[32], The 15 Fields Corner Station or Kane Square–Ruggles Station route runs from Kane Square, several blocks west of Savin Hill, west on Hancock Street and Dudley Street past Uphams Corner to Nubian station, continuing west on Malcolm X Boulevard to Roxbury Crossing and north on Tremont Street to Ruggles station. [42][43] In 2012, the Roxbury–Dorchester–Mattapan Transit Needs Study recommended the 28X bus to be implemented with no new infrastructure as an express bus adding additional trips to the corridor. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday travel to Ashmont starts at Townsend St @ Warren St and Ruggles. Weekend travel to Ruggles starts at Ashmont. Sunday trips start at 5:20am with the last trip at 1:14am and most often run about every 14 minutes.*. The MBTA is adjusting some of its bus schedules to better accommodate health care workers. [8] The 2008 Service Plan recommended improvements for various lines, including upgrading the 31 bus to key route standards. [27], The 1 Harvard Square–Nubian Station, which connects Cambridge with Roxbury,[28] was formed in September 1962 when two routes, split at Massachusetts Avenue (now Hynes Convention Center), were merged – the 76 Harvard–Massachusetts station and the 47 Massachusetts station–Dudley. Schedule information for MBTA subway, bus, Commuter Rail, and ferry in the Greater Boston region, including real-time updates and arrival predictions. Route 23 | Center City to Chestnut Hill. [2] These key bus routes ensure basic geographic coverage with frequent service in the densest areas of Boston, and connect to other MBTA services to give access to other areas throughout the region.[3][4]. On the holidays above, trips start at 4:40am with the last trip at 1:10am and most often run about every 9 minutes. You must enable JavaScript in your browser's Options or Settings for this Site to respond. Brooklyn. Ave", Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Dropping Bus Service: An analysis of transit reliability in the Boston metro area, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=MBTA_key_bus_routes&oldid=991830890#23, Massachusetts transportation-related lists, Articles containing potentially dated statements from April 2015, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2015, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2013, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 December 2020, at 01:22. The 39 Forest Hills Station–Back Bay Station route is the replacement (described as "temporary" from 1985 until 2011) for Green Line E branch service from Heath Street to Arborway which has run since December 1985. [57] (The preservation of these lines has been attributed to the environmentalist movement of the 1970s. Route 50, which served Cleary Square and Forest Hills via Roslindale, was rerouted onto River St, Gordon Avenue, Summer St (inbound) and Austin St (outbound) to serve the Summer St Elderly Housing Area (aka Malone Elderly Housing). As of 2013[update], the 39 was the second most heavily used bus line in the city. BOSTON — The MBTA's oversight board signed off on revised plans to slash commuter rail, subway and bus service and close stations to address a steep decline in ridership. MBTA bus route 23 stops and schedules, including maps, real-time updates, parking and accessibility information, and connections. [35]:54[33] With the May 1987 changes to the bus network, route 28 was established to supplement route 29 service; both ran from Mattapan to Ruggles via different routings. Bronx. See purchase programs at http://www.mbta.com/fares_and_passes/purchase_programs/, Payment Gateway:https://charliecard.mbta.com/ CharlieCardWebProgram/ pages/ reloadCharlieCardIV.jsf, Retail Outlets:Buy online at https://commerce.mbta.com/ or select a location at http://www.mbta.com/ fares_and_passes/ sales_locations/, Phone: 1-888-844-0355Email: custserv@charliecard.com, Web Page: https://www.mbta.com/ schedules/ 23, Phone: 617-222-3200Phone TTY: 617-222-5146, Web Page: http://www.mbta.com/ customer_support/ feedback/, Phone: 617-222-3200Phone TTY: 617-222-5146Web Page: http://www.mbta.com, Web Page: http://www.mbta.com/ about_the_mbta/ news_events/. 1 Bus commuters could be just a start for city's street transit", "Changes to Transit Service in the MBTA district", "Route 28X Bus Enhancements Project: Discretionary Grant Application", "Governor, Mayor Announce Silver Line Project", "Transforming Bus Service in Boston: The 28X Corridor", "Lawmakers ask state to withdraw 28x proposal", "The MBTA's 28X Debacle, aka, Missed Opportunity", "Tension over bus route pits Grove Hall against Mattapan", "Patrick-Murray Administration Announces Improvements to Heavily Used Bus Route 28", "Roxbury–Dorchester–Mattapan Transit Needs Study", "MBTA, Boston seek federal funds to put bus lanes in center of Blue Hill Ave", "The federal government rejected funding for a major Blue Hill Avenue bus project. [33] In 2017, Arlington applied for a private grant to add signal priority, queue jumps, and possibly bus lanes on their section of the route. Read More. 5 days ago . These schematic route maps show the rail rapid transit routes, bus rapid transit routes, commuter rail services, and key bus routes. [45] The federal government rejected the funding request in September 2020.