari um but placed in other se ctions than sect. are common throughout most of the boreal forest. The Northern Forest Atlas produces graphic tools for naturalists. Taxonomy. datasets have provided data to the NBN Atlas Wales for this species.. Browse the list of datasets and find organisations you can join if you are interested in participating in a survey for species like Dicranum scoparium Hedw. DicranumscopariumHedw. Place this plant on the foreground of the vivarium floor between rocks around the base of plants. English. Glow. Zetterst. Dicranum rigidifolium Sakurai Dicranum scopariiforme Kindb. Threat status Europe: Not evaluated (IUCN) The EUNIS species component has very limited information about this species. Family: Dicranaceae. Scientific name i: Dicranum scoparium: Taxonomy navigation › Dicranum. When shopping for possible Mood moss for sale, expect a few key indicators you are buying the best quality plant. The leaves all curve, generally in the same direction as other neighboring leaves, looking wind swept. Broom Fork-moss Estonian harilik kaksikhammas. Familia: Dicranaceae Genus: Dicranum Species: Dicranum scoparium Name []. Shoots are commonly glossy-green in appearance. Life. Country of Origin: Accession Data: Accession # 201800007 Source: Bernard Goffinet Provenance: Collected Bernard Goffinet Mansfield Center, CT, USA Accession Date: 02-14-2018 Bench: 0 - unassigned location Currently: deceased; Qty: 2 confirmed on 01-17-2019. Name Language; broom fork-moss: English: lesser fork-moss: English: dicrane en balai: French: Propose photo. Common Names. — Symbol DISC71 Common Name dicranum moss Botanical Family Dicranaceae …   Scientific plant list, Dicranum — polysetum Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae …   Wikipedia, Dicranum montanum — Berg Gabelzahnmoos Berg Gabelzahnmoos (Dicranum montanum) Systematik Klasse: Laubmoose (Bryopsida) …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Dicranum polysetum — Gewelltblättriges Gabelzahnmoos Gewelltblättriges Gabelzahnmoos (Dicranum polysetum) Systematik Klasse: Laubmoose (Bryopsida) …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Besenmoos — Dicranum scoparium Dicranum scoparium Systematik Klasse: Laubmoose (Bryopsida) …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Gewöhnliches Gabelzahnmoos — Dicranum scoparium Dicranum scoparium Systematik Klasse: Bryopsida Unterklasse …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Dicranaceae — Gewöhnliches Gabelzahnmoos (Dicranum scoparium) Systematik Abteilung: Laubmoose (Bryophyta) …   Deutsch Wikipedia, List of Canadian plants by family D — Main page: List of Canadian plants by familyFamilies: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I J K | L | M | N | O | P Q | R | S | T | U V W | X Y Z Daltoniaceae * Daltonia splachnoides Dennstaedtiaceae * Dennstaedtia punctilobula eastern hay scented… …   Wikipedia, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. Dicranum scoparium belongs to the Mosses & Liverworts group. Dicranum scoparium is a fascinating moss that affectionately gets the name “Mood Moss” by its temperamental appearance. Feather Moss When the conditions are dry, it will appear thinned out and stringy… Giving off a more discontent emotion. Dicranum sabuletorum Renauld & Cardot; Dicranum spadiceum J.E. dicranum moss (Dicranum scoparium) Foto n. 76052 - dicranum moss (Dicranum scoparium) Picture modified from Walter Emil Friedrich August Migula - Moose Band V. (1904) - Permission granted to use under GFDL by Kurt Stueber. paludosum Schimp., 1860 Dicranum scoparium var. When setting up lighting within the vivarium for this moss, a high level of brightness would be ideal since the plant is indoors. The source of moss will usually be sold in small tissue cultures, ready for you to propagate. If possible, try to avoid loose textured surfaces like sand or fluffy soil because it is more difficult for moss to latch on and establish itself properly. Adding diversity to an enclosure is key to an aesthetically pleasing enclosure. Dicranum scoparium. One species, Dicranum fuscescens , has similar-sized leaves that are also falcate-secund (arc in the same direction), but its leaves become more curly and crisped when they become dry. - primary name for Dicranum scoparium Hedw. The 