BLACKPINK's Rose and TWICE's Nayeon's adorable friendship had netizens buzzing. BLACKPINK’s Rosé Sent Girls’ Day’s Hyeri A Surprise Gift To Her Drama Set. News; The APAN Star Awards have taken a shift towards music this year. Skip to content. BLACKPINK is a powerhouse as the band comprises four individuals – Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. Together, their visual team is out of this world. BlackVelvet stans, we won! Comeback Battle Between BIG 3: TWICE Vs. BLACKPINK Vs. RED VELVET Topic is Hotter than Summer. Nayeon (TWICE) & Yeri (Red Velvet) & Rosé (BLACKPINK) Seems like Nayeon is TWICE’s social butterfly, because the joint friendship between Nayeon, Red Velvet’s Yeri and BLACKPINK’s Ros é has fans of all three groups begging for interactions of them together. A fan commented that Irene seemed close with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, and Irene said it was because the two often visit the same places. Go. predict the comeback month of the following groups: BLACKPINK, BTS, TWICE, EXO, RED VELVET and other. BLACKPINK will be making their long awaited comeback and it seems like not just fans but also K-Pop idols are excited for it too. BLACKPINK shares details about their friendship and their growth up to now, in a press conference for their new album, "THE ALBUM". Go. They have all taken over the music charts … racked up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views… and have legions of dedicated fans, who love the groups’ members … Namun, bagi para pecinta K-Pop, mereka selalu dihibur lewat lagu-lagu terbaik dari bintang kesayangan mereka. DISCLAIMER: Previously, I answered a question about why I didn’t like BLACKPINK, and it seemed that quite a few Quorans seemed to agree with my opinion. Actor Feed News Lists Stories. BLACKPINK, TWICE and Red Velvet is currently the reigning queens when it comes to the K-pop girl groups with each band being wonderfully different in terms of their addictive music. Red Velvet guested on Kim Chang Ryul‘s Old School Cool radio show, where each of the members revealed the female idol they are personally close with. BLACKPINK; NCT; TWICE; Red Velvet; ASTRO; - Tahun 2020 memang terasa begitu muram dengan pandemi yang sedang berlangsung. Words by Cherrie Lim. Besides Jennie’s and Irene’s good looks, their interactions with each other are just the cutest. Red Velvet's Joy, Apink's Oh Hayoung, and GFRIEND's Yerin has a relationship that are total friendship goals that we need in our life. … Sự trỗi dậy của Blackpink Sau gần 1 năm vắng bóng cùng nh� 1.1K likes. Hyeri … BLACKPINK Shares Just How Close The Members Are In A Touching … But by 2020, the situation of the top 3 girl groups has changed, TWICE is no … Girls’ Day‘s Hyeri took to social media to thank BLACKPINK‘s Rosé for sending her an amazing Christmas Eve present. BTS; BLACKPINK; NCT; TWICE; SHINee; aespa; IZ*ONE; Seungri Scandal (G)I-DLE; TXT; Previous Page More Results. BLACKPINK. Yesterday. Last updated: 9 December 2020. With the teaser pictures of BLACKPINK released, JiSoo had shared her teaser picture on … Hyeri and Rosé aren’t the only iconic BFFs in K-Pop. BLACKPINK; BTS; Red Velvet; Girls' Generation; IU; BTOB; MAMAMOO; ENHYPEN; Stray Kids; Previous Page More Results. Được xem là ba nhóm nhạc hàng đầu của gen 3 Kpop, Blackpink, Twice và Red Velvet luôn được đưa lên bàn cân để so sánh về độ phổ biến và thành tích. JeonAe Jun 17, 2020 1,303 Views. Twice vs BlackPink vs Momoland vs Girl Friend vs Red Velvet. Trong năm 2020 này, fan Kpop đã chứng kiến sự “trở mình” ngoạn mục của Blackpink sau thời gian vắng bóng, cùng với đó là sự thụt lùi cũng như biến động đối với Twice và Red Velvet. With so many great friendships within these two talented girl groups, many fans are urging for a collaboration. Skip to content. BLACKPINK, TWICE and Red Velvet are presently the prevailing sovereigns with regards to the K-pop girl-group with each band being magnificently extraordinary as far as their addictive music. BLACKPINK's JiSoo And Red Velvet's SeulGi Show Off Their Adorable Friendship On Instagram. First published: 28 October 2020. And when Red Velvet attended the 26th Seoul Music Awards, they were given yet another opportunity to interact with their friends.During the awards show, the group was seen celebrating a chance to hang out with their friends from groups such as TWICE, G-Friend and BLACKPINK.They really showed how close they were with the other girls, even showing some skinship with closer friends. TWICE is set to fire up the competition. JiSoo Instagram / SeulGi Instagram. Red Velvet has previously even expressed their interest in collaborating with BLACKPINK and TWICE. Firmly establishing themselves in the industry as soon as they made their debut in 2016, the quartet would soon light up the world with their unique fire. News. Since then, Seulgi’s Instagram post has been flooded with comments celebrating “Black Velvet”, the nickname for BLACKPINK and Red Velvet’s friendship. That Twice and Blackpink are more successful than Red Velvet. SPINS 23K. BLACKPINK, TWICE and Red Velvet are not only from the BIG3 but are also considered the 3 top 3rd generation girl groups based on popularity and achievements. Red Velvet’s Joy, Apink’s Oh Hayoung, And GFRIEND’s Yerin Are … Their friendship is precious! The netizen pointed out that although netizens accused Yeri of copying Jennie’s poses and photo set ups, the truth is, Yeri had posted the photos earlier than Jennie. Aug 14, 2020 - Explore irenechubs's board "BLACKVELVET", followed by 272 people on Pinterest. This lovely friendship triangle has taken many forms, from Nayeon accompanying Yeri when she visited a birthday event ReVeluvs … On July 11, an online post garnered wide attention for noticing that Rose had taken a selfie on Nayeon's phone. Search Tips. BLACKPINK; BTS; GOT7; Red Velvet; Girls' Generation; IU; MAMAMOO; BTOB; Stray Kids; ENHYPEN; Previous Page More Results. See more ideas about black velvet, red velvet, blackpink. Nayeon and jennie : are best friend even when they didn't debut. Online communities have been rife the past few days with posts accusing Red Velvet‘s Yeri of allegedly copying BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.However, all these have been debunked by one sharp netizen. Nominees for 2020 APAN Music Awards revealed – BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, GOT7, and more. We stan BLACKPINK and Red Velvet equally for many, many reasons. Koreaboo. Trending Topics. Over time, their “race” gradually became a game between TWICE and BLACKPINK because the SM girl group showed an unstable performance. BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Red Velvet‘s Irene are considered among the top visuals in K-Pop. Fandoms of BLACKPINK and Red Velvet are on the hype about their wishful desires for both KPOP girl groups to collaborate in the near future. From the videos I’ve seen of J-hope and Wendy always saying hi or smiling to each other and overall the two groups are definitely comfortable around each other. TWICE, BLACKPINK, and Red Velvet are three of the most popular girl groups in K-Pop, and one fan theory claims to have discovered the true reason behind for their success. But at the heart of it is one major thing: their friendship. Trending Topics. Search Tips. Feed News Lists Stories. Twice >> Blackpink >>>>> RV in terms of success, the gap is bigger . Truth be told, they were the first-ever group to get one billion views on YouTube with their hit, Ddu … Discussion in 'K-POP' started by supertiffany, Dec 24, 2020 at 7:32 PM. BTS; SHINee ; BLACKPINK; TWICE; EXO; TXT; MAMAMOO; GOT7; SEVENTEEN; NCT; Previous Page More Results. BLACKPINK's Jisoo posted her teaser for their upcoming comeback "How You Like That" on her Instagram, and Red Velvet's Seulgi couldn't help but show how excited she is. They’re also known to be close friends who sometimes hang out in public. Honouring the best stars and celebrities, APAN primarily focused on actors, actresses and managers “at the core … I assume that you mean which idols from these three groups are friends. The members of Red Velvet appeared as guests on the February 7 broadcast of “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School,” where they talked about some of their closest celebrity friends. Nah, berikut ini ada sederet lagu K-Pop terbaik di tahun 2020 pilihan fans hasil voting lewat website KingChoice. The popularity of mashups of … While slaying their girl crush concept, with their intense power anthems and a musical style that … Each group has its own charm, but this trio has plenty in common too. Nayeon are seen multiple times supporting jennie solo and jennie was giving sign of hearts to nayeon during their performance.

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