[46]. Daily trips have at most 31 stops with a total travel time of about 23 minutes. [35]:203 Route 77 was converted to diesel bus in 1955; route 77A was converted to trolleybus in 1958 to free up streetcars for the upcoming Highland Branch conversion, and so that boarding islands on Massachusetts Avenue could be removed to benefit automobiles. [13] Due to these changes, the reliability of service (as measured by adherence to posted service frequencies) has been found to be greater on the Key Routes than on others, with 75% versus 61% respectively in June 2017. All rights reserved. Operating days this … Christmas Day 2020 and New Year's Day 2021 trips start at 5:20am with the last trip at 1:14am and most often run about every 14 minutes. The 73 Waverley Square–Harvard Station begins in the Harvard bus tunnel and runs concurrent with the 71 bus along Mount Auburn Street in Cambridge and Watertown. [47] It parallels the commuter rail tracks from Forest Hills to Readville for its entire route. Weekend travel to Ashmont starts at Ruggles. The new Harvard bus tunnel was completed in 1985. In May 1987, the route was realigned from its former alignment on Washington Street southeast several blocks onto Albany Street and Melnea Cass Boulevard to serve Boston Medical Center. 9 months ago. It was extended to Ruggles in May 1987 along with the relocation of the Orange Line to the Southwest Corridor. Official website of the MBTA -- schedules, maps, and fare information for Greater Boston's public transportation system, including subway, commuter rail, bus … MBTA 22 Bus Schedules. *Some trips may carryover to the next day; service dates are assumed over at 3:59am. Buses started running on the 15 Kane Square–Dudley via Uphams Corner and Dudley Street route on April 6, 1962, replacing trackless trolleys. New York City Bus Schedules. Staten Island. https://charliecard.mbta.com/ CharlieCardWebProgram/ pages/ reloadCharlieCardIV.jsf, http://www.mbta.com/ fares_and_passes/ sales_locations/, http://www.mbta.com/ customer_support/ feedback/, http://www.mbta.com/ about_the_mbta/ news_events/. (The trolleys ended in the middle of Hyde Park Ave; however, a loop for the trackless trolleys to turn around was placed on Hyde Park Avenue and Pine St.). [51] The high ridership of the 39 was one motivation for expanding the Forest Hills station during the Casey Arborway overhaul.[52]. Select your Stop and Schedule for Real-Time info. The king of terrible … Weekday trips start at 4:50am with the last trip at 1:16am and most often run about every 8 minutes. Regular service that falls on a holiday is never completely dropped for dates within the current data publication. Service is offered on the following holidays. In 2009, the state proposed to add a limited-stop BRT line called the 28X on the corridor, which was then the busiest bus corridor in New England. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday travel to Nubian, Ruggles starts at Ashmont. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority operates 170 bus routes (list of routes) in the Greater Boston area, many of which were formerly part of a large streetcar system.Some routes are for local transport within the city; others bring passengers from surrounding areas to stops on the MBTA Commuter Rail or subway lines. Some advocates say yes", "With memories of 'Snowpocalypse,' Boston readies for winter", "The 58 transportation projects Boston wants to tackle", "MBTA Begins Work On 15 Of Its Busiest Bus Routes", "The MBTA's #1 Bus (Harvard Square to Dudley Station), Best People Watching, in Boston", "Uncertainty in Bus Arrival Time Predictions: Treating Heteroscedasticity With a Metamodel Approach", "Fewer red lights for No. Manhattan. T-Alerts with system-wide, all lines, per line, and per stop options (All Travel Modes). In November 2006, the MBTA launched a concerted effort to improve service quality on key bus routes. [9] A second round of upgrades, entitled the Key Routes Improvement Project and costing $10 million in all, was supported by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Orient Heights is a rapid transit station in Boston, Massachusetts.The station serves the MBTA Blue Line.It is located off Bennington Street in East Boston's Orient Heights neighborhood. It is operated as part of the MBTA bus system, but branded as bus rapid transit (BRT) as part of the MBTA subway system. ... Ruggles Station via Talbot Ave 23 Ashmont Station ... *Route is based on the trip with the most stops for the Schedule. Damaged and illegible passes will not be accepted. The entirety of Route 73 was converted from streetcars to trackless trolleys in 1958. Saturday trips start at 4:40am with the last trip at 1:10am and most often run about every 9 minutes. Monday and Tuesday travel to Nubian, Ruggles starts at Ashmont and Warren St @ Quincy St. Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays includes travel to Ashmont, Nubian, and Ruggles. [64], The 111 Woodlawn–Haymarket Station provides a route between downtown Boston and parts of Chelsea, via the Charlestown Bridge and the Tobin Bridge. + Find arrival and departure information about your nearby MBTA bus … Real-Time stop predictions (Bus, Subway, Tram, and Rail). These record the boardings, alightings and load at each stop along a route. Until the 1950s, streetcars served this route. The Buffalo Metro Rail is the public transit rail system in Buffalo, New York, United States; it is operated by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA). Company Website © 2010-2020. The only reason that more people hate the green line than the blue line is because not many people ever take the blue line consistently enough to realize how truly miserable it is. Weekday trips most often run about every 8 minutes. Operating Hours. (Some trips continue east as far as Revere.) [21] In addition, a new key route has been proposed to connect the Longwood Medical and Academic Area with JFK/UMass station via Roxbury. Leave your car at home and forget about finding a parking space. Timetables, stops & times (real-time), fare info, route maps, alerts, trip planner, and phone numbers for Bus 24/27, MBTA. ", "Trans-frustration: One Boston native's experience on public transit | Conservation Law Foundation", "Quick fixes for MBTA buses: Cut out redundant stops", "Re-stringing the Necklace: Boston's Arborway project brings neighborhoods back together", "Throwback Thursday: When the T Was Color-Coded", "Cambridge Secures Grant to Test Bus Rapid Transit Features – CDD – City of Cambridge, Massachusetts", "A Chronicle of the Boston Transit System", "MBTA eyes changes for 77 Bus through Arlington and Cambridge", "Arlington looking to pilot Bus Rapid Transit on Mass. [33], A 2017 study of fare-card and vehicle-location data suggested that the 23 and 28 routes were overcrowded, and that this could be ameliorated by extending the 29 route and increasing its service frequency. In 1981, the former Route 31 bus route between Mattapan Square and Wolcott Square was consolidated with Route 32 at Cleary Square to become Route 32 Forest Hills–Wolcott Square. 68 BUS SCHEDULE MBTA Access the site and see MBTA bus schedule, make schedules, view the route and maps with all fare information to pay for the bus … MBTA 24/27 Bus Schedules. Weekends includes travel to Ashmont and Ruggles. The route now runs mostly along Massachusetts Avenue,[24][29] from Harvard, past the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,[30] over the Charles River via the Harvard Bridge into Boston, past the Berklee College of Music to Boston Medical Center, then southwest to Nubian station via Albany Street and Melnea Cass Boulevard. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority bus division operates bus routes in the Boston, Massachusetts metropolitan area. Print Up to three small children (age 5 or under) may ride free with an adult. Timetables, stops & times (real-time), fare info, route maps, alerts, trip planner, and phone numbers for Bus 24, MBTA. [37] The project was expected to cost $114 million. Mondays and Tuesdays includes travel to Ashmont, Franklin Park Loop @ Zoo entrance, Nubian, and Ruggles. [22], The MBTA's Service Delivery Policy uses five criteria when determining if a route is part of the Key Bus Routes program.[3]. Weekday trips start at 4:50am with the last trip at 1:16am and most often run about every 8 minutes. THE MTA. ... Ruggles Station via Talbot Ave 23 Ashmont Station ... *Route is based on the trip with the most stops for the Schedule. [10] The 116 and 117 share most of their routes through East Boston and Revere, differing only on the northern end near Wonderland. Select in Stop Times for more specific holiday information. With ridership drastically reduced due to the coronavirus outbreak, the MBTA will limit weekday service starting Tuesday, running a Saturday schedule on the subway and most bus lines. [31][28] It is the replacement for the Green Line A branch service which was discontinued in 1969. [50] Route 39 was the first MBTA route to regularly use articulated buses, which were later introduced to several other routes (including the #28) in late 2005. Up until 1953, Route 32 was a full-service trolley route from Forest Hills to Cleary Square, until it converted to trackless trolleys. The 116 Wonderland Station–Maverick Station via Revere Street and 117 Wonderland station–Maverick station via Beach Street serve East Boston, and the cities of Chelsea and Revere. It was extended to Ruggles in May 1987 along with the relocation of the Orange Line to the Southwest Corridor.