Stainless steel: Widely available, stainless steel is another great option for cooking that will not leach any chemicals into your tot’s meals. The size and shape of the spoon bowl allow for big-kid bites, and they’re made without any hazardous materials. It has a thoughtful design meant to support your little on in their journey toward self-feeding. Click here to view the full list of ingredients we avoid. They are the White Hot Safety Spoons from Munchkin! The gentle slope of the spoon is great for both dipping and scooping, and the line of sensory bumps at the edge of the spoon bowl let your baby know when to stop putting the spoon in, thus reducing gagging. Here is the list of best silicone baby spoons and reviews. Silicone can sometimes have a bit of a gross flavor at the start – cleaning with baking soda should take care of that. Unfortunately, this one is made of plastic, which I don’t love. A lot of the feeding spoons have add-ons that can be helpful. Color: Mint To Be. These cookies do not store any personal information. As with many other things, it would be a good idea to get a couple of different kinds and see which ones your kiddo prefers or which ones make self-feeding easier. However, there is a surprising range of baby spoons to choose from. * Exclusions apply. However, we don’t like how vague Nuk is in terms what type of plastic the handle is made of. Today, the Pacific Baby line offers innovative products that are natural, biodegradable and durable – kids also love their fun colors and designs! As a bonus, they come in an array of fun and contemporary colors, and the bamboo is sustainable. Share Non-Toxic Baby Feeding Practices - Utensils, Dishes & More on Facebook, Share Non-Toxic Baby Feeding Practices - Utensils, Dishes & More on Twitter, Share Non-Toxic Baby Feeding Practices - Utensils, Dishes & More on Pinterest, Feeding Sets: Starting Solids: Stage 1 & 2 (6 - 9m), Feeding Sets: Stage 3 Solids - Self-feeding (9 - 12m), Feeding Sets: Mastering Mealtimes (18m +). The best bang for your buck when it comes to baby spoons, Gerber Graduates Spoons cost about a dollar per spoon. Because they spend so much time exploring their new environment, babies spend a lot of time crawling on the floor and putting all sorts of things in their mouths. This set comes with three forks and three baby spoons. We also recommend using fragrance free soap to clean your kiddo’s utensils, baby bottles, sippy cups, high chairs, etc. The fork and spoon set comes in smart and attractive packaging and is made up high-quality plastic which is toxic free and passes all … 10 Best Baby Feeding Utensils – Baby Feeding Tools. You might opt to perform most of the feeding yourself since you begin, giving purées at a spoon by choosing the best baby spoons for them. Lately we’ve been getting an overwhelming number of requests for our favorite non-toxic baby feeding gear. If you want to take baby steps for easy transitions, this set of baby utensils is perfect to use after toddler spoons and before regular ones. Polypropylene is what plastic baby bottles are made of). Short, ergonomically shaped handles help babies learn to feed themselves. As adults, we’re able to enjoy a rainbow of gorgeous plate and cutlery options made of super safe materials like ceramic and glass. Below you can see my list of baby-approved best feeding spoons – that are recommended by experts and parents. The set comes with a travel pouch and a set of stickers for more fun. Replay BPA free baby infant spoons are non toxic and chemicals free baby feeding utensils made in the USA from plastic to teach growing babies to feed themselves with a … It also gives your little one a chance to get used to the harder texture and learn to take careful bites. We choose the top most quality product, which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. The bamboo handle of these baby spoons gives them a trendy look, but they are also well-designed for successful self-feeding training.Learn More. It should have large thumb and finger locators. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. EZPZ Tiny Spoon (Set Of 2) The EZPZ Tiny Baby Spoons have some unique features, such as the sensory bumps and raised rim. They are all stainless-steel and sized perfectly for pre-school aged hands.Learn More. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Lucky for parents everywhere, there are many tried and tested pots and pans that will not leach chemicals into your family’s food: Cast iron: When properly seasoned, cast iron is virtually non-stick. If you have older non-stick pans at home they probably contain PFOA. Grabease toddler utensils are made from non-toxic plastic and are BPA and pthalate free. If you have noticed that your baby tends to gag herself when self-feeding, there are spoons that have a guard to prevent the spoon from going too far into her mouth (thereby also preventing all her baby food from coming back up). The information on this website is for informational/entertainment purposes only. While we do our best to ensure the info is accurate at the time of writing, we’re not perfect and recommend you confirm things on your own! ... non-flexible handles and may involve choking hazards. We recommend using a baby safe dish soap to clean your baby spoons (and baby bottles) to reduce exposure to VOCs and phthalates. And if you know a family that’s ready to start self-feeding, we hope you’ll share this article with them! It also features a guard that prevents your little one from putting the spoon too far into their mouth and gagging.Learn More. The durable stainless steel handles are long and curved to make feeding baby all the easier, and the silicone spoon tips are gentle on teeth and gums. Are You Blushing. We are Geoff & Katie, new parents trying to make sense of life with kids! It’s also dishwasher safe. Nontoxic versions of formerly plastic baby feeding gear can get pricey. 2. Wonder Mat Rainbow Foam Mat. And little ones who are teething and want to chew on the spoon will find it soothing on their gums. For that reason, we like the ezpz Tiny Spoon, NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils, Olababy Training Spoon, and the Avanchy Natural Bambook Baby Feeding Spoon. At our house, the first non-toxic baby feeding utensils were wooden spoons a friend’s husband lovely made with a beeswax sealant. CorkiMat. They are made with a bamboo handle and a smooth silicone spoon that is soft on baby’s gums. Avanchy Baby Feeding Spoons – these bright and cheerful spoons are great for baby’s first bite. We have filter more than 100+ of product to give you top 10 list of best non toxic […] Unfortunately, pans made of aluminum can release heavy metals into food- aluminum is considered a neurotoxin (high exposures to it has been linked to Alzheimers). The bowl of the spoon can be either wide or slender with either a deep or shallow spoon bowl.

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