2-8cm tall stems form soft turfs. The leaves all curve, generally in the same direction as other neighboring leaves, looking wind swept. The stems are distinctly covered in a whitish fuzz. Scientific name: Dicranum scoparium. Hampe: Accepted: TRO: Dicranum setifolium Cardot: Accepted: TRO: Dicranum spadiceum J.E. This species occurs from Alaska to California and also in the southeastern United States, as well as in Mexico, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Mood moss tends to prefer to be on the more acidic side of potential hydrogen. Threat status Europe: Not evaluated (IUCN) The EUNIS species component has very limited information about this species. Accepted: TRO: Dicranum … compactum Renauld, 1879 Dicranum scoparium var. China Mosses. Dicranum Scoparium by Wolfram Sondermann / CC BY-ND 2.0. Infraspecies recognized by EOL Dynamic Hierarchy 0.9 and GBIF classification. Gaffeltandmos vormt glanzend groene tapijten. Dicranum scoparium : Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0) Acquired: 1996 : Notes: Reference for: Dicranum scoparium ... Common Name: Scientific Name : TSN: In: Kingdom Go to Advanced Search and Report . Dicranum bonjeanii var. 2. Dicranum scoparium Hedw. Dicranum scoparium is a species of dicranid moss that grows in round mass clumps. Dicranum scoparium, the broom forkmoss, is a species of dicranid moss, native to North America, including the Great Lakes region. IPCN. It usually forms tufts or mats on soil in dry to moist forested areas. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. Dicranum tauricum. Dicranum scoparium is commonly referred to as mood moss because of the way it changes aesthetics based on its surrounding moisture conditions. Dicranum scoparium Hedw., 1801.. Synonyms []. Accepted name Source Dicranum scoparium Hedwig, 1801: PlutoF Taxonomy ... Dicranum scoparium var. Interpretation  Dicranum scoparium Hedw. Dicranum scoparium is a soft brilliant green moss species which grows in mounds and prefers acid soils or rock substrates. MossWorld Flora. PH Range: 5.0 to 6.0. Dicranum scoparium. It’s top visible layer will range in color, from yellowish-green to dark green depending on its health. Scientific name: Sphagnum centrale. The website also provides access to a database and images of herbarium specimens found at the University of South Florida and other herbaria. – dicranum moss : Species: Dicranum spadiceum Zett. Common Names: Mood moss, Broom moss, Fork moss, Windswept moss. Dicranoloma otii Sakurai; Dicranum alatum (Barnes) Cardot & Thér. The substrate or surface used should be firm and needs to have some type of drainage allowing excess water to run off or through the medium. Mood moss can grow on a number of surfaces due to its unique way of absorbing nutrients and shallow root structure. As an acrocarp, this moss works well as an accent plant placed around the base of hardscapes and taller canopy plants. Taxonomy. Het zwaartepunt ligt duidelijk binnen het Pleistoceen, waar het een zeer algemene verschijning is in bossen, heidevelde Cellular Organisms. In the wild, this plant is often found on very acidic soil or rocks with highly acidic surfaces. 2. 126. Dicranum scoparium var. Called Mood Moss by many florists, Dicranum is known commonly in the scientific world as Windswept or Broom Moss because of the way the individual plants have leaves that curve. Broom Moss (Dicranum scoparium) Common names: Broom Moss: Broom Fork-Moss: General Plant Information ; Life cycle: Perennial: Sun Requirements: Full Sun to Partial Shade: Water Preferences: Mesic Dry Mesic: Soil pH Preferences: Moderately acid (5.6 – 6.0) Slightly acid (6.1 – 6.5) Dicranum scoparium var. Frond. Broom Fork-moss. Scientific Name and Common Name; Kingdom: Plantae – Plants Division: Bryophyta – Mosses Subdivision: Musci Class: Bryopsida – True mosses Subclass: Bryidae Order: Dicranales Family Scientific name i: Dicranum scoparium: Taxonomy navigation › Dicranum. Het mos wordt 5 à 10 cm hoog en groeit van april tot december. Family name: Dicranaceae Common name: dicranum moss Growth form: Moss Names used on the Toolik-Arctic Geobotanical Atlas maps: Toolik Permanent Plots: Dicranum scoparium Imnavait Creek Permanent Plots: Dicranum scoparium

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