[33]. From there it continues north on Columbus Avenue and Tremont Street along the course of the Orange Line before ending at Ruggles. [41] In June 2010, the MBTA replaced 40-foot buses on the route with 60-foot buses; although the swap added capacity on the busy route, residents objected to the removal of some bus stops in hilly Grove Hall to accommodate the longer vehicles. Sunday trips most often run about every 14 minutes. The MBTA … Six routes are operated as part of two … The 23 Ashmont Station - Ruggles Station via Washington Street runs Daily. [35]:203 Streetcars formerly had a dedicated right-of-way on Blue Hill Avenue; streetcars were moved into mixed traffic in stages between 1940 and 1950, and replaced with busses in 1955. Buses replaced trackless trolleys on April 7, 1962 on the 22 Ashmont–Dudley via Washington Street and Warren. Call (760) 366-2395 for more information. Timetables, stops & times (real-time), fare info, route maps, alerts, trip planner, and phone numbers for Bus 26, MBTA. Key bus routes of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) system are 15 routes that have high ridership and higher frequency standards than other bus lines, according to the 2004 MBTA Service Policy. With the relocation of the Orange Line to the Southwest Corridor in May 1987, the route was extended to Ruggles.[33]. Plan and track your next bus or rail ride with this MBTA app. The 32 Wolcott or Cleary Square–Forest Hills Station route runs along Hyde Park Avenue from Forest Hills to Readville, serving Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, and Hyde Park. Timetables, stops & times (real-time), fare info, route maps, alerts, trip planner, and phone numbers for Bus 22, MBTA. [1] Together, they account for roughly 40% of the MBTA's total bus ridership. In December 1989, route 28 became the dominant service on Blue Hill Avenue, and route 29 was relegated to a rush-hour-only route running only to Jackson Square. The key routes have been treated as a distinct category for the purpose of service improvement, such as trial runs of late-night service, and due to the high volume of passenger traffic they carry, both individual routes and the category as a whole have been the subjects of urban planning and transportation engineering studies. Holidays are not necessarily observed and service may not be different from the usual for the day. [49][53][54][55] Route 57 was formerly one of the few routes that ran limited-stop service in the Boston city limits (no pickups were made on Commonwealth Avenue between Packard's Corner and Kenmore), but this practice was discontinued in December 2006. It starts out of Ashmont on Talbot Avenue, but turns north on Washington Street, following that onto Warren Street to Nubian station. In 1958, all trackless trolley services south of Forest Hills were discontinued and replaced by diesel buses. Saturday trips start at 4:40am with the last trip at 1:10am and most often run about every 9 minutes. [18] Late-night service was discontinued altogether in March 2016. ... Ruggles Station via Talbot Ave 23 Ashmont Station ... *Route is based on the trip with the most stops for the Schedule. 101 - Malden Center Station - Sullivan Square Station via Winter Hill. The Silver Line is a system of bus routes in Boston and Chelsea, Massachusetts, operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). [33][36], A number of Silver Line expansion corridors were considered in the 2003 Program for Mass Transportation (PMT); most were given brief consideration but not acted upon. [31], As of 2015[update], the city of Cambridge planned to install signal priority on the #1 route at some intersections. The 22 Ashmont Station–Ruggles Station via Talbot Ave begins at Ashmont and runs on a northwesterly route to the former site of Egleston station. Trip updates (Bus, Subway, Tram, and Rail). From Nubian, the 23 heads west on Malcolm X Boulevard to Roxbury Crossing and north on Tremont Street to Ruggles station. There are 15 key routes within the MBTA system: 1, 15, 22, 23, 28, 32, 39, 57, 66, 71, 73, 77, 111, 116, and 117. Queens. A bus route that has been identified as a key route must adhere to two policy standards: Span of service and frequency of service, both of which mandate service levels well above a standard local route